Thursday, September 30, 2010

SMOKER: Do you want to know how your LUNG look Like?

Smoker or Smoker! Do you want to see how your lung look like and what is the consequences. For me even i am not a smoker after looking a the video it quite me a creep and how black and sticky it would be in the inside. I think some of the smoker after looking at the video would give them nightmare of smoking and how their lung would look like.

Almost piss on my pants after seeing the outcome!

For the experiment that person uses 400 stick of cigarette. So one box is 20 stick normally people take 3 days to finish 1 standard box.

So let the maths do the talking!

20 Stick ÷ 3 Days = 7 Stick per day

400 Stick ÷ 7 Stick(Per Day) = 57 Days


So for you all to smoke 400 stick will take you around 57 days it will be more if you are heavier smoker. Even worst one day per box it take 20 days to reach 400 stick. Anyway if you smoke 7 stick per day your heart tar will be like in the video as thick as that. Damn after looking at it give me a creep. Nowadays everybody smoke even the people don’t smoke is second hand smoker.

Nowadays even teenager smoke by the age of 30 to 40 their heart is more black than the tar road that you normally walk on it or drive on top of it. It is so freaking black and hazardous on the same time. Yaya smoking is fun but people just think about what is ahead of them but don’t look in the future. Because we will not know how is the future it is better to suffer first and see how is the outcome of the future.

hot_smoking_girl smoking-skin-girl

The worst part among all would be girl is smoking too but you can see more girls are smoking than guys. Girl smoking is more serious than guys because their body is not that strong as guys i am not girl discrimination whatsoever is talking about fact. Other than that if they keep smoking in the future it will not be good for their health and also the baby in their stomach.

The scarier part among all would be your girlfriend smoke but the guy is not smoking. Girls think it is a cool thing it is nothing cool about it. Smoking just make your life span shorter.

Want to know how your heart would look like just view the video!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Why I want an Iphone 4 ?

Hmmmmmmm! First i would say i have never own an APPLE product before in my life i would want to admit and i love Nokia phone more than Apple that i think it is just their marketing gimmick that make their product selling so well and so much people that is interested on their phone. Other than that their price is quite expensive comparing with their specification of their phone and others.
I keep thinking for days like 4 to 5 days you know what come out from my mind?


My ANSWER is: I was wrong to say that because Apple iphone 4 have everything that i need from A-Z it is resistible when it first touch Malaysia soil i even tweet about it when it official release at Malaysia even it release 1 day earlier than China i think we should be proud about it. It will not go wrong where Apple iphone 4 land will be a guarantee sold out.
Other than that you can see that so many people is lining up a few days ahead before the release date just to get iphone 4 before anybody get their hand on it. I wish i have the chance to get my hand on it but was busy and do not know where to line up! On the same time it is a bit costly for me as a student to buy this phone myself if only i am rich than it is a different story.

iphone 4

Surely when you buy a phone you surely want to know about the spec of the one than buying blindly. So let me brag about the feature that Iphone 4 that people keep buzzing about it non stop! I will just talk about spec that i love the phone so much at first sight.

Iphone 4 vs Iphone 3GS

I love about this phone would be it is smaller and more solid comparing to their older version of apple family and it is more squrish and solid so it is nice to hold it and even drop it. By looking at it have make me feel tempted to get this phone and feel it myself. It look like a normal phone but when you touch it will be an extraordinary feel like never before.
I love the design of iphone because it is like the future phone and sooner or later other phone will be copying them by that time apple have a never design and better devices for us. For example Apple Iphone 3G was the only touch screen around but when slowly and slowly people notice iphone is stealing their business and sooner or later all the market have touchscreen phone.


Just like Ipad when they first release it is so hot everybody is buying it but later on you can see other PC company like Asus,Samsung is doing iTablet, the HP one and many more. It is like Apple comany is doing every devices for the future and people is looking at their every move. When they say right people will go right.
That is why I love Iphone 4 so much because it is time for me to change a new phone and new company to try it out even it is a bit costly for most of us. But don’t worry there is Digi plan for iphone 4 that will cost cheaper and everybody can own Iphone 4 no matter how rich or poor are you.



Not only the resolution is higher but it is clearer too! As you can see the picture it is more clearer and on the same time the picture is more extraordinary. Iphone 4 have a new screen that they named is as LED backlit! That is why the screen look nicer and even the pixel is freaking high i think i say also i don’t understand what it is!haha
The best part is with the screen technology it can see under the sun than now you will not have to worry about reading under the sun that we experience in Malaysia daily so this tech is really useful for us. They also said they have the best screen ever even you zoom like hell you can’t see tiny tiny box! That is GREAT!!!!!


