Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Love to Touch My LG Cookie Fresh

I love about LG Cookie fresh is because not only it sound nice with a fresh word in it but with the sexy and elegant look of the phone make me want more from the phone.


Why I like about touch screen phones?


Hmmm! I think i like about touch screen phone it is because we do not need more space for button but uses the space for a bigger screen that can be use for movie and more space to type stuff in it. Not only that it can type faster and pointing thing straight away than moving our hand up just to press each button.


But the best answer or excuses would be it look next generation because nowadays nobody is using button anymore and it look high class and nice.  With touchscreen we can do many stuff fast and more efficient with worrying it can be spoil or something like that. I love the most about touchscreen phone would be the screen it is because with a big screen we can do a lot of thing.


For example playing games,movie and so on. Nowadays we don’t even need a Computer we can do everything on the phone. It is not only it is light but everything is one. What can be better than that it is about easy and simple. I hope there is such a package buy a phone and a date with the girl in the picture for a chance to know the phone and the girl! Just joking haha


Assume i am shouting! I am going to LG Cookie Monster Party!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Funny BP Advertisement Related to Oil Spill!

Have you heard the news about BP oil at Mexico in the sea exploded! For me i only know but do not know behind of the story. But for the sake of knowing i have heard it and understand. If you do not know what happen let me share a short story.


At Deepwater Horizon oil rig at Mexico before the explosion happen Transocean worker fighting with BP official not hand and leg fighting by mouth saying that it is unsafe. Despite warning they still continue with their plan and also. They are so eager to finish it even their is problem and warning it is because the connector pipe(Drilling Needed) is the last step and everything is done. The last step they hire Transocean to do the drilling!


Argument started between the two side and official from BP says that “ It will be like this” means follow our way. Most of their worker is under pressure to finish the job because their budget is quite high. At 9 something explosion start to be heard and slowly and slowly more explosion happen.


The safety device should shut it down so that it will not get worse. But he do not have authority to do that and just leave it and that is why explosion can be heard. Than it is too late already to do anything. Due to it Natural gas from underground is under pressure and it shoot up to the sky as you know oil,petrol or whatever people call it, is flammable. That is why everything is so fast even our action is not fast enough.


But by hearing the situation we can know that it is mostly of greediness of the people because only think about money than safety. In life we should not be so greedy and think about people around us than thinking about ourselves.


Because in life for us to succeed we need people we can’t do it alone even how good we are. It is not about ourselves but about people around us. When we do something we should look at both way not the straight path but the path around us.


Because of their greediness everybody need to suffer. Even the animal that are innocent are DEAD and making the environment even worst. Even in life we are greedy as hell and get something out of it just wait and see the future you will fall back to the ground. People will start laughing at you instead.


It is a life and death!

Sexy and Interesting Design of a Mouse Pad!

sexy_mousepads_11 sexy_mousepads_6 sexy_mousepads_7 sexy_mousepads_8

I know you love the design! On the same time playing with game can squeeze here and there! But the design is quite interesting for guys. Not really sure but i think out there you can get guys and handsome as a mouse pad.

sexy_mousepads_9 sexy_mousepads_12sexy_mousepads_13sexy_mousepads_2sexy_mousepads_3sexy_mousepads_1

The tut and but but is so round! lol fake and juicy, i know you all is loving every moment of it!


Never see any shop in Malaysia is selling but people out there surely is interested to get their hand dirty to get one of it. On the same time dota can squeeze squeeze. If so desperate go can squeeze yourself! But i think the interesting one is putting your girlfriend picture as a mousepad even you do not see her at least you can see her and know how she is look like.


I think i would put Selena Gomez! As my Mouse Pad! I don’t want to squeeze or press anything just want to have a look at it. It would be more than enough for me. I will repeat again i am not a pervert. *Big Wink"*

The Future of Police Cars!

Don’t you think the car design look so nice and tempting! It look more like a motorcycle than a car! But it look like a next generation police car. It is something that you don’t see everyday! I like about the car is that it look like a James Bond Movie Police car or something like that.


Back to reality the car was design by Carl Archambeault! He is a graduate of Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and major in Industrial Design. That is why his design look nice and special that you can’t see much design can do the same like he do.


The car is fully power with electric and not only that it is a self-driven robotic police car. It can reduce causality of police and also high speed chase that you normally wanted to see on TV.


You will be surprise not only it is robotic and self driven! The car is call Scarab concept do not carry any weapon to reduce the criminal been kill or other driver on the road. Without any weapon they is using the technology that possible to stop a car by using a signal jamming and a type of thing that is call EMP.


Do you know the car on the left! It is a special design police car that are more tougher and the engine is superb! With a BMW engine i think they is using M6 Engine. For more detail about it you can search at my blog.


Not only that! He also design this car as you can see the picture on top. It look like Year 3000 car!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Some of the Sexy Picture with Words!

sexy-motivational-6-15 sexy-motivational-6-17 sexy-motivational-6-20 sexy-motivational-6-0 sexy-motivational-6-2 sexy-motivational-6-6 sexy-motivational-6-8 sexy-motivational-6-10 sexy-motivational-6-13

sexy-motivational-6-1 sexy-motivational-6-3 sexy-motivational-6-4 sexy-motivational-6-5 sexy-motivational-6-7 sexy-motivational-6-9 sexy-motivational-6-12 sexy-motivational-6-14  sexy-motivational-6-19

I know you like it! I know you want to touch it! But too bad you only can have a look and you can’t have it. Better luck next time. From what people say even the girl look quite ugly but with bigger boobs will make them more attractive. But surely with cute face and boobs will make them look even special.

Don’t look too much and you can be called a Pervert! So look it quietly and watch your back.

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