Sunday, July 31, 2011

Paraguay Fans Larissa Riquelme Have a new COMPETITOR Patty Orue!


Who do you think is the hottest? It is Patty Orue the new sexy Paraguay FANS or is Larissa Riquelme?? Don’t you wish that you have this hot type of girlfriend??? For me i would say YES! I want Larissa ^^ i sound pervert it is nothing wrong to get attracted to a female!!!

If you have not known both Larissa and Patty both of them is freaking hot model. Showing their cleavage to live TV on the same time supporting their home country team. Obviously when you wear like that surely it will attract a lot of attention. Sometimes people say that they only wanted to attract attention all along but that what make girl special. Don’t you agree?


Guys are attracted to the girl outer beauty and some of them even looking on girl inner beauty. For example you have the hottest girlfriend in the world but have an attitude problem, obviously it is a turn off. In the pic above i think Larissa look so cute in this pic even though you know she having the fake thingy. Beauty that is the thing that make girl confident about themselves.


Than SECOND PLACE GO TO: Patty Orue (New Paraguay Fans)




Both of them are like doing MODELING Contest in the CROWD!!!! Hot Paraguay fans will not do any harm to the games but will make the game more exciting and having more entertainment in the crowd. I think the hat and T-shirt that this girl is wearing maybe is been paid by sponsor to wear that. Obviously people will not miss the main price. Maybe they would accidentally see the brand or company been printed on the hat or clothes.

Everybody would love to take picture with them! The Brazilian Kid is so LUCKY! I wish i was there to take picture with her. Sound pervert at least i get to keep the picture as memory than keep thinking that how could i get her as my wife but in reality i know it wouldn’t happen anytime soon.


All the pic that is posted was during the Copa America! I just wished that in my own country there is such girl fans. Because most of the girl do not like to watch football. By looking in EUROPE or OUTSIDE ASIA you can see that a big number of girls are football fans. Last year World Cup Larissa my cutie create a buzz to the world.

But this time around there is a lot of competitor out there for Paraguay fans alone. Let see what picture that I can find so far for your enjoyment. Look no further(below)


Don’t you think they just look so ADORABLE?????????

Both Larissa Ruquelme and Patty Orue will pose nude if Paraguay win the Copa America but sadly to say that Paraguay lose out to Uruguay 3-0 if not you all get to see them nude. But I can say that in some way it does motivate them to play even matter. A team that I have not heard before in my life can play into the WORLD CUP and even for the Copa America they can beat Brazil.


See they are showing love to all of us ^^ I LOVE YOU


They are showing how happy are them supporting their home team. I just wish that I have the spirit like they too. It is time to let other hot chick to be their competitor than only all from Paraguay alone.

79NFQG0A4NMA0005copa-america 02

Here she is from PERU ^^ She look like one of the GUYS! Haha


Here is another sexy model! Her name is Diosa Canales is a model from Venezuela. As all the model you have seen above they say that they are a huge football fans. Even Diosa say that if Venezuela win the whatever cup she would go nude.

It is like a trend now that everybody would go nude or naked if their own country team win the cup. I can’t wait for World Cup 2014 at Brazil not only the babes but the football too.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


At first we taught it is a just a NORMAL SWIMWEAR Pageant but CHAOS arrived when Bai Jing boyfriend know that she join this contest. Some people said that it is fake and some people say it is real so the decision is in our own hand.








And the guy pointing to the screen say to the camera “STOP RECORDING” and it is the girl in pink boyfriend. This video become quite hot few weeks back and this video title that commonly can be found would be girl in bikini contest was strip naked by his boyfriend in China. This video can be seen mostly on Chinese video sharing website such as Youku and so on.



She was pull aggressively and slapped on the same time  by her boyfriend because he is unhappy that his girlfriend participated in this bikini contest without asking his permission first. When her boyfriend pull her away there is small fight when one of the bikini contest contestant say to her boyfriend are you “CRAZY” and he reply by saying that it is “NONE of YOUR BUSINESS”.

Maybe her boyfriend was angry because lying about she was at work working than going to swimwear pageant

She look cute right and pity her!!!


Than the host in the show(In Yellow) call the guy to calm down and do not overreact and what kind of people bullying a girl and a bit pushing between her boyfriend and the host. Than the guy start to get more and more angry and thing start to get out of hand. Even though her girlfriend did not ask her permission he do not have the right to treat her like this.

She join this bikini contest without his permission because he know that asking him she will not be allowed to join so it is better to do it without his concern than asking him that the answer obviously would be a BIG FAT “NO”





Here is when his boyfriend rip off her girlfriend bra and exposing her thingy. Lucky did not expose everything to the video if not her boyfriend would obviously be dead meat. When her boyfriend was trying to pull her bra off by saying that LET EVERYONE SEE



Here she DONE A GOOD MOVE ^^ Open-mouthed smile



Here is how he GET SLAPPED! Look at his FACE it is EPIC ^^




See what I TOLD YOU!!!! She is


At the end the guy throw a book towards her showing how unhappy he is and leaving the studio for good. Some of the people said that this video is just a publicity stunt just to make name for themselves. Before he leave he say F**K Your MOTHER! People said that this video is fake because the guy at the corner did not do anything even though there is a big number of them so that is why it don’t make sense.