The camera come with 5 megapixel surely it can’t compete like Nokia and Sony. But you will surprise the quality of the picture it is as good as the 12 megapixel camera phone or DSLR if you know how to use the camera it is unbelievable. Also the camera come with LED flash and their front camera is VGA whatever it is!Haha




This phone is taken by Apple and you can see the resolution and the picture is marvelous! For their video part it is taken in 720 and other than that it come with High Definition it will be surely the best video out there with your phone.


Iphone 3GS sound was not really good at time and is not loud enough for people to hear. But Apple have hear what people wanted and Iphone 4 come with a louder speaker and obviously with better sound quality. The sound is nice even you put in full bass or the loudest. It don’t have the disturbing sound when you use a low quality speaker or phone.
But you will not have to worry it have one of the best sound quality when you get your hand on the phone.


Battery Life
People have surprise how good is Iphone 4 battery life with all the heavy duty new item in the phone and it still can last longer than other phone out there. Even their put the iphone into heavy duty mode by putting or calling non stop it can last more than one day at least. Some of the phone can only last less than a day and it is quite frustrated when you use the phone when you need to charge and charge everyday.

One of the best and best!!!!!

I would want to say the Iphone 4 is one of the best phone to date and i love all the features of the phone they have not only can get song and application easily even the touch screen the OS make the phone smooth and easy to use. It is similar with Iphone 3Gs but with better features and overall i would want to get my phone on this phone.

Because i love to own a touchscreen phone and Apple product!!!!!!!!! Sharing is Caring


Look the spec on top i don’t even know how to see. But i know that the new phone of Nokia N8 is quite low. They can’t beat Iphone 3GS how do you expect them to beat the superior Iphone 4 that is faster and better. Their new phone can’t beat them and the company can beat iphone would be Nokia but with this proof and specification they are not even close to beat them.

That is why Iphone 4 is my choice if i can’t own it at least i can admire it from far. It is not about you own it or not but it is about this device can change people life and the world. Apple product is the future device of the WORLD you don’t believe it than you can just wait and see.

Movie Review Alpha and Omega



In Jasper National Park, the wolves, Kate and Humphrey, have known each other since puppyhood, but they are on the oppose ends of the Western Pack's social structure with Kate as the energetic Alpha daughter of the pack leader and Humphrey being the good humored Omega. That social structure forces Kate to accept an arranged marriage with Garth of the Eastern Pack to unite the packs for peace, regardless of Humphrey's hopeless attraction for her. Before that union can occur, Kate and Humphrey are captured by the park's rangers and sent to an Idaho park as part of a wolf repopulation project. Mindful of her duties, Kate is determined to return to Jasper and Humphrey offers to help with the assistance of two odd geese. However, as this disparate pair struggle through the dangers to get home, a growing mutual appreciation of their talents and then a deeper love threatens to disastrously complicate everything if they make it back.

Written by Kenneth Chisholm


I would say that this movie was one of the beset and best even i never watched the movie in 3D! In the movie there is about 60 to 70 percent is comedy in it is quite funny such as the place or park it is call Idoha and Omega reply I what ha? <<< not really sure i forget the line already. Another part would be the wolf can’t howl good enough and bird keep dropping from the sky meaning the howling is freaking bad.

Other than comedy it have some part about love that have touch my heart. Like the part when the Alpha want to married an another guy and Omega reply i would want to say good bye and would help you to say hi to the bear that attack us and etc etc. But overall it is a good movie to watch with your love one.  The sad part would be the movie is a bit too short like 88 minutes!!!!!

Feel like want to watch more of the movie!!


4 out of 5 !!! Nooootttt so boring but quite funny and interesting


Would recommend to people that love touchy movie,cartoon,comedy type of movie and this is for you. I would not recommend to people that is opposite what i have said to what i have recommend.


ScreenHunter_09 Aug. 13 12.09

This is the 3 main chracter:

Alpha(Hayden) ,Forget liao, Omega(Justin Long)

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Do you want to know Mark Zuckerberg(Founder of Facebook) Girlfriend?



Always people said that when their is a successfully guy there will be their wife supporting them at the back all along. There is no different for Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg but it is not his wife but it is more to girlfriend type. I know you all out there is hoping to married a rich girl or guy. Slowly wait the dream possibility it coming is like 0.1 % but if you are beautiful than it increase by 50%.

Her name is Priscilla Chan she is one lucky girl it is because Mark is not only only handsome and a bit geeky that what eveybody say but he is one of accidentally billionaire  millionaire that you have known how he make facebook at first for his college at Harvard blah blah blah! And also a dropout <<<< see where is he now?


That is why people say doesn’t mean you get 100 A++++ it is just a paper and reading book and notes this world is unpredictable and a book can’t catch up fast enough what is the world is happening. The richest people in the world is a dropout of college like Steve jobs but i am not calling to dropout of college to clear my purpose and point.


