Friday, April 30, 2010

BMW and Audi Advertisement Start All Over Again

Aud vs BMW 

Do you find anything fishy other than BMW advertisement that is freaking big. But let me show you more clearer what i am talking all about.

BMW vs Audi

As you can see the tiny small Audi advertisement Audi they have. But BMW so smart by putting a gigantic banner in front of it so that it look like the Audi ads is so small that it couldn’t see anything. It have been long since BMW and Audi ads war started it was like 1 year ago. Now BMW have climb on top back since their old War.


As you can see on the left it is an Audi advertisement by saying “your move BMW” than BMW buy a billboard by putting the M3 with a word checkmate and for Audi by putting their one and only Audi A4. With BMW respond with Checkmate than Audi responded with


they war will never end. But i would look how Audi respond with BMW putting a super big banner on top of it make Audi advertisement look so tiny. Looking forward of it, if i found anything i will update it asap. For now enjoy the WAR lol!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Female DeeJay Will Make the Crowd More Alive

dj_03 dj_04 dj_05 dj_06 dj_07   dj_14 dj_16 dj_18 dj_19 dj_20 dj_22  dj_24 dj_26 dj_27  dj_30 dj_31 dj_32 dj_33 dj_34 dj_36 dj_38 dj_39 dj_01 

Don’t you think female DJ will make the place more alive? I agree because it will not only attract guys to stay at the club longer but normally female have a good taste in song. Nowadays you can see more guys DJ than female not sure for other country but it is good for a change maybe they can better than guys!

Maybe on the same time you can find hot chick in the club and hot guys too. Some people are too desperate need to go this kind of places to *ahem* release something different people have different choices. Not Sperm! Releas pressure or whatever your really motive to do in the club club clubbling.

Keep Rocking Female Deejay!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sometimes Thing Will Not Always Be What you Wanted it to BE!


Look at the cute fishy!


It is he sleeping? I think sleeping at the river would be fun just like what he have done.


When you are unhappy of something just throw something out of the window you will feel more relieved later. Nothing to lose only the person that are unlucky would have a free of charge headshot by a computer.


WTF! is that it look like a giant nut or something!


lol! Look at the mosquito


Haha if you drive an expensive car it is happen this to your car i bet you will poop on your parent straight away without thinking much. But it look nice though on that old car new and color.


Haha! Sleeping on the fire would be fun feel hotter and can get a new haircut


Lucky i am not in their shoe. If it really happen i better walk it would be faster than seeing so many toys car on the road. Did you try counting how many car on the picture. When you done than you can tell me how many it is.

Week 9 (a) Road Trip with My Broadband

When you are blogger and love to online it is good to have a laptop and wifi to use. If you are on a place that don't have any wifi whatosever we will cry and beg for internet and looking for internet or cubercafe around. Now there is solution you can use external USB for broadband like P1Wimax you can online anywhere anytime without to worry that we do not have any internet connection.

Not only that we have time to update our blog and read any latest update news. Their speed is not slow you will be surprise how fast it is. It is best to have something to bring around. Because our life now depend more on the internet than before. It is best to have something to use than nothing at all. People have change and even the internet have change tremendous to help our needs. Sometimes without a laptop and Internet I would feel that i am somewhere in desert without much thing to do.

Nowadays everybody have internet at home it is something part of our life. No matter you go where they is surely wifi around but it is important we have a wifi receiver in our pocket so that it is faster and no need to worry people hacking using wifi. It is because it is a something like a personal wifi.

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Enjoy the Video

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The Smallest and Thinnest Car in the WORLD!

cNarrowest Tango

Don’t you think the car look nice? It is not only small but is fast and convenient. You don’t need to park your car sideway you can park straight in mean the front of the car are facing on ….<<< i think you don’t understand what i am talking about. Let me show you some picture what i am really want to talk about.

cNarrowest Tango

Here you can park like this. Now parking will be so easy just once your parking is great no need to reverse in and out.

cNarrowest Tango

Let talk about the car than parking blah blah blah:

It was launch at Detroilt Motor Show it say that the car wide is only 1 meter. WTF the car is width is shorter than my leg. The car is power by electric motor and it is power with battery that can last about 8 hours. The car only can fit 2 person. It say it weight about 1430 kg lighter than a elephant i think.

cNarrowest Tango

It can accelerate from 0 to 60 at four second and to reach 100 mph it need 12 second. Quite fast for that tiny type of car. The car can reach 130mph without even change a single gear. According to blog it say that the top version of this car is call Tango is cost about $108.00 it is about RM344.250

cNarrowest Tango

It cost only RM300++ it is way more economically cheap and it is using electric. Reduce traffic jam one road for a car can fit 2 car and can park more car in a compound.

cNarrowest Tango

But i want to see when the car fall to one side and will laugh my ass off. But it smaller than Myvi but the car design look nice even it is so small. Can pay cash straight away cheaper than a Myvi by 130times so it mean i can buy 130 of this car for example i drive drive and hit a car than just throw it away to scrap yard and drive my 129 Tango. Lol!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Celebrity That Have Cheated on Their Wife!

Here is some of husband that cheated on their wife with other mistress. It show that most of people from rich and famous have a lot of juicy news when it come on cheating. The biggest buzz of the world is Tiger woods. Let start………………….



Elizabeth Edwards(Wife)                 Rielle Hunter(Mistress)


John Edwards


Christie Brinkley(Ex-Wife)           Diana Bianchi(Mistress)


Peter Cook (Ex Husband Christie)

I know I know you are getting boring of the 2 person. Don’t worry I will show you some of the obvious that have make buzz in the news.

sandra_bullock__ michelle_bombshell6

Sandra Bullock(Wife)                                                  Michelle Bombshell(Mistress)


Jesse James( Ex-Husband Sandra Bullock)


Elin Woods( Ex Wife Tiger Woods)                           

Tiger Woods Mistress

Rachel,Jamie,many many many more(Mistress)


Tiger Woods(Ex-Wife Elin)

2009_0507_today_kategosselins a-deanna-hummel-photo

Kate Gosselin( Ex Wife Jon)                                                 Deanna Hummel(Mistress)

michael lohan hamptons 270709

Jon Gosselin( Ex husband Kate)


Angeline Jolie( Affair)                                              Jennifer Aniston( Girlfriend)


Brad Pitt(Wife Angeline Jolie)

It known that during the movie Mr. Mrs Smith Brad have affair or whatever he did with Angeline when his real girlfriend was Jennifer. But as you know that he breakup wtih Jen and married Angeline mean during that time both of them have cheated or affair according to news.

SGY-0155702 daisywright

Sienna Miller(Wife)                                                  Daisy Wright(Sex,Mistress Whatever it is)


Jude Law(Couple Sienna Miller)

Jude Law have bad taste. See her wife damn hot but have *ahem* with a Nanny! LOL! Do you all agree?