Monday, November 30, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making


Busy with my Final EXAM but have time to drop by at nuffnang and to look around but lucky my private investigator are quite good that I found this weird pictures. So hope you have a happy hunting for this Good Stuff shouldn’t miss.

So if you want to find where it is go slowly find until you found it sharing is bad something. Let your private investigator instinct takeover. By looking at the picture below you surely can find a lot or maybe million of clue in there.


Before Ending this is the trailer of the movie something that shouldn’t miss is not boring or anything it have humour in it not a boring detective movie.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Will Not Be Updating for 2 DAYS


From this Week from Monday to Tuesday I will not be updating my BLOG will be busy for my final EXAMS need to concentrate full time on my study is because my assignment and mid-term exam is not really good and need more marks from the final. The cause is because i join 1 person group he do all the calculation all wrong make me need more marks from the final.

So I hope that I can pass my all my 7 subject happily and I do not want to re sit or retake any of my subject it is wasting time. My Visitor have been dropping lately because do  not have quality update and also don’t update that much. Because was concentrating most of my time revising my EXAM.

So don’t worry after my EXAM i assure you i will update more than often. On Wednesday I will update what I want to update. I have about 10 to 20 stuff i think to update. So my visitor don’t runaway I will be back more often for the December holidays. I will update all the hot stuff and will make you want more of it.


Update about my FUN will be doing on My Holidays is:

- Sunway Pyramid

- Class Party

- Maybe Genting

and so on a lot of stuff about scandal,funny,weird stuff to update. There is LOVE and there will BE HATER!

image image image

This Picture that Motivated Me to Study More and Less Time Blogging lolz

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Portsmouth 1 – 4 Manchester United

Wow on the first half there are 2 penalty one for Portsmouth and 1 for MANU. Was a dull first half not much attacking only passing most of the time
On the second half change the game Manchester United Score 2 Goal from Rooney also 1 from penalty. Don’t know why this match have a lot of Penalty are given by the referee.  Valencia pace are good he is damn fast maybe faster than Ronaldo.
Every time Alex Ferguson hold a phone the commentator taught Alex Ferguson will be making a change. Because Ferguson have 4 match been banned if i am not mistaken.
Really Happy that Rooney Score a Hat-Trick
Wayne Rooney

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crime is Increasing in Malaysia


Lately there is a lot of crime happening and i have heard a lot of news of house breaking this and that. Now not the Mat Rempit attacking people it is break into people house,office and so on. So guys and girls do be extra careful where are you going or walking.

You will never know the person next to you is waiting for you to get into his trap. Heard one news that 1 robber enter someone cars and take keys in the car and try to use the keys to open the door but fail. Just heard from someone that UMNO office also got been robbed only take the computers.

So the robber would have watching you for very long already. They only alive or start their robbing is normally at night so remember to get ready your gun or M16 to frightened them if they pop out in your room.

For Safety do Hire Guard Like the Picture Below:

obey-peace-guard-print.jpg MY BABY picture by strangle41_2009soldiers in camouflagebodyguard

This One surely would scared off any type of robber.

My Personal Favourite Would be this ONE! =]

Friday, November 27, 2009

Mona Lisa Made FROM Cups

From this Mona Lisa! To Coffee Cups That is GREAT


Got Different of flavour black,white,rainbow coffee even there are Teh Tarik to try some.

It uses about 3,604 Cups to make it, it need skill and creativity to do it. Maybe his mind is really good in planning stuff or something. It uses different quantity of liquid to make the colour. I wonder how long he take to do this. If he did wrong on one of the cup do he drink it.

Maybe Next time we should put Maria Ozawa in a Cup!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Generation Smart Car


This is the original Smart Car that ever make. Below is all the photoshop original into a smart car lolz. At the end have even better smart Car you will cry later

ATT00007 ATT00001 (2) ATT00002 ATT00004 ATT00005 

Below is your Surprise






Robbery And Stealer DETECTED

This Gang of People work together to distract the seller by asking this and that and the other person was slowly cut off the wires and take 2 laptop away because the 2 laptop was Pocket PC if i am not mistaken

This is the same video but it is the direction towards the stealer. Can see that they keep moving up and down i think they cut off the security wires.

You can every time there is stealing there will be surely distraction so by looking at the video you can see that person try to block the person as much as possible hoping nobody see them.

Snatch thief found. You can see that the thief pass true once and saw what is happening then come second round to snatch the bag. So wherever you go better look your surrounding first then only start walking.

This is the Last Video the snatch thief try to use parang to chop that women but failed and lost his balance. Then beaten up by the people. When robber did something wrong people will surely beat them up. 

Burglar Show on the ROOF

SUNGAI PETANI: A burglar kept police and residents at bay for nearly an hour after he fled to the rooftop of a house in Taman Ria Jaya here.
The burglar, in his 20s, threw roof tiles at anyone who tried to get to him.
Some 200 residents, voluntary patrol team members and policemen had surrounded the house he had earlier broke into with an accomplice.

