Tuesday, August 31, 2010

People Name Start with “D” Will Have a Shorter Life!


According to Psychologist at Wayne State University say that they make research and uses about 10,000 doctors,athletes and lawyer that is born between 1870 and 1930 and people that have initial of “D” and have an average living the shortest period. But it is weird people with an initial of “A” lived the longest. Do you know what people will initial of “A” will life longer of an average of 10 years.

But mostly this kind of weird science stuff we can’t really believe it is REAL. It is because life is real science is the other way around. Most of the stuff we can’t use science to find an answer. Try comparing a person with major in Science and Arts with managing a restaurant and stuff. You will be surprise how will it turn out and who will be the top. Will tell you a story about it and who will be the top! ^_^


But you all should not worry mostly the research is make in the USA so can sit down and relax. Back to the topic why people with initial of “D” will have a shorter life, the scientist believe that the person have a a weak body against diseases and stuff. It is also relying on the culture of a country for example like the USA grading system because A is a perfect student and “D'” is a worst student.

It is a mind game if you believe it will happen than it will happen if you believe otherwise it will be different. For example like LOVE if you said the guy don’t love you than let it be, if you love the guy slowly and slowly he will notice it is because it will be obvious and obvious everyday that you are looking at the person. Mostly it is psychology hope you what i mean by giving the unrelated and weird example!Haha


If you have heard will tell  you the story about an Art Student vs Science Student:

Science Major Staff  is  managing a cafeteria mostly come up from they mind is safe cost and with that their cutleries that are put is made from plastic and how do you expect people to cut a lamb or steak with a plastic spoon? The Science staff was so happy with the idea and thought everything is getting better. But slowly and slowly lesser people come and eat there because of the plastic cutleries and now safe cost and safe anything.

But for Arts Major Staff will think the other way and because everything is not wrote in the book but mostly from what we learn and experience make a big different for a Art Student that is why doing business suit for Arts people because they have creativity and know how to think as a customer mind what and how they will think about it than Science people just can look what in front of them.

Not Discrimination ok! Just comparing both of them! ^^

Monday, August 30, 2010

Best Door Knob Prank!


Would you want to try it? Disgusting but something unique to prank someone at night. Just imagine when they is sleeping and woke up from the door knocking. Walking halfway asleep to open a door and feel why the door knob feel so weird normally it is round than like a banana.

Better to prank someone that you hate than someone close to you because you can destroy their relationship. The best thing would be take a video when the person notice and open the door and look at their face it is surely will be epic. It is the best to put some sperm on his/her hand too! Haha

World Smallest Camcorder! Peeping at Girls Will Not Get Easier Than That!


Now Technologies have change our life dramatically but people use it for something bad than good. The size of the camcorder is so small like a size of chewing gum. Because we can record people talking without even they noticing it. Can act as pendrive or just put a tiny hole at our shirt pocket and stick to it we can record the people every move without them noticing it.


For example as you can see the picture on top even with digital camera it is already taken with the tiny looking it is more easier to take  video or picture of something that they shouldn’t do it. In this World there is many kind of people that is why we should look at our surrounding and make sure that people closes to us are good in the inside not faking it.



THe camcorder that can record Hi Resolution video and the format will be 3gp just like our old days Nokia phone that we use before.Damn the recording hole is as small as the head of a needle. It is one genius creation by the human but people will use it for something not good. Everything is store into a tiny MicroSD not only that it can record for as long as 33 hours video in 1GB memory card and the battery is rechargeable just using USB to charge it. It can record for 2 hours straight in a single charge it is more than enough to record something scandal!


Look how pervert guys nowadays! If you don’t believe you can ask everyone out there. First thing first come out from their mouth would be SEX if not if you don’t give me SEX means you don’t love me. Crazy but TRUE!


For example using a detector that can detect computer battery signal, they can use to detect if there is any electronic devices with battery just going a certain range. Normally they will check cars for the signal if they detect anything they will break the car and take the stuff for example laptop,phone that is left in the car. It sound weird but it is REALLLLLLL!

The device on top it is call Inductive Amplifier it can detect battery wave of a laptop that can be bought online or any electronic shop. So cheap and people use it for stealing stuff than using it for something good. It can be said that it work like Metal detector,it can detect a concrete as thick of 10cm+++++


The best solution would be carry your laptop everywhere or remove the battery but i not so sure because laptop have built in battery too! So it is the best to bring it around or put at your office(Make sure you can trust your colleague)

Nowadays thieves are getting smarter and smarter we should always be ahead of them by one step so that it will not happen because they have learn and train what to do so that they goal will be achieve. It is important we be precaution because we will never know we will be next and should not always misjudge something because it can happen anytime.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Makeup is a TYPE of MAGIC for WOMEN!

 before_after2 before_after3 before_after4  before_after6  before_after8 before_after9

Now Girls strongest ability to make them look attractive is makeup nowadays most of the girls out there put thick makeup so that they look beautiful some of them also make their eye look very big to make them more attractive. Nowadays hardly find any girls without makeup.

