Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg Page have Been Hacked! FACEBOOK IS NOT SAFE!

Can you believe Mark Zuckerberg his own Facebook Page have been hacked by people on Wednesday if I am not wrong would be on the end of 2010! Just imagine Facebook CEO Mark page have been hacked and just imagine how about our page have been hacked instead. Obviously our Facebook page risk would be higher and more vulnerable than Mark Zuckerberg page.

So you all should remember this that what you share or put on Facebook you are putting your life on risk and sharing too much personal information is also not a good thing. It is still not too late to do something about it start changing your privacy setting and remove friends that you don’t know you will never know what is that person intend to do to you or what they want to steal from you.


Anyway back to Mark Zuckerberg story! His fan page as you can see the link > is down on the same day for a few hours and was up on the same day because of the hacker put a comment on Mark Zuckerberg on his status update. You would obviously want to know what the person wrote because  in short period of time it have attracted more than thousand of likes and more than hundreds of comment. The comment is something like this


“Let the hacking begin: If facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn’t Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social way? Why not transform Facebook into a ‘social business’ the way Nobel Price (sic) winner Muhammad Yunus described it? What do you think? #hackercup2011”

By looking the hacker comment Facebook can’t make money whatsoever, even the rumor spreading around saying Facebook can make money is actually fake and can be confirm from the hacker and newspaper source from Malaysia. According to the hacker Facebook have potential to make a lot of money but they are making money alone.

Obviously a lot of people have read it is because Mark Zuckerberg page alone have about 2.8 million people subscribe on his page. Can you believe that on the same day Mark Zuckerberg Fan Page was hacked it announce that they want to improve their security on their site <<< that is why when the person taste their own medicine than only they know how it feel!!! << it is how we feel for so long>>>  such as their site would be connected on via https in a secure connection to prevent or reduce hacker from hacking. They would be adding a new type of captcha when you want to retrieve your password or they can detect any suspicious activity happening. They would be introducing a new type of captcha that would be using your friend instead.

It would have one of your friend pictures and you will need to tell the person of the picture by their ID. It would be easy if your account that you added your friend is your friend than fake friend that you added for your games whatsoever or hot guys *maybe* than you are in big TROUBLE later on!

According to expert say that how the hacker can hack the creator of  Facebook! Even the expert say that it can’t explain how Mark Zuckerberg page can be hacked but the possibility would be in Mark computer have virus or malware that have taken his username and password. According to source say that it is quite embarrassing that the creator of Facebook have been hacked it will be even worst for other user out there. So just hope Facebook will improve their security so that risk can be minimize!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Sexiest Looking Billboard YOU WILL EVER SEE!

Just imagine when you are driving and suddenly you saw this billboard!!! What will your reaction would be?


For Guys: OMG look at PAMELA ANDERSON in the billboard *busy looking BANG A CAR*

For Girls: Another marketing gimmick to attract guys obviously it will not work on GIRLS!









Sometimes this billboard can be a distraction for the driver out there some people will be ok with it and some people will not. Because you can’t imagine what people will imagine when they see this billboard when they are driving at the highway.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dentist New Way to Reduce Pain Naturally with Girls!

Have you not heard? We don’t need any injection or drugs to make our gums relax when dentist want to do surgery on our teeth. The latest method that are quite effective would be to have nurses wearing  sexy clothes and extra deep cleavage so that the patient would not feel the pain. But I think this method will normally on works on guys for girls maybe they need to have hot guys with 6 pack to do it.

This is not a bullshit but it really have this kind of services in Germany Munich! I know you like what you see ^^

Behind of this mastermind business plan would be one and only Dr Marie-Catherine Klarkowski say that the purpose of having sexy nurse would be importantly to reduce or no fear at all when I am doing my work because you can see on TV or your experience when you are young that you will be scared whenever the dentist get near to your mouth. Because you will know that it will hurt really really bad that you will jump off from the chair. To add icing on the cake the cleavage of the nurse would obviously shock the patient tremendously without any pain whatsoever I think they will fall in love to the girls or the shop.

Anybody that go into his shop will not have bad dreams anymore and would feel like paradise when they visit the dentist. Do you still remember whenever you enter the surgery room with the dentist they will call you to open your mouth and few second later they will call you to open your mouth even bigger right? But they say that when the customer/patient enter the shop their mouth are already wide open.

They can’t confirm that seeing the sexy nurse would reduce the pain on their patient but they can say that after introducing the sexy nurse their customer increase drastically and obviously all their customer is MEN as you know MEN is a bit pervert sometimes.

Sexy Nurse

The idea come out from OKtoberfest it is when German drink beer until they drop on that certain days that girls would be serving all the guys and they can carry more than 6 big cup in one time the girls they are STRONG! The idea is good it is because during Oktoberfest most of the guys there keep staring on the girls sexy body and cleavage.

