Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Sex Scanda!Now it is Between Edison Chen and Cammi Tse!!!

It is like a never ending story i don’t really understand one thing would be people already know he is a sex addict previously but no matter what people still fall to his trap worst of all she is only 16 years old. Before that was Edison computer was hacked instead now is the girl instead not hacked but she lost her phone.She is freaking young i tell you maybe Edison wealth is too hard to say no. Let talk more about her:

Chinese Name: 谢芷蕙 Tse Chih Wai
English Name: Cammi Tse
From: Hong Kong
B.O.D: 18 March 1995
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 46 Kg

She start modelling with a group call FANTASY is a Hong Kong young model group that normally recruit student. At first she release a number of photo but she did not get much attention and in August 2011 she accuse Shen Chi Ming is masturbating in front of her apartment and obviously she will denied it but even though she have done it. Than Cammi and Chi Ming both fight each other via the media with that it have Cammi Tse raise her fame that what she needed.
Than few months back she lost her phone people leaked out what she have in her phone and one of the thing that caught their attention would be photo Edison Chen and Cammi Tse kissing and that have raise her fame sky high. She try to stress that in her phone there is no any nude photo and did not have sex with Edison Chen from our point of view it is impossible because Edison Chen have bang the hottest celebrities in Hong Kong.
Edison Chen is consider as a sex addict! In the news she confirm that she is still virgin! Before that she said she did not have any sexual contact with Edison Chen but later one she said that he have filmed her in a bedroom scene when she wear an uniform and underwear. She asked what is the purpose of the video he said that it is for his company. She said that when they both are together for a short period of time(3 months) she really have a good time with him.
When Edison first saw Cammi he get attracted to her and using Whatsapp to try to chase after her but not long they both are in love with each other and calling each other bb. He brought her everywhere and even eating expensive meal for the sake of SEX. People that have read her blog should know that she have hinting that she having a secret relationship wtih Edison for example EDC baby.
He said that he loved her so much and believe him that he committed to be with her. Obviously he love you so much because wanted to have sex with you only. It is a PLAYBOY thing. Edison Chen in defend saying that she was been used by Cammi Tse after breaking up with Vincy not long after.
camie tse-31bra
Before that she denied everything from erotic sex video to sex with Edison she denied it no matter what. She said she only went to his house to watch TV. She even said that she is prepared to do hymen tested to prove it. When she announce saying she would do the test to prove she is not virgin and people reply that they would be happy to pay for the bill.There is photo leaked out that Edison top body is naked and she defend by saying it is quite normal that guys do not wear any shirt and even her dad don’t wear when it is a hot day. Rumour said that at the age of 16 year old she have done plastic surgery.
She love HELLO KITTY so Edison Chen bought her a limited edition Hello Kitty Bra but i think the person benefit from all of this would be Edison Chen. I think he want to film her badly would be she is wearing a HELLO KITTY BIKINI and SCHOOL UNIFORM! That is SICK
cammi tse-edison chen 7Cammi-Tse-model
A young girl is just wasted away! When the photo was leaked to public Edison announce that both of them broke up. When she want her he will used whatever way to get her but after having sex and news spread like VELLFIRE with her just throw her like rubbish. She even admitted that her Virginity was given to Edison. Maybe she was too young to understand and fall into his trap. After knowing by the press he have broken off with her she cry for a full day.
He even requested her to bring her bikini and her school uniform!!!!
Here is one of the interview she have with a REPORTER!!

C= Cammi; R= Reporter
R: How do you feel right now?
C: I am truly hurt. It was a private matter to date, however the entire world is talking about me and attacking me now. I am very unhappy and feel a lot of stress.
R: How did you meet Edison?
C: At his company (Juice). We were introduced by friends and continued to send text messages to each other.
R: After Edison released a public statement, have you been in touch with each other?
C (starts sobbing): After his statement, I realized we have truly broken up.
R: You took the photos on his bed?
C: We usually meet at his house and the photos were taken in his bedroom.
R: Did he ask you to take the photos?
C: He asked me to film a clip and said it was for his company’s use.
R: What kind of clip was it? Why has his company never used it? Did Edison retain it for private use?
C: I do not know…I am very scared!
R: Did he ask you wear lingerie and your school uniform for cosplay purposes?
C (eyes started brimming with tears): …I will not answer that question! (Hands start shaking) I can only say that it was not a sex video; I wore clothes throughout the clip!
R: Did you give your first time to him?
C (started sobbing uncontrollably, nodded head affirmatively): Yes.
R: Did you have protective sex?
C (continued to cry): I do not wish to talk about it. Anyhow, I know how to protect myself.
R: Does Edison still love Vincy Yeung? Are you still upset at him?
C: I do not know (big sigh)…. We were only together for 3 months, but I was really happy because he was very sweet to me. I believe that he was sincere at the time (paused for a few seconds) but…why did he have to treat me like this?!

