Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why Vampires Suck?


Why I hate vampire because can you believe Twilight? Vampire love a Human! It is crazy or something like that. Vampire they suck blood crying out loud how they can be vegetarian from nowhere. Maybe the Vampire is in a dreaming world or something close.

Even I am not vegetarian in my whole life i would not be vegetarian but i will eat vege because we need to have a balance diet. What I hate the most it is their skill is like fake for sometimes they are too strong and other day they is weak. What with that?

images kristen-stewart-robert-pattison-twilight-mtv-movie-awards-hot-sexy-cute-pretty-couple-together-hair-cut-style-blonde-blond-fashion-sequel-fan-book-club-celeb-gossip-blog-news-site-celebrity-chica-inc

Other than that make the movie want people to see it. It is because of Kristine Stewart the cute one and also Ashley Greene the one with the sexy look. That is what attract people to watch the movie and also what attract me to the movie. Sooner or later more hot babe and guys will enter the movie is wait for a bit longer you will see guys with 10-pack. Babe that have big big *censored* that will make your eye go bigger and staring the screen.

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Hmmmm! Which one is still the best the left one or the right one? I think the left one because telling the truth about the movie i think they need hotter babe to show some good vampireness in them! Haha


Look how hairy he is? No more 6 pack only hairy 6 pack M uhahahha!


Waaaaa! No Comment


lol! So cute vampire tryomg to makeup so that can look like one! Haha


Look at their expression! It is epic

If you want to know how s**k it is just watch the trailer! You will have a stomach ache later because laughing too much because you will know how bad it is i mean the original movie. Sorry to all the real fan out there!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Restaurant “Heart Attack Grill” With Hot Waitress

This is a dream come true for you all! Big Burger Hot Waitress serving us it is a dream come true. If you don’t know what i mean after seeing the post you will surely understand and feel that you are in HEAVEN!


Here it is! This is the restaurant that I am talking about. The burger is gigantic!


As you can see here they have 3 size of burger. The biggest it is call “Quadruple Bypass Burger” it is freaking big. It believe to say that burger countain 800 calories and with a Coca Cola will blow you away.


Here you can see what is contain in the burger! Full of Fat than Vegetables


Don’t worry the burger cost quite cheap! If you like any nurse in the restaurant just ask for a picture =] What can get better than that with burger and hot chick in one package. If you really interested to go to the restaurant it is Arizona i think in United States just fly there and enjoy it

I know you are all waiting for this! View Below

heart_attack_grill_13 heart_attack_grill_16  heart_attack_grill_06


If you want a better explanation just watch this awesome video!

This is what you can find in this video!

Capture Capture2 Capture3

This 3 i think you are now tempting to view the video!

Why Getting Drunk is not A Wise think TO DO!

drunk_13 drunk_15 drunk_17 drunk_21 drunk_22 drunk_24 drunk_25 drunk_26 drunk_28 drunk_31 drunk_32 drunk_33 drunk_34 drunk_36 drunk_43 drunk_44 drunk_46 drunk_47 drunk_48 drunk_49 drunk_52 drunk_53 drunk_57 drunk_58 drunk_61 drunk_63 drunk_65 drunk_66 drunk_68 drunk_69 drunk_72 drunk_76 drunk_01 drunk_05 drunk_07 drunk_10 

That is why you should know your limit. DO not get overexcited and drink until like there is no tomorrow. If you drink like there is no tomorrow you can be like the people in the picture on top. It will be more epic that it is post it to youtube or facebook to let all your friend to see. Than you will have sleepless night and people laughing at you as long as people can still remember the incident.


Everybody drop do count! So drink Wisely