If with makeup you can see that it is as thick as hell to cover their ugliness i presume or something else correct me if i am wrong not discrimination whatsoever.PEACE!

before_after11 before_after12 before_after13  before_after16  before_after22  before_after25  

So guys out there if you are looking for a girlfriend find that one that normally use their natural look than using makeup. Because i am worry if next time if the girl did not put any makeup you will not recognize them anymore. Because makeup sometimes can make you look like a hooker sometimes or look astonishing beautiful or cute like HELLO KITTY!

All so cute but all so fake on the same time. Remember guys before going out a date tell your girlfriend to put without makeup to look the real them than the fake of them. Because you love what is inside but nowadays finding someone love what you are is hardly been found and most of them love your money or hotness that all!


  before_after30  before_after32 before_after33  before_after36 before_after37    before_after61

Most of them after makeup look so different than their actual person! It can be scary or unscary<<< I know broken ENGLISH!Haha

  before_after46 before_after47  before_after51     before_after56  before_after68before_after69

   Don’t you think it is like MAGIC?  I think it is way better than magic making someone that they are not really are. The best is natural it is because it make them look normal and people love what you are not what you have. Keep hearing gossip here and there that people keep saying girls with makeup look ugly.

Look is more important or Money more important? Majority would say Money! Nowadays if you are rich no worry you can get a hot girlfriend in no time it is about you want it or not. Time have change it is not about what is inside but what is in the pocket that make the different.

asian_girls_with_makeup_05 before_after28

Actually their actual self look quite beautiful it is about how they groom themselves. Sometimes they groom themselves ugly but with a bit tweak will make a big different as you can see the picture on top!

3SMRCUKANM_Leighton_Meester_-_Cleavy_40_Diane_von_Furstenberg_Spring_2009_FS_-99_4_thumb high-waist-white-belt

See with a bit of makeup will make them look ok than putting thick thick makeup that will take years to put it and take it off! It will look natural. I keep talking makeup makeup like a specialist or something like that! Haha this topic just pop into my mind.

Look at Leighton Meester don’t you think she look adorable? I think YES!

China Traffic is 100 Kilometer Long and Stuck For Weeks!

If you complain that your country traffic jam is that bad try comparing with China! You surely wish that you are not from there and normally in our own country it jam about 3 to 5 hours but in China it take days for the road to be clear and it is 100 Kilometer long try imagine it.


This traffic jam started at 14 August 2010 and lasted until 24 August 2010 approximately about 10 days quite scary it is due to construction of the road that will last until 13 September i think read it one of the website and forget the exact date. It is scary if you are tourist there and stranded there for days not days it is weeks.

Most of the people that stuck in the highway have not much thing to do and just wait and hoping it will clear as soon as possible. Most of the people that is stranded at the highway only play cards,sleeping,getting good price for food and water vendor that is riding on bicycle. Most of the item that they sell 10 times more expensive for example a bottle of water are sold 10 yuan! CRAZY CRAZY


The worst is yet to come before the construction END! It say for the last 10 days the traffic only move 1 kilometer and 99 kilometer to go! The China Government deploy hundred of Police to help to clear the congestion. Heard from my lecture that China have overtake Japan as one of the top Economy.

IT will get even worst years to come because China economy is still growing and growing other problem will start to pop out! It will be a worrying situation for China. At Beijing their average speed is 15kmph it is slower than riding a bicycle i think walking can be faster than that.According to statistics by 2015 China will have 7milion private car on the road. It will be 1900 new car a day!

private-jet-kids-camp-6-8-07 kamov_ka50_hokum

Best Solution is to have your own Helicopter or Private Jet!

Here is a video! If you don't understand mandarin just view the video you will understand what is purpose!

What is the Good and BAD of Working at HOME or WORK!

 Capture  Capture2 Capture3 Capture4 Capture5 Capture6 Capture7 Capture8 Capture9 Capture10 Capture11 Capture12 Capture13 Capture14

Now you know why Working at a office is way better than staying at home all the time. Slowly and slowly you will get bored but working in a office you can interact with people scolding people while driving make our life more enjoying than staying at a computer whole day long.

But in the future everything is computerized we can finish our work and stuff at work and meeting we just use our webcam and we don’t need to be there to talk. It is the 21st century already crying out loud.