According to source she have dated at least five men:

Edison Chen
Shen Chi-Ming
Vincent Wong
Jing Boran
Steven Cheung

Here is some of the leaked PHOTO!!!
Even Edison Chen have sex with all the hottest celebrity such as:

Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi
Bobo Chan Man-woon
Gillian Chung Yan-tung
Candice Chan Si-wai
MartialAngels 2001-8-b
Rachel Ngan Wing-sze

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Movie Review Puss in Boots!




A story about the events leading up to the sword fighting cat's meeting with Shrek and his friends.




I watch in 3D but it is not worth it to watch in3D!!!! But journey 2 is worth to watch i think from the trailer hahaha! Anyway most of you are dying to watch Puss in Boots when you heard about this movie is been releasing if you are one of them the storyline is above average. The story is a bit similar like Shrek but instead it is a cat story. This movie is quite interesting you will not get boring watching the movie, watching the movie i taught it would be really really funny. But overall it is mixture of humour and interesting storyline in the movie. Love the part when it is Tuesday night it is Dancing Fight Night when one of the catch do the OMG face and making the Woooooooooooooo sound hahahahah.

Overall not bad kind of movie just it can’t beat SHREK ^^



4 out of 5! Have humour in the movie and you will not get bored of the movie!!!!



Would recommend to people that have watched SHREK kind of movie and love it and this will be your kind of movie. Would not recommend to people that expect a of funny or humour in the movie. 




As you not have known the movie is a bout Puss in Boots and Humpty Dumpty going for adventure to get the magic beans and to climb to the sky to get a chicken that shit GOLD EGG!! Sound weird but it is an ADVENTURE it can be anything!!!




Antonio Banderas as PUSS!!!


Kitty Softpaw as Salma Hayek


Here is the TRAILER if you have not watched yet!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Taiwanese Girl stripped by MONKEY at PUBLIC!!!!!

Here she is maybe it is a publicity stunt or something but who care at least she look hot! Just joking i am not saying she is doing a stunt or anything but people out there is trying whatever way to be famous even saying it is Justin Bieber baby and also like the scandal happen with Tiger Woods, Edison Chen and more.

Because if the incident she become the most search of the net because she posted the picture monkey stripping her dress to her blog that is why a lot of people start searching about her. But to say the truth she look cute too so that is why so many pervert out there is searching more picture of her. Just like the picture below people dig really really deep and found a number of her in BIKINI.

I am a pervert too doing this post!



Here is how the story GOES!!!!





She visit a ZOO at BALI and i think she is feeding the monkey with cornflakes. She posted all the picture into her blog and saying what it really happen.  When she was feeding the monkey with cornflakes she accidentally drop into her dress. You will not sure she purposely did it or something because who the F*CK taking her picture and do not go and help her out instead.

As you know monkey sometimes is a bit of PERVERT!!! Especially when it comes to food they will do whatever they can to get it.





So the monkey is so excited to dig out the food and her dress is on the monkey way so it start digging and digging into her dress to get the cornflakes. YUMMY YUMMY

Than the second monkey also wanted the cornflakes, the second monkey is on the ground is pulling her dress off from below.  Than she have no choice but quickly use her hand to cover her breast because the monkey is too strong to be pushed away.  But when i see all the picture she is not scared or anything but smiling happily when the monkey is stripping her dress off her. If she is been molested by the monkey she would have a molested expression or try to run away or even shout for help.

Instead she is smiling like she is so happy that she get molested by the monkey and stripped naked on the public for the world to see. But lucky enough she didn’t posted any photo that is revealing her breast or anything.


Just look at the monkey it is like i want the CORNFLAKES with MILK instead now!!! Just see her expression she is so happy. The monkey will not stopped until they found the cornflakes if not they will dig until to the END of UNIVERSE!!!!

Next time you should feed it with banana or something not something small!!!! People will say the MONKEY is so LUCKY even she been molested she is so happy!!! Whatever the animal good or bad people are ok with it but whne people do something wrong it is really really a serious matter. IT IS A SEXUAL HARSSEMENT even looking, licking or whatever it is SEXUAL HARSSMENT.


Because of all of the picture with monkey people start to search more and more about her! Here is the bikini picture that i am saying about. Maybe she purposely put it there for everybody to see. So that is why whatever you post online you will not get it back it goes the same as FACEBOOK.

WHat you left there it will stay there forever, maybe you cannot find it but some people can!!


She look quite sexyyyyy!!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What would Puss in Boots do?

Puss in Boots

How you would defeat the bad guys if you were Puss and Kitty Softpaws?

