Thursday, March 29, 2012

Comparing KIDS in 1982 Vs 2012!!!

I would say that nowadays kids are tech savvy and it is like a totally new world. The world without gadget is like a day without eating or drinking. I would say that i am quite lucky living in the 21st century get to experience all of this kind of stuff.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sexy Linda Liao Winner of Starcraft 2 Tournament!!!

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Do you think only nerdy and geek play video games you are totally wrong. Even a hot chick can be really good in it. It is a dream come true if this is your girlfriend because most of the guys in the world would love girls that play video game with them not most of the time about shopping shopping no offence hahahaha!!!

She is already damn pretty but play video game she will not get any perfect than that.


Let me introduce more about her, starcraft nickname is “PIKACHU” she is the winner of Electronic Sport League(ESL) Starcraft II female championship at 2010 and beating other 31 female professional player. She is not only a gamer but even a model,acting, singing and with her busy schedule she have time to play starcraft. Will talk more in detail about her playing time and blah blah.

Maybe it is a old news but for me i have not heard about it. So it is a new news for me. I would say that she play way better than me because even a easy match with computer i will lose. Ok Ok i am a NOOB hahahhaah!!! But you will not have to worry she will join a bigger tournament soon and you will drool on the same time seeing she pawning all the noobies out there.

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She been selected by Razor to endorse their product. At razor site wrote that “She’s a versatile celebrity and she can kick your ass”

“I’ve been a fan of Razer products for a long time; they design the best gaming peripherals, which give me the competitive edge in my game,” says Linda. “To me, the collaboration with Razer is a mutual one, and becoming an official member of Team Razer is like a dream come true!”

She has an APM of about 220, which is also similar to what the other pro Korean player Fruit Dealer recommends players to have. As mentioned before she’s a protoss player, although the Pikachu picture of her is in a terran marine suit.


In their interview video she speaks english with chinese subtitles, I guess because she is from Taiwan and Razer intends to simultaneously reach both the english speaking markets as well as the growing chinese markets of China, Taiwan and Asia.

She sure played the entire gamut of Blizzard games from Diablo to Warcraft to Starcraft of course. She talks about trying to craft your own creative strategies and attempt to figure out the execution of the start in Starcraft. She beat her brother’s friends in a 2 v 4, I guess its her brother and her v 4 of her brothers friends.


She says she can play 10 hours a day on weekdays and 4-5 hours a day on weekdays, which is quite a lot!

If you want to meet her, she invites you to challenge her on the US, EU and TW servers! Let beat her up in STARCRAFT II



Here is some of the video about her:

Don’t worry she can speak in ENGLISH TOO!!!!

Damn she even play DIABLO it is a guys dream in front of their eye. It is like the girl is way better than GUY!!!! Wow she sound,play like a guy but the different she is a LADY ^^

Friday, March 23, 2012

Naked or Semi Naked Cleaning Services!Interested?

Are you interested? Who don’t like naked cleaning and as you know Malaysia now having problem with Indonesian maid it is a good alternative if there is such service haha!!! Not only you can watch but on the same time your house is clean.

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Actually this kind of services is provided in South Africa that are getting more and more famous by the day. It is the only naked service company in the world. The founder is one and only Jean-Paul Reid that struggle to find a job as accountant in South Africa. So he open his very own cleaning services. Not only that the founder is actually broke as hell and he didn’t expect that he end up doing this kind of field. End of the day he is force to sell his clothes for food. When he is cleaning his closet an idea pop on his mind how about cleaning business that offer naked and topless service.

He said that it is not all about SEXXXX!!! For me i think it is more to satisfaction

000brian LoveLy

In this company it provide many kind of services such as housekeeping, accountant, legal and more. It is not the normal housekeeping staff coming but showing up topless or even nude depending on their client preference. It said that the most popular service would be cleaning and for ladies would be handyman services. He said that up to date he have about 500 applicants applying for nude or topless house cleaning position.

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After just one month in business he have about 25 staff both male and female and soon it will cater to different area such as plumber,computer experts,chef,yoga instructor. He said that if the business continue growing he will be ready to expand to other country because even neighboring country are asking for his services.

