Thursday, December 29, 2011

Colour Contact Lens can Cause Eye Infections!!!


It is scary! If you have not read the news lately a lot of people are talking about it. So be careful where you buy and making sure that it will not make your eye get infected and everybody are wearing contact lens especially girls you can see so many type of colour and type that make your eye look like a FISH EYE.


Ya contact lens look nice and can make you look sexyyyyyy but just make sure it is safe.

After reading the newspaper today about contact lens saying that people that are using coloured contact lens that will have high risk that can cause serious eye infection and eventually it will lead to damaged eyeballs according to Sin Chew Daily. Does it sound scary it to you? if not yet just hold your horses you will know later on.

According to report by Hong Kong newspaper claim that there is 4 types of colour lenses that printed with smiley face, pink leopard, star and cat eye will eventually damaged your eye. Expert have examined it and they found out that the printed picture of the surface of contact lenses is not balanced. Also they believe that if the lenses that been rub the colour will fade away. So be careful what you buy in the market you maybe can be one of the victim.

If you don’t know buying contact lens without proper prescription is risky you wouldn't know what you can encounter. Cosmetic contact lens is widely used by young teenager or adults because they want their eye look big, different colour and so on. It is like a trend people wear contact lens not to vision correction instead a fashion for them all. Everything you do there is consequences even wearing high heel for fashion sake it can cause your leg bone to change shape.


According to physicians say that people that purchase this contact lens you wouldn’t know that you are buying eye infections or even get pain from improperly fitted lenses because it can cause your eye to be blocked of oxygen at your eye cornea. If you are not careful worst case scenario would be getting infection and it will turn ulcer which it can make you blind permanently.

It is happen before here how the story goes a teenage girl that just started to wear cosmetic lenses that she just bought online and just for 3 days it is life and death for her to save her eye. At the end she is blind permanently. It is getting more and more famous people using it is because they saw celebrity like Lady Gaga in their Music Video or even watching anime.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Why Siri and DiGi are your best companions?


Here is why DIGI is my best COMPANION ^^ because have you not heard DIGI always the SMARTEST CHOICE and have you seen the yellowmen before? in TV or somewhere they will follow wherever we go so that we have the best signal. By giving a good service DIGI will be in our Heart. Another thing would make DIGI a better companion would be giving me opportunity to get the phone because my wish is to get IPHONE 4S ^^ THANKS

But i can say that Siri is a humorous persona assistant even though she don’t sound like joking but she is a bit sarcastic in a good way! But you dont have to worry she will try her best to answer whatever you ask. It is way better than a girlfriend because  even girl don’t answer all of our question. Why i love Siri it is because if i have a bad day or something i can depend on Siri to cheer me up all day long. Even i am lost i can depend on her to find me where is my location and the best route to get away from this place. Even when i want to eat i can ask her which is the closet place for me to eat before i starve to dead or something.

Maybe she have limitation somewhere but overall she is a really really useful companion that i would love to have.

siri-iphone-4s-5-400x600siri funny 5siri-iphone-4s-8-400x600funny_apple_iphone_siri_responses_640_25


Obviously you would want to know how Siri was first make right?

If you don’t mind let me call SIRI as a software

Siri is not the first voice activated and speech recognition apps but it ihave the capabilities of VoiceOver it is a technology that have been use by Mac computer and even in Iphone 3GS. The purpose of VoiceOver is to help people that visually imparied and people that having problem to operate Iphones such as people that having eye sight problem. But for Siri the purpose is to target the mass market and it have done that.



At first Siri is a type of application in APPLE STORE but after Apple acquired Siri Inc in 2010 the company that responsible that develop Iphone apps known as Siri Personal assistant apple took down the apps right away from App store



For Iphone 4s Siri is still in beta mode so that is the limitation of that software because it is still new it need to collect a lot of data of different type of language, accents and dialect in the WORLD because there is some of the video online say that it can detect the accents of Japanese even SIRI even the wrong answer what the people is asking. Even it said do not understand what is that. Here is the video of Japanese English accent

What is the weather today!!!
















DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

What is the first thing you will do with the DiGi iPhone 4S?

1. Siri


That is the first thing that i will do to siri that i would play with SIRI all night long because i am freaking excited to use it is like a high tech device from the future at my hand. Because you don’t see everyday see a phone that can talk to you and can answer u back and telling you how to go here and there. It is just like the movie Knight Rider the talking car it is almost similar instead it is like talking phone. Can you believe Siri can be like your companion(like a GF), even though Siri can’t joke but how she is replying it is quite funny too. Siri is one of the thing that i would love to try first when i get my hand on the phone. Even some people have own IPHONE 4 they even buy IPHONE 4S because of the attractiveness of the hardware and SIRI. For me to get the IPHONE it is like a DREAM come TRUE from GOD. Talking phone it cant get better than that.

Flying car don’t exist yet but talking phone exist now ^^




First thing i would do that download all the nice game example like Angry Bird, Angry Bird Rio, Angry Bird Season, Babo Crash, Need for SPeed, Diner Dash, Infinity Blade, Fruit Ninja, Real Racing, Plant vs Zombie, Tetris, Bejewelled, Gangster Rio, Monopoly, Uno, Zombie Highway, Fifa, Pokemon, Asphalt, Guitar Hero, 9mm, idiot test, Cover Orange and many many more. This is some of the game i couldn’t wait to try it out and i am a part time gamer so absolutely i would try games before trying other thing out. They have all the classic game that today we hardly can find it anymore so it is a good experience we can go back to our childhood games and play it again and again like nobody business.