None of the flying tiles hit their mark.
The situation was so tense that at one point, one of the policemen even whipped out his pistol when the thief picked up more tiles to hurl at them.
No escape: Policemen asking the burglar to give up during the standoff on the roof of a house in Sungai Petani.

The standoff at 10pm on Tuesday lasted for nearly an hour before police managed to coax him down.
Many residents and passers-by also recorded the dramatic incident on their handphones.
The burglar, said to be “high” on cough mixture, was about to flee from the house when he and his accomplice were spotted by several passers-by.
His accomplice fled by motorcycle, leaving him behind to fend for himself.
Nobody knew how he managed to find his way up to the rooftop, and he only surrendered after police assured him that he would not be harmed by the crowd.

However, as he was being led to the police truck, he was repeatedly hit on the head by a man who was nearly struck by one of the “flying” tiles earlier.
A bag full of valuables was recovered from the rooftop.
Residents believe the two had committed burglaries in the area on several occasions prior to the incident.
Source; The Star

Wow the Thief is playing boomerang on the roof for more than 1 hour. Surely it piss people out standing on the roof make so much noise when people are sleeping. Even make the police angry by taking his gun out wanted to shoot him.

Study Study Study Study

It is time for me to study no update for the moment but i have alot of update in my mind so i will update what I have in 3 Dec after my EXAM ! So bare for me another 7 Days maybe during exam period I would update a bit but not much

studystudy.png Study hard! image by forever_in_fantasi

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Use Porn Films to ROB

image image

Using porn films to rob clients

A GROUP of transsexual sex workers in Chow Kit are using pornographic films to distract clients before robbing them, reported Harian Metro.
Members of the group would seduce the victim while another sex worker would try to steal belongings like wallets and handphones.
In a recent incident, a client known as Ping said he was asked to lie on the bed before choosing a free DVD pornographic movie to watch as a “warm-up”.
“The sex worker told me to take off my pants. It was then placed on a chair nearby,” said the 33-year-old chef.
Ping declined to elaborate on what happened next, but said he reached for his pants only to find that his handphone was missing from the pocket when he heard loud noises that sounded like a fight outside the room.
“I was even more surprised to find that my wallet, which was originally in my pocket, was moved to the top of the television set. Some RM400 was also gone,” he said.
After Ping repeatedly demanded the sex worker to return his valuables, she finally agreed to give them back, claiming that her friend had stolen them.
Source: Thestar
So guys if you go to chowkit finding transexual or girls to have the XXX do becareful they will dig your pocket and steal everything you have including your manhood so be careful. The best is don’t go find them be loyal to your wife or girlfriend after marriage is the best way to prevent this.

Ninja Assassin Movie Review

image image

Rain(Ji Hoon Jung) Will be in this MOVIE

image image

This is Naomie Harris the Police that following Rain Everywhere


The movie fun to watch if you like fighting movie because from start to finish the movie is all about Ninja jumping here and there using sword and so on to fight with each other. But the storyline is quite nice and interesting but after watching this movie make me think why when the movie starting the police can’t even hit the ninja when the movie almost end wow the police can hit the ninja wherever the Ninja Jump

But the movie is quite short i think less than 1 hour and 30 minutes don’t know the exact time. The show have a bit of humor at here and there. The effect of the show such as the fire and blood look like real but the blood they can do much better. The whole story is all about the Ninja chasing against the traitor to their dojo and trying to kill him no matter where he is going.


On top is the scene when the movie almost end kill his master.


- The movie have a lot of nice effect such as fire,blood and many more

- Nice fighting style and equipment that they use

- Interesting storyline

- There is humor to laugh at


- Show time too short

- Too little actor involve only a lot of Ninja Jumping around

- Story something are weird( Swat or Police at the starting can’t kill the Ninja when at the end the police can kill all the Ninja)


Would only recommend this movie to people that love to watch fighting scene using sword and stuff because the movie is all about that.



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Storm Warrior Premiere

Got ticket for the Premiere of the Movie can see a lot of hottie to meet there such as

o      Chui Ling ( TV Host & Actress )

o      Carmen Soo ( Actress )

o      Belle Theng ( Ms Astro International 2009 )

o      Soo Wincci ( Ms. World Malaysia 2008/2009 )

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
o      Chen Keat Yoke ( Winner for Chinese International Singer Competition)

o      Jack & Thomas ( Ling Yu Zhong - Actors & Singers )
o      One Lik Meng ( Hip Hop Singer )
o      Gary Yap ( DJ & Singer )

o      Lam Tak Wing ( Actor, MY FM DJ )

o      Ngan Mei Yan ( TV Hostess, MY FM DJ )

user posted image
o      Nicholas ( MY FM DJ )

Also on the Premiere the Lead Actor

Aaron Kwok

Ekin Cheng

If you did not get the ticket for the premiere don’t worry troll or buaya around in the premiere can take pictures with handsome or hottest actor you see there. A lot of thing to see not only the movie but girls actor to see something you all shouldn’t miss it is premiering at MidValley.

Not only that you can see people playing with sword waving up and down left and right also can take pictures with someone don’t know who and can be print on the spot, on the spot man.