Saturday, September 24, 2011

She get REJECTED for MEDICAL SCHOOL because she is NOT PURE!!!

It is sound unfair people will said that there is no such thing. But in Malaysia it does really happen a lot you will say that is bullshit this and that because it did not happen to you, if it really happen to you than you all will start to create a buzz about it even the smallest thing that you can find out.

At the end she is still a MUSLIM at the end of the day it do not make a different. The main reason here is not because she is not been accepted but the reason that they given because her mother is a CHINESE unless her mother is divorce with her father.


Just read and you will UNDERSTAND! Just put yourself in her shoes and you will REALLY REALLY UNDERSTAND!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

This guy don’t have the RIGHT to do That to a GIRL! BULLYING

Even the girl did something wrong it can be settle by talking you do not beat up the girl to prove a point. Obviously guy would win because they are stronger.  Even though this video is been uploaded or happen in 2010 it is still cruel to do such thing to a girl.  If you don’t believe what i say you just watch it and judge yourself it is true what i say.

I just pity the girl what happen to her. From the video you can learn that they are using vulgar word to the girl in the parking lot. On the same time the girl been promoting the girl instead her friend even get slap too. According to source the girl is studying in one of the nursing and health science college as one of the student.


According to source even they say that get her into the car to check if she is still a virgin or not. The girl that get beaten up want to apology to the guy with a scared voice as you can see in the video. The man said to the girl to bend to the floor and say sorry. But instead she get slap and get kicked. Even the main said that he would use a car to run over her.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Movie Review Bridesmaids


Even the movie sound cheesy it is full of laughter


Picked as her best friend's maid of honour, lovelorn and broke Annie looks to bluff her way through the expensive and bizarre rituals with an oddball group of bridesmaids.



I would say that it is a nice movie to watch even though it is a wedding movie but the movie is full of drama. Total of 5 maid of honour out of 2 is trying to challenge each other to prove to the bride they are the best. Most of the idea is from Annie and Helen try to use that idea as her idea for the wedding. So at the end Annie is so piss off she rip off anything she see. But at the end this movie is full of humour so it is entertaining kind of movie. I love the part when she want to attract the attention of the cop by driving naked, drive like a pimp, drive reversing, drive while texting, nobody driving the car trick, littering while driving and that is all i remember. I even love the part when she is drunk on the plane and she did the weirdest thing you can imagine doing on the plane. Full of laugh in the movie you shouldn’t miss the humour in the movies. Other than that i love the movie drama i sabotage you here and there.

The Golden Retriever is so CUTTEEEEEEE!!!



5 out of 5 for the humour!!!



I would recommend to people that love movie like girl fighting for fame and people love a lot of humour in the movies who hate it as you know laughing is one of the best medicine. I would not recommend to people that love wedding kind of thingy <<< but the movie is not so much about wedding is much more about the drama happening.




Helen is soooo HOTTT(Second from the LEFT)! In the movie even though she is the evil one in the movie



Here is 5 ouf the maid of honour! They come in different shape and sizes



Can you imagine she go for her honeymoon in DISNEYLAND and wanted to do the theme of the wedding in PIXAR kind of theme




This is the best part of the movie on the PLANE



Both of them trying to impress the bride by giving the best speech that they can deliver!!