Friday, December 17, 2010




People nowadays can’t lived without facebook because they must log in one time a day at least or online 24 hours and some of them can even stay a whole day in front of computer just playing with facebook because there is a lot of games and thing to do in facebook. It is like Makan Bola Tengok Bola Tidur Bola but now is different “Makan Facebook Tengok Facebook Tidur Facebook” everything is related to facebook.

We can do a lot of thing from facebook even making money out of it and finding your future girlfriend/boyfriend or even to know what are happening with your friend whatever they are. Just imagine if you all without facebook a day how you feel it is like OUR LIFE IS END FOR GOOD! Some people if they don’t log into facebook like they can DIED and they would feel that they life is not complete with facebook. It is like FACEBOOK is EVERYTHING NO FACBOOK NO LIFE!


One of the government people say that they want to block Facebook for good it is because people posting thing to their facebook profile or page daily and they feel that the networking between website are posing threat to the country because giving out information to the wrong hand. It also say that people take the wrong way that people use facebook advantage to try to insult other religion and on the same time leader in Malaysia because they can’t simply blocked a website without saying why they do so and maybe people will protest and more problem would arise. Because the whole of Malaysia people are using facebook even the government representative! People that do not know how to use it  they must learn to use it for their  business or keep in touch with people.

It say that there is a lot of insulting remark that is found everywhere in facebook especially our Prime Minister and our former Prime Minister. But sometimes I think that whatever they say in the internet is the people point of view and they should not care with other people say and focus on your own job. It even say that whoever that act arrogantly against the law or insult the government and religion of the country should take action whoever that own that facebook account. They should think wisely before they do so because sometimes people are using other people account to do so.

Nowadays not only they wanted to block facebook but even they have try to block some site like! They even block not really block just reduce the speed PPS something is related to a site that you can see show online for free and people lately have encounter a super slow down on their loading speed and they know that the government play a big role what is happening. Some of the people say that how about using this time to improve their speed by doing something that do not have benefit to any party. But I do not encounter it because I don’t even know what is PPS and didn’t not use it before in MY LIFE!

Most of it was blocked my Streamyx it is the biggest internet provider because it is the only one but when time goes by people will reduce using Streamyx because there is P1 and YES coming to the market with 4G believe that it is faster than Streamyx UNIFI! So Streamyx can’t do as they like before because people have other type of source to go online without depending much on one type of source of internet. They can’t monopolize like last time because people want changes if they don’t change people will change for good.


Some of the people are not really careful when they are using facebook by putting all their details online such as their address and phone number it is letting or giving people more information about yourself that people can use bad intention against you if this information go into the wrong hand. That is why Malaysia government are worry about it not only safety of the country but the people are using the facebook because there is a high risk that people can steal information from you or even hack your account to get more information out of it.

So make sure you put as little details online as possible because you are risking your life. So enjoy facebook as much as possible before Malaysia decide to block facebook for good and you only can use FRIENDSTER and than you will cry for good.

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Anonymous said...

i dont care if facebook blocked by malaysia gov ... but PLEASE dont block MR GOOGLE ^^ .....

kohila said...

i looooveeeee faceeboooookkkkk