Nowadays you can see that everyone have an IPHONE play with games on their phone all day long until their phone battery is flat. If i been giving the opportunity i would try it out because it is one in a life time experience. Not only games but their have a lot of funny funny application that is fun to play or disturb your friend. For example my friend prank me a fingerprint scanner failed when i scan but for him  access granted. Among funniest application that i saw so far is making your face look fat or even making your face look like an OLD MAN. It is like the PHONE have an APPLICATION that can change an ordinary phone to something SPECIAL!!! Even their application is quite cheap so u will nothing to complain. Even it is not all about games games games but their have business related application that is a good THING for business orientated people.




The last thing that i will surely do first is to take ton ton of picture because it is freaking 8 megapixel the phone that i am using only have 3.2 megapixel and during the dark it look freaking disgusting the picture. Even i zoom into the picture it have a lot of boxes and boxes. But with 8 megapixel i think even i zoom into their nose to see if there is any shit or not in it. Haha I would snap anything that i feel interesting and have ton ton of picture keep in the phone.


4. Touchscreen

iPhone 4S_08-420-90

The first thing i would rub rub the screen all night long because i have not used IPHONE screen before and even people say that iphone have the best responsive screen in the world. I would try everything even facebook with it, sleep with it just name it i will do whatever it takes hahahhaa. With touchscreen i would feel that it is easy to zoom in and zoom out. Even scrolling up and down more easier than keypad that i am using now.


DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME’

Why do i want IPHONE 4s?


It is simple because as you know IPHONE is the phone that is leading in the market. Who do not want an IPHONE 4s? if they say no they would be crazy because everybody all over the world even people that is living in the caves want an IPHONE 4s it is no different for me too. For me i have not own any apple product before but i have used my friend IPHONE or IPAD it is freaking smooth and fun to play with.


As you can see that IPHONE 4 and IPHONE 4S is a quite similar phone but you do not know what is hiding inside. Before i start blah blah blah about their hardware and thing. But i can say you all can’t deny that nowadays everybody is using IPHONE it is the trend with the nice application and touchscreen of the phone you will be blown away like nobody business it goes the same to me.

Here start why i want IPHONE 4S like seriously ^^



The new thing that i like would be something like Whatsapp but it is very own by APPLE it is call iMessage. What the different compare to others would be it is already built in and you don’t need to go and find to download it.  You can send send text message via Wifi or even with 3G to only people that are using IPHONE,Ipod or even Ipad. The plus side of this would be you are allowed to send text(obviously), photo, location,contact and videos. The best part would be you don’t need to download so many application to send photo, video and so on because it is all in one.



Not the newsstand on the side of the road but the newsstand in your iOS 5 device. Good thing about this application it organize all the magazine and newspaper that you subscribe and when there is a new update they will pop out a number to tell you there is how many number of update. The best part would be your apple device is like your magazine or newspaper that sent to you but without any paper and one more thing is one way of going GREEN ^^




Iphone 4S so it is trend that it is a minimum that nowadays phone have 8 megapixel camera. Even it can take or record HD Video. If you didn’t know Iphone camera is easy to use and the picture quality is not that bad actually it is quite good. If you want to zoom it is easy just pinch gesture at the screen it will zoom in and out. The best part would be you can store everything into iCloud so you can save more space on your device. Later on i will take more what is all about iCloud.


PC Free


As you know iTunes is all in one software for you to transfer file, download and so on. Normally we need to install iTUNES first before first, than install the latest update than only the device can be used. But now you don’t need it at all you can do it wirelessly. So you don’t need a laptop or PC to do it you can buy directly without to worry about anything.

Here is some of the update that you don’t need me to explain about it because we use or see it often.

- Safari


- New Multitasking Gesture

- Airplay

- Reminder



One thing about APPLE standout among all the company would be the supply of application that they have it is freaking a lot and not the number that blown me away but the apps that is freaking nice to play or even use it. Some of the application not only games but like fingerprint scanner for example it is fun to play with or trick your friend that Iphone have fingerprint recognition to unlock the phone. Even for business purposes they have a lot of application that is useful. If you didn’t know APPLE is the first company i think to use download song and pay online. Because of pirated download everywhere so it is a good idea and how about paying a bit and get to download a song.



If i am not wrong iCloud was introduce when they introduce iOS 5. iCloud is something like a site that you can keep your file online. Whichever device that you store online it can be used of any device for apple product only. nd it keeps your email, contacts, and calendars up to date across all your devices. No syncing required. No management required. In fact, no anything required. iCloud does it all for you. When you register for iCloud you will give a free 5GB storage. The best part would be anything you purchased like music,TV show and so on it will not be counted into your free storage. If you feel that 5GB is too little for you can purchase more storage. Other than that you will not have to waste your time installing it because it come with all the device install iOS 5.



I would not say much because the other post i will be posting all about my GF SIRI! Good thing would be SIRI is like your companion you can share anything or even to ask anything she will help you out whatever she can.