Monday, September 1, 2014

Leaked Nude Photo of Jennifer Lawrence

I think you all should have heard that a number of celebrity naked photo have been leaked. Been target by hacker and one of the growing startlet would be Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and more. According to source that the photo have been taken from iCloud.

So with all the technology out there the world is not that save anymore. But some celebrity nude photo have been leak is fake or denied.


Here is the photo of Jennifer Lawrence:

leaked_nudie_phone_pics_of_jennifer_lawrence_640_07 leaked_nudie_phone_pics_of_jennifer_lawrence_640_04 leaked_nudie_phone_pics_of_jennifer_lawrence_640_05 leaked_nudie_phone_pics_of_jennifer_lawrence_640_06

So what do you think? Possiblity she is sharing the photo with her boyfriend with the sexy look.


leaked_nudie_phone_pics_of_jennifer_lawrence_640_08 leaked_nudie_phone_pics_of_jennifer_lawrence_640_09 leaked_nudie_phone_pics_of_jennifer_lawrence_640_11

It is no surprise that this photo have been leaked. In set she is a bit a wild type of girl, love to have fun, playful and etc.


leaked_nudie_phone_pics_of_jennifer_lawrence_640_12 leaked_nudie_phone_pics_of_jennifer_lawrence_640_13 leaked_nudie_phone_pics_of_jennifer_lawrence_640_14 leaked_nudie_phone_pics_of_jennifer_lawrence_640_16

She have the body to kill, famous at a very young age. So obviously she been targeted by hacker and other famous celebrity like Scarlett Johansson.



Final Photo!

There is even leaked photo Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and more and more. Time will tell if it is true or not.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Third Place : Brazil Vs Netherlands

Look at Netherland goalkeeper is just chillaxing at the goal post. The people are doing meme out of it






It was an easy game for Holland! Brazil once against have been humiliated. Final score Holland 3 – 0 Brazil.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Have a bath with COCA COLA & MENTOS

This guy is just epic!!! The amount of Coke he put into the bath tub will blow your mind.

The best thing is that he will be in the bath tub enjoying Coke+Mentos. By looking on his youtube channel, he do all crazy bath tub recipe in it.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Chuckie PRANK!!!!

You all should watch this! How would you react when CHUCKIE come to life  and chase you down with a knife? Would you try to use your muay thai, wing chun for a good cost.

Was just wondering how much does it cost to make this. Every scene, they change a new glass and the backdrop


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Friday, November 22, 2013

Remember the VIDEO a Girl Fighting a Snatch Theft

If you have not watched the video than this would be it:

For the first time watching it, i taught it was real at first but after looking at all the small detail like the CCTV recording is super clear and etc, i suspected it is fake.

But the fact here is that even though it is fake but it show that we need to be observant at all times. Even when we are walking, we should not play our phone/in the car so that we are ready to react/prevention of unforeseen circumstances. I am trying to say is to pay attention on your surrounding and do not get distracted by anything(Phone n etc) .There is more to life than the tiny 5 inch screen.

Your life could be in danger from been “pokai” into the drain or snatch thief. In real life situation it is better to give them what they want then fighting them because you could be kill. If there is no other choice than you should fought them.

If you witness this incident, you should contact the police immediately.


Here is the video revealing the girl fighting snatch theft is just an awareness for all the people out there.


Here is the girl that fought the snatch thief in that first video. Her name is Germaine Yeap is a muay thai Fighter. Don’t you think girl that know how to fight is just damn attractive? Compare to the one that like to whine?

Quite a good concept! Now girl will protect the guyssssss haha

You should sign-up your girlfriend or girls out there on self defence class it could be useful in the future. Not only that but to stay a healthy lifestyle.