Monday, April 29, 2013

Miss South Korea 2013 Before and After Contestants!!

Don’t you notice that some South Korean hotties does look so similar.


Just look on all their contestants, do all of them look similar? It could be the plastic surgery trend such as how high their eye brow, nose, mouth and etc. Could they look a bit different so that we can differentiate who is who. So that we will not mistaken other girl as our girlfriend.

Don’t you think they look so pretty in person. You will get a heart attack of them without makeup. Here is all of the details of the contestants if you know how to read korean than you will understand.

They just look so clean and dead down pretty. Don’t you think so. You will discover something breathtaking.

korea_beauty_pageant_01 korea_beauty_pageant_02 korea_beauty_pageant_03 korea_beauty_pageant_04 korea_beauty_pageant_05 korea_beauty_pageant_06 korea_beauty_pageant_07 korea_beauty_pageant_08 korea_beauty_pageant_09

This one i like the most! But one thing as you all know South Korea is famous for plastic surgery. It could be a horror to found out the original her before plastic surgery.

korea_beauty_pageant_10 korea_beauty_pageant_11 korea_beauty_pageant_12 korea_beauty_pageant_13 korea_beauty_pageant_14 korea_beauty_pageant_15 korea_beauty_pageant_16 korea_beauty_pageant_17 korea_beauty_pageant_18 korea_beauty_pageant_19 korea_beauty_pageant_20

Let see all the contestants before and after makeup. I am not sure how genuine is the picture but their face does have resemblance of their after makeup picture. So you will be the judge!!!

Capture Capture2 Capture3 Capture4 Capture5 Capture6 Capture7 Capture9 Capture10 Capture8 Capture11 Capture12 Capture13 Capture14 Capture15 Capture16 Capture17 Capture18 Capture19 Capture20

This is call the magic of makeup. Even if the photo is real or not is an another story. Because nowadays with a little makeup on their face can really change their look. So it is really important to see your own girlfriend before and after makeup, so you will not have an heart attack waking up, who is the person next to me.

As we all know look is the first impression and the most important of all is what within their heart that worth the most. Look will not last forever. So better check their original look before commit to the relationship.

We all know South Korea is famous with their celebrity/superstar and most of them have went through under the knife. They can be the prettiest girl in the world but when age are catching up, thing will tend to be a lot of worst. So remember the power of MAKE UP!!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

What happen in a Basketball Court!!!


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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

Let me share how i would customize my IRON MAN SUIT to the next Level will surpass the level of Tony Stark.


This would be the Iron Man 3 suit it look simple but it is damn powerful. But i will top it with a better feature that can help IRON MAN to upgrade himself to be on top of his enemy. The suit i would like to customize it the GOLD PART to DARK RED and the RED PART to BLACK in Color it will look cool and scary on the same time.

MORE FIREPOWER and Unpredictable suit!!!

Firstly i would name the suit “Killing Machine”  No kidding it really can kill whatever that you throw to it.

Let start from the top to bottom i will explain how my suit would be:



It would be install with the most top end grade of explosion prove helmet. As for the front it can scan or shoot laser in 0.5 second. On top of that it have heat sensing it can detect any heat movement in seconds. Obviously we need extra firepower because we wouldn’t know when we needed. At the side of the ear it can eject small rocket launcher to any target and even it is hit by other missile it can break into smaller pieces to evade and on the same time to be more precise on the target.

Even when the person is busy fighting, the sensor on the eye area can detect the percentage of winning and losing rate, if they feel it have chances to lose it will inform other Iron Man team to back him/her up. It can even scan the enemy what is their strength and weaknesses so that it will know where is the best place to attack or back off if needed too.

As for the Helmet of the suit it can be like a bomb if it detect is trying to steal the suit by self destruct the helmet with a big explosion and the suit would be break into pieces. But with a click of button it can be combine back in second.



It feel that there is chances of strangling or etc, automatic the sensor will come out with a pointy sharp metal to prevent any damage on the neck as it is the weaker part of the body. It will even transfer electric pulse to shock the enemy if possible.




For the shoulder part it can release machine gun or rocket launcher to the enemy. It is specially install with Water Gun & Electric Shocker if enemy is weak with it. As for the chest the power supply there is 3 backup of it in case he need more power or it malfunction.

At the back of the body it have a flyer thingy to allowed him to fly off than using his hand/arm to fly. As for this flyer it is more stronger and durable as it can fly at speed of light in case need to run from enemy that are more powerful than what he is expected.

On his chest it have a compartment for 2 boomerang it can be thrown to an enemy or attack by surprise it is a boomerang with sharp blade it can even cut through METAL.



For each of his arm it can shoot rocket to the enemy and can reproduce back in second. But the ordinary power on his palm is still remain the same but have been upgrade to a more powerful one. As you know Iron Man enemy is getting chicky and stronger everyday so he should have a bit advantage on them.



At his thigh it have a compartment on the left is a electric+Fire rope that can be used to whip the enemy is like in Iron Man 2. Secondly on the right would be a LASER GUN it so powerful that it can shoot an enemy can fly for a far distance. So don’t mESS with the new IRON MAN



It have a force fill to protect the suit from damaging. It can withstand explosion or impact from a nuclear but need to be maintenance well if not it is possible to create some damage.

As you know the environment changes, this suit can adapt to changes such as on the grade of weapon and etc. Can even grow in size but more research is needed to be done before it can be something similar to transformer.For the Metal SUit it is high quality grade so it is not that easy to be damage from the unknown force.


As for the new Iron Man Suit it is like stealth aircraft it is undetectable by radar or even by heat sensor. So enemy can’t detect where,when he is so he/she can be deadly and on target. It is similar to the Jet F-35.

To make the suit even better it can repair itself but the disadvantage is that it will take a long time to repair depending on the life of the suit from damage and etc. So i can do my best by giving the best idea but it is depend how good is the enemy they can even create something even better that is beatable to Iron Man Suit. So let the movie decide the outcome.


Get the joke? Iron Man


Now i love it even more because they have their own backup/group/team/gang to fight for them than only Tony Stark and the army guy. Now it is a whole new GAME!!! Can’t wait to watch it

Enjoy the TRAILER!!!


Here is some of the sketch of my Iron Man suit will look like

ironman-mark06 copy


ironman-mark06 copy3 

ironman-mark06 copy2