Want to know more juicy news about Mark Girlfriend?

She is also studying with Mark Zuckerberg back then during the Harvard Years! Mark and gang including Priscilla is working together for the facebook stuff and with her skill and ability it attracted mark heart but look at her she is adorable and cute that is why he is attracted to her including myself *paiseh*

That is all the juicy news i know! FOR NOW



Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oktoberfest Sep 18 – October 4! Babes and BEER!


Look here Kim Kardashian is celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich!

Do you what is Oktoberfest other than hot babes and drinking big jar of beer? I don’t even know what it is let me dig dig something out of it. Than will explain what is all about! Babes and Babes and Babes first thing come to my mind and second would be BEER BEER BEER all day long.


Correct me if i am wrong:

Obviously it is about celebrating something and drinking a lot of beer until you are high or you don’t even know yourselves! To knock yourself out! This event take places or celebration at Germany Munich where they make BMW,Audi,Mercedes best city EVER! Oktoberfest have been here since in the 18th it is a big even that about million of million people celebrate.

Can find any specific info about it but i think it is related to celebrate BEER festival maybe they are thanking that BEER have come to our life if not we will not know how to walk like a crazy person on the road and talk bullshit after drinking too much of beer. It is not only celebrate by the local but if you are interested you can join them and celebrate like there is no tomorrow.

After viewing this picture you would change your mind about beer and babes. Both of this thing fit together very well.

 cb8cf4   e75fdc       let_the_beer_640_04   let_the_beer_640_14 

See even Girls can drink a big darn cup of beer! Look at their expression it is epic!


Look here they party like there is no tomorrow! They celebrate it for weeks and from morning to night. Just look at hot babes serving beer and on the same time drink beer to make it more memorable that is why European can drink a lot of beer but still not drunk but for Asian i think a mini cup would make them drunk.

One of my friend say that a person that just drink a bit or eat a bit of alcohol that person would get drunk i mean like dizzy just a touch of alcohol and on the same time his/her face would turn a bit reddish already. Crazy but true!


Wow! Not only the girl serving beer is hot there serve beer with a few jar for me i think i can carry two cup that she is holding and it is a big cup not a small cup by that time i hand would be sore. She is carrying 7 gigantic cup i think she can carry another extra one.

But we should appreciate this kind of event because you can’t see similar type of event anywhere.


4 Years Old Kid get Herpes Sucking on Used Condom!

Couple Sex

As you know that when you having sex it is good to use protection from durex whatsoever. But before you do it remember that even you wear condom some disease still can be transmitted so be really careful that your partner is clean like Clorox. So remember this again anything you do there is percentage that it will fail like playing shooting game depend on luck if you can kill the person or not and skill too so if that is time for your unlucky to arrive than you will regret you have done it.

OkOk! Back to the topic about a 4- year getting herpes! Do you want to know it is because that kid have sex or transmitted through rubbing someone butt or skin? If you say outside the box than you are write if you say kid have sex or rube people butt than you fail miserably.

Babe Blowing COndom

Before i say anything remember do not suck any condom that you found at the toilet bowl,floor or whatsoever place because you will not know that you are eating sperm obviously you know that but you will not know the rubber(condom) have been rubbing what because that i just know that sex related disease can be transmitted through rubbing,eating or anything close.

Safe Sex is OK!

The story is like this:

The kid follow her grandma a trip to Atlanta with that at the time they enter a hotel and just a split second when the kid went into the toilet and the grandma was not in the toilet with her grandson. After that grandma found out that the kid was sucking on the condom or chewing it not only that he put his tongue into the condom and try to blow a balloon out of it.

Not only it is used before but there is still contain fluid(Sperm) inside. The condom contain herpes with that it is transmitted into the kid but luckily it do not contain any HIV or STDs virus inside. Do you all know what is herpes for me i don’t even know WTF is that like  hippie or hippototonus!

Herpes: A Virus that can be spread through skin contact, so next time don’t simply touch people here and there because you will not know that person have herpes or not. There is many type of virus family of herpes that i don’t even want to name it because after looking some of the picture it give me a creep with the word sore,scratch here and there and you would worry which part it infected it can be painful! Scary.

Herpes is a virus so there is no cure! I mean it take time to cure!

The kid is infected with cold sore it is also known as mouth herpes.  It grow something weird at your mouth not only that it can burst or leak out some water! Yeeewwzzzz after the infection started the kid wanted to kiss her mom but she say you can’t kiss mummy and say that mummy don’t love him anymore.


They don’t know where did the kid found the condom maybe in the hotel and maybe not. But luckily the kid just chew it and do not blow balloon out of it if not whole of his face would be herpes bubble all over his face. So in the future if you see any condom do not chew it because it will taste like chewing gum with icing on top HERPES!