IMG00771-20111219-2231 Desiree

He is thinking to expand his service to United States and Australia. For 2 hours section is cost about 98 dollar(RM302)

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Here is the  SITE

It stressed by the founder that it do not provide prostitution services it is purely for entertainment services and client can customize their very own nude service where they can provide their own entertainment request for an hour.

taybah swim kyle


Natural Company is an entertainment service providing various domestic & other services either naked or semi naked.
Whatever your req our Staff aim to help, our staff will come & offer any service in your house, office or event, but a little more entertaining, our staff come topless or fully nude.
Some of our Staff provide a variety of other services ,view our new site for details.

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This is some of the service that i think you all will be interested!!!

david jhb xo1

All photo are taken from >>> SITE <<<< for more info visit this site. Just imagine it come to Malaysia or any place near you. Obviously you will be having the best time you will ever have. But do not let your wife or husband catch you if not you will be dead meaattttttt!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Masako Mizutani she look so YOUNG for 43 YEARS OLD!!!


Don’t you think she look so young for that age? There is a secret in everything. I just wish that my girlfriend will stay young forever so that every morning i see the same face when i wake up. YaYa you all will say look is not important but the heart values the most. She is like look young FOREVER and AFTER!!! No need any plastic surgery!!! And plastic surgery is only for short term.

Here is the tips of Masako Mizutani of looking younger:


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  1. Exercise regularly, get enough sleep and don’t smoke!!!

True and  True and True but normally i see that more and more girl are smoking by looking at it is scary. You would say smoking is fun but for now it is nothing but in the future you will face the consequences.

One should do regular workouts and should keep the body and mind active to stay young. One should have enough of sleep and stay away from smoking.

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    2.  Eat fresh, healthy food

Organic ^^

One should eat fresh healthy food for a young skin and body. Eating right food makes whole lot of difference in one's appearance. One should have a balanced diet and 4-time meal in small portions.
Eating right food, as fruits, milk, nuts and vegetables are the best way to feed the skin. But one should follow a definite skin care routine to keep the skin young and healthy as it is affected by outside factors as dust, dirt and pollution too.

395827_228118230613114_192818764143061_502676_1287967478_n 404549_212288182196119_192818764143061_461639_376295593_n

3. have a balanced diet and 4 meals a day in small portions

But this diet is depending on age,size and whatever it is i am not a nutritious doctor whatsoever. If you want to build muscle you need to eat way more than small portion if not your muscle will be flat like your tummy sitting in front of the computer all day long.

420776_231282250296712_192818764143061_510979_1931658900_n 425694_228616440563293_192818764143061_503700_1140623327_n

4. Drink lots of water and fluids as water helps wash off toxins and keeps your skin healthy

It is even useful when you are sick and reduce the risk of stone kidney and whatever related.

It keeps the skin away from most of the skin problems including black heads and white heads.

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5. Apply lighter make-up and shades as you grow older

Lol some of them when they are older they apply makeup like CHINESE OPERA!!!

One should apply the right make up for the age.
Too bright colors and shades don't suit as age grows so one should apply light make up and should wear light shades to look beautiful and forever young.


6. Apply vitamin E based cream or lotions on body to keep skin soft and supple

One should always apply vitamin E based cream or lotions all over the body to keep the skin soft and supple. One should never go out in the sun without applying a sunscreen protection on the uncovered skin parts. Sun damages the skin the most and makes it look older. One should follow the cleaning, toning and moisturizing regime every night before going to bed. Doing all these things will really help one to retain the natural beauty of the skin and stay young.

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7. Always apply sunscreen if you intend to stay out in the sun


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8. Follow the cleaning, toning and moisturizing regime every night before you got to sleep.

Don’t ask me ask a GIRL about it!!!




I think one more thing she did not mention would be STRESS!! When you are stress just relax and stay calm!!!


Want to know her better???

=    Visit this SITE <<< if you understand JAPANESE

= She born in October 10, 1968

= Two Kids

= From Nagoya

Who do not want a WIFE like that? Even i would love to have a wife like that that is why women invest so much money in cosmetic i am not saying about expensive product like LV and so on.