According to Dr Klarkowski say that nowadays competition is everywhere and she know some of her friends decorated and change the theme of their shop into many thing like ALPHINE lounge with a fireplace and so on. It say that some of the shop even have nurses that is wearing Mickey Mouse costume and many more it say that a costume can cost up to Euro 400++ (RM1,600+++)

Dr. Klarkowski say that she like the new outfit the Oktoberfest outfit it is because not only it look nice and sexy but it is a new outfit to wear when we are working. It say that a new type of device(It is a MP3 Player) that release a sound of drilling it trying to mean is that nowadays technology is so advance whatever the dentist is doing surgery on us will be quite quiet and in the future it will not have even a beep when the dentist is doing surgery.


Scary Scary!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Review The Green Hornet



In the 3D action-comedy The Green Hornet, Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is the son of LA’s most prominent and respected media magnate and perfectly happy to maintain a directionless existence on the party scene – until his father (Tom Wilkinson) mysteriously dies, leaving Britt his vast media empire. Striking an unlikely friendship with one of his father’s more industrious and inventive employees, Kato (Jay Chou), they see their chance to do something meaningful for the first time in their lives: fight crime. To get close to the criminals, they come up with the perfect cover: they’ll pose as criminals themselves.


Can say that this movie is worth to watch even it is your first time seeing Jay Chou acting in English in Movie just sound a bit weird but he did not disappoint in the movie whatsoever. The storyline of the movie is marvelous something different that you see in the movies like superman,batman and so on you will know what to expect but THE GREEN HORNET is a bit different. The movies is so nice it have comedy from start to finish that what make me feel excited watching this movie. Another important thing would be the GUNS in the movie will blow you away a girl like batman, fighting skill by jay chou is like matrix and it is so fast it is like he slow the time and he can see his opponent move.

I can say that this movie is way better than FASTER <<< it is better than THE ROCK keep doing headshot in that movie!!!! We want to kill the criminal mastermind we must be one of them that is the movie motif and it is really useful for our future.



5 out of 5! A must watch movie for the YEAR of 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!




See their move!!!


This part is quite funny he say that see I kick the criminal on his face and his crotch too but actually he is kicking at Jay Chou than the criminal hahaha!


^^ No Comment Shoot Shoot


Jay Chou is the sidekick ^^ actually Jay Chou do most of the thing the weapon the fighting mostly 95% of it!




The sexy assistant for the newspaper company!!!


His name the person name on the right is freaking hard to pronounce and I don’t even know how to spell but it sound soemthing like this chifoduiski


Than he wanted to change his theme of his gang he change to bloodfoduski


HEre it is time he make a SUPER CAR out from CRAP!!


See WHAT THE CAR CAN DO! IT can even shoot fire,bullet obviously and …………..

Richard Sanden Have Sex With a DEAD PERSON

I do not know what is the man is doing! He is like putting his little wiener into a tree hole that will not move whatsoever. It is better to dig himself a hole at the grass so that people will not get harm when he is doing his ahem business. He must me doing more than having sex with a dead person because he hid a video that at last police found it and it change everything totally.

It is better to buy him a sex toy doll from Japan and play it all day long so that innocent people will not be KILLED in the PROCESS!


(This is the guy Richard Elwood Sanden)

Here how it goes Police say that Richard Elwood Sanden call police by saying that his girlfriend is dead when they both are having sex and while having sex he notice that she suddenly stop breathing that is why he is panicking to call the police. Than he try to do CPR on her and she is still not breathing whatsoever.Obviously people would not believe what he say it is because FIRST if the person is dead people will know the person have is dead before having sex with them and SECOND sex is enjoying impossible that person is dead from SEX maybe it is from something else.

The victim Rebecca Whitehead was dead when he have sex with her yeeewzzz this person have PROBLEMS! Than police feel suspicious when police arrive he try to hide video equipment. At first he was only charged at $4,500 but was change to $500,000 after the police watched the video recording. He was charged with necrophilia it is something about having sex with a dead corpse not only that he was charge with marijuana too maybe he was too high on that time that is why he do not notice what he is doing.

Necrophilia Anime Girl

He told the police that he met this girl from a dating site and have been living with him more than 3 month already. The death of Rebecca is still under investigation and waiting for the report of toxicology and autopsy result to know the cause of death.

That is why people say that do not meet people online from facebook and dating site because we do not know the real person intention and their background so it is sometimes dangerous to meet people on a blind date. Even though people have said times and times again but people still do it again and again. The cause is maybe they are desperate to find love that is why love cannot be rush until we find the RIGHT PERSON than only we can stop searching and start what to do next for our future.


Saturday, January 22, 2011


Will be get angry or annoy when someone steal your lunch when you are really really hungry on that time and you not yet have your breakfast and you are having your branch instead. Obviously you will be piss off that and want to beat that person until that person vomit blood and cut into pieces and feed to the bird. It will only happen if you rent house with people or you have your own fridge at home.

But it will be nice to steal people food once a while once a while but not only it taste so nice because we don’t need to use our time to make it or use our money to buy it. You should look on that person reaction and expression at the end of the day No Food + Stress = Explosion gonna happen anytime soon!!! If you are one of the victim my bad!!!


If you want to learn how to write notes if tis happen to you one day! Look for no further here is all the notes that is freaking hilarious if you are not the victim you will obviously laugh your ass off because they add humor in what they write.




















Try to steal someone food and see how they react make sure that in that house you are not alone if not he/she will know who did it ^^