Nobody Know it is TRUE or NOT! But it can be TRUE in some way in REAL LIFE how your boyfriend treat her girlfriend when they are unhappy on something. According to source the girl was been scolded,push,slap is BAI JING!!!!



irthplace: Yi xian, Liaoning Province

Birthday: June 4, 1983

Height: 165cm

Weight: 48kg



If someone don’t appreciate who you are and what you like there is a lot of people out there that would treat you even better and the right one is waiting the right opportunities to meet up with you.


Here is a VIDEO of the INCIDENT!!!!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

After Seeing This VIDEO you will not EAT KFC(MALAYSIA) AGAIN

After seeing this video you would think twice to eat at KFC and what they are doing is really really unhygienic thing to do and just imagine how many germs is stuck under their shoe and possibility they have went into the toilet. If the customer have infection after eating it who will be the culprit that would pay the compensation by doing so. I think you should know if one of the restaurant carry a bad name the whole franchise would get affected.


It look nice but you should see the VIDEO and it will be a DIFFERENT STORY! For now no more KFC for me until i really really feel comfortable or giving me security that it will not happen again.

I am not defaming KFC or whatsoever just sharing my unhappiness when you are the victim of eating it. Just to say the truth that it is not first time hearing it and there is even i heard that people have been digging their nose when they are doing their work. Not pointing finger to anybody just what i heard from rumour.  At first i taught there is only one video but actually there is 2

Just look at this video! Just imagine how dirty is the cloth! For me it is something unbelievable thing that happen and this is the some of the video just imagine some of the thing that they do that is not caught on tape.

Among all this is one of the worst!!!!! You will not know where he have walk to!!! Possible he have went into the toilet? It is no more FINGER LICKING IS GOOD!

Here is the Director of KFC have uploaded a video saying regretted about this problem have happen and have make sure that the problem will not happen again. So it is the time for people to judge it is enough what he have done to solve the problem. For me it is not enough he should at least show the video where is the camera have been build and so on.

At least he have done something than nothing at all. At the end of the day it is depending on the people to choose what is right or wrong. Sometimes this small problem would happen even though how tight they control their staff and so on.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Actually Eating Shit(POOP) is CONSIDER HEALTHY THING To Do

First thing come to your mind about POOP is that it is damn disgusting and it even smell freaking bad. Even oyster or whatever look like oyster when you eat it smell damn bad but people still eat it. So i think it is the same way how this person implement this idea. You will be surprise how much bacteria in POOP that can help us a lot. For example typhoid or whatever thing that we inject for antibody purposes is consider using dead bacteria so it does not make a big different.



Even YOGURT is make out of DEAD BACTERIA Open-mouthed smileSo eating shit is who will eat first and slowly people would eat their own POOP. It sound disgusting but one day it is possible that one day it gonna happen anytime soon. It is 21st century whatever can happen.


Just see even ANIMAL do it THEMSLEVES so you are not ALONE!!!!!!

One of the Japanese Researcher from Okayama Laboratory have work out to make aritifical meat out of human faeces that is rich with protein from the dead bacteria. According to Professor Ikeda said that it is a good food substitute the problem here is that it is 10 to 20 times more expensive than normal meat because of the process. Even it found out that it is low in fat obviously yes from our poop what do you expect.

Professor Ikeda found out that sewage mud is also rich with protein because of human faeces. It said that it is save to eat because during the heating process all the bacteria is been killed. According to this Japanese Researcher said that it is good for the environment and not only that it will reduce the sewage mud because human now is recycling it when last time they consider it as RUBBISH.

For it to taste nice they added some red food colouring and also soy protein so that it would more or less taste like meat but compare to meat it is higher in protein. Some of us before seeing it would feel want to vomit straight away. Hope it TASTE LIKE CHICKEN Devil


Here is some of the VIDEO you should have A LOOK!


So would you all try some? Some of you say is better i TURN to VEGETARIAN than eating POOP


Monday, July 4, 2011

Funny Animal GIF(Flash)

Here is some of the FUNNIEST GIF that you can see that is related to ANIMAL! With weird things that they done make them look even cuter than ever.


This is how LAZY is this DOG IS!!!


It look Fake but it is FUNNY!Hahaa


Robot Cat ^^ SCARY


Cute cat CRAWLING ^^


Cat Kick Boxing with a Chicken


Cat is OMGing!


Elephant eating OWN POOP!!


Cat hug a DOG head!


Tortoise bite Dog BALLS!


Monkey showing BACKSIDE ^^


Sad Kangroo =[


Pity the Tortoise!


See how fast the Penguin run when the other Penguin Fart!!!!!


Don’t mess with a DOG! DOG POWER






That why don’t be SELFISH!!


Ninja Squirrel!!


Even dog know how to do PRANK!!!!


Next time don’t disturb when people or animal is sleeping that is what will happen!!ow