Friday, September 24, 2010

You Want to Learn to FLIRT? Than you come the right Place


This is Harrison Fjord Guide for you all to know and how to flirt because keeping quiet sitting at the corner just looking will not make that guy/girl to love you. Sometimes a person that don’t love you because they don’t notice your inner and outer beauty of it. For them to notice it you should make the first step even you are a girl it is because if they notice something special about you they will later interested of you.

Don’t you think so? Do you believe love at first sight? yes they are but at first can you get that person? So remember when you want something chase it because it is not wrong to give a try or nothing to lose. You will lose something if you wait because that person can get a new partner or already have partner and wasting your time waiting for it and using that time to chase someone that deserve you.

instructions_on_flirting_640_01 instructions_on_flirting_640_02 instructions_on_flirting_640_03 instructions_on_flirting_640_04 instructions_on_flirting_640_05 instructions_on_flirting_640_06 instructions_on_flirting_640_07 instructions_on_flirting_640_08

So remember if you like that person at least tell them and you have nothing to lose! Other than that you can notice their signal if they are interested of you are not because it is quite obvious sometimes but at the end it is how we react when the right time come.

Becareful with Women with BIG BOOBS and BIG ASS! Possibility is a Suicide Bomber!


According to source that Suicide Bomber is finding alternative way to bomb down a plane such as using their boobs to do all the job. If you know what i mean? Because nowadays suicide bomber have been trying and trying many times but fail doing so but they have find a solution at this problem. That is why now depend on technology to do all the job to detect anything inside their big ass and boobs.

Big Boos

Example of this girl she can implant explosives into their 34KKK or something close and with that even they enter into their airport are impossible to check according to a terrorism expert saying so. It is impossible to detect it is because it is using something similar what are using in the implant and with that it is undetectable. The solution would be waiting for the world expert to create a technology that can change our life.

Scary but it is true! It is easy to check people hiding heroine in their butt hole,mouth or sticking at their body because the police can use their hand to dig their butthole or strip them naked and check them. But implant are inside our body for them to check their need to cut that person open. I forget to say the girl in the picture is innocent and not a terrorist just finding a picture a girl with similar things!Haha


Other than boobs job their also putting it into their butt because most of the time you can see European they big big of everything including their stomach and it is hard to detect of suspicious because it is normal for them. Expert are worry that the islamic radical are using it explosive to make the girl with A size to DOUBLE DD!

The world keep going round and round but you can’t predict what in the future and day by day the world are getting harder and harder to survive because of risk and nowadays thing that is fake it is looking so similar that people feel it is real. From what i heard that girl want to have a boob job nowadays can make it look real because last time people can see it is fake or real but now it is impossible.

The world will change because everything in this world is “ MADE IN CHINA” they dominate EVERYTHING!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Guy Have the Weirdest Name EVER!


Does this guy face look weird? If so than you should see how weird is his name too not only it is freaking long like dinosaur and it is freaking weird too. Do you want to know his real name? His name is longer than my name even i wrote it twice and every word that he put into his name have a weird meaning out of it.


Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov

I think his name can be add into the Guinness BOOK of RECORD! The meaning of his name is:


Julius is an homage to the famous chimp at the Kristiansand Zoo

‘Arn’ is a Swedish knight movie

Elessar and Gimli are from ‘Lord of the Rings’

‘MacGyver’, you know that show where the guy can make a machine gun out of a snorkel mask, a paper clip and some pieces of string.

‘Highlander’ could refer to either the movie or TV show, but there only can be one. Chewbacka (TCM side note: We believe Andreas spelled this wrong, but since he is Swedish we will give him the benefit of the doubt. It should be spelled: Chewbacca) is from ‘Star Wars’.


Want to know more about the person? He is a bus driver in Sweden because he feel that his name is less attractive and on the same time is too short he decided to change his name with more meaning in it and make it longer. Freaking weird but for him he think it is so cool. Let me dig out more funny looking name out there.


Introducing Batman and Superman! There is still more but couldn’t find the one with Mr.Bean on the IC Card that is freaking hilarious for now we only have batman and superman to show today!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

James Cameroon’s Movie Avatar and Alien is the SAME MOVIE!

 Capture Capture2 Capture3 Capture4 Capture5 Capture6 Capture7

Ya it look exactly the same but i have never watch the movie call ALIEN but have watched avatar and not only that it is box office movie and overtake Titanic as the highest profit ever. But for me Avatar movie is ok but nothing much to WOW about it is just a movie a bit special but at the end it is nothing to shout about or extraordinary.

Damn Tired! No mood to post any longer because have been standing the whole day and my leg hurts but that is all for me today! Time to SLEEP