Have you seen the movie SHREK than you should know that Puss in Boots is deadly he is not only fast and freaking cute no matter what you will lose to them. Don’t fall for it’s cuteness this kitty have a SWORD like ZORRO!!!!!

Let get back to the topic how i would defeat the bad guy if i am were Puss and Kitty Softpaws


Maybe you do not know who is who! On the left is Puss and the black cat is Kitty Softpaws!!!!


WHen puss are alone from the SHREK he is so scary and deadly with Kitty softpaws by his side both of them make a good team one of them is good in fighting and the other one is good in sneaking around. They can achieve anything when they work together with that boots people would not play around with them. Like when you see a cat you will say “COME HERE KITTY KITTY”

He is a LEGEND not only he is FASTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTtt not FAST 5! Nothing and distract him but not everything you will understand what i mean when you see the trailer. He will not waste time whatever he do and he will drink his milk the speed of light so that the robber have lesser time to run and more time for him to chase the bad guy.


They don’t need a disguise because they are a cat people would not suspect them anything until they fight like one. As you have know cat have 9 LIVES so for them to die would be hard before you get to kill them 9 times you are already dead. You can run but you can’t hide because whenever you go they will know the best way to catch YOU. Don’t just look them as a cat because they are more than cat, because you don’t see everyday a cat wearing a BOOTS!!!!

When they both work together they can CHANGE THE WORLD!!!! Because both of them cover each other strength and weaknesses so that is why when they both work together they are DEADLY! They are small but they are freaking adorable and it will not get any adorable than this. If you can’t imagine how good are them, if you have watch G-Force they are as good as that just a bit bigger than the GUINEA PIG!!!


They know how to fight, they are fast, they are even more sneaky than a sneaker combine. They are so adorable that people would not kill them because they are too cute to be chop into pieces and they have 9 lives how you would kill a cat 9 times just answer me that. They can spit a hairball from their mouth as fast as the speed of light maybe it is too good to be true but they are GOOD! REALLY GOOD until you watch the movie you will understand what i mean by that.


Watching this TRAILER would make you love this movie so MUCH!!!!


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Monday, November 7, 2011

Movie Review Real Steel




Set in the near future, where robot boxing is a top sport, a struggling promoter feels he's found a champion in a discarded robot. During his hopeful rise to the top, he discovers he has an 11-year-old son who wants to know his father. 




I would say that it is an interesting movie, funny and touching on the same time. Love the robot fighting part that is what the movie is all about and from this movie i learn that we are not as good as some people but in some way we are smarter than them. In this movie it is not all about how expensive robot you have but it is depending on your skill and ability. The story also is a bit touching long lost son(he is the one that do not care about the son) and the fight(robot) that they have gone through. It even have humour in it that is why i love this movie. When their join the league they win all the matches until they challenge the most powerful robot in that league and this is the best part of the movie. Even though they are the underdog they, prove something that everybody have their own strength and weaknesses.

Overall it have a balance of fighting spirit, sadness, love, humour and more. Best movie of 2011 ^^




5 out of 5! It just like robot from transformer just they are a bit my cooler!




I would recommend to people that love something new in the movie franchise, fighting and like to watch movie that have a balance of everything. It is a freaking interesting movie from my point of view. I would not recommend to people that do not like to watch too much fighting and action kind of movie.




His 50k Japanese robot just wasted!!! Because he do not know how to control this super ROBOT



This robot is amazing! It have sound recognition mean following according what you say to fight and even having ability to fight according to your movement. It is freaking high tech than his garbage robot at the start of the movie.






This is where the WARRR BEGIN!!!



Here he is training the robot to fight maybe not the robot need training is he need training how the robot move.



He lose this GAME!!!!



Here he is fighting with the robot side by side!!!



Say Hi to ATOM!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Movie Review In Time




In a future where people stop aging at 25, but are engineered to live only one more year, having the means to buy your way out of the situation is a shot at immortal youth. Here, Will Salas finds himself accused of murder and on the run with a hostage - a connection that becomes an important part of the way against the system.




Hmmm it is the most interesting movie i have ever watch. This movie is like from the future, maybe one day it can happen that we have a stopwatch at our hand and we have only limited time to live. On the same time to reduce overpopulated people in the world. The story of the movie is quite meaningful and it can say that it happen on the real world, people that is rich and high in ranks will not suffer but people that are poor suffer the most of this system. For the poor they are only waiting when the stop watch stop at 0.00.00 and for the rich they cannot died if only they are kill. In the movie Amanda Seyfried she look amazing and running all over the city with high hills. In this movie teach me that we should not waste our time and chase the thing that we want because we do not know when is our time is up so even it is about our career or love we should fight for it or just carry on.




5 out of 5! It is something different that i normally see but it is still the most interesting movie i have ever watch




I would recommend to people that love to watch a movie that is something new that are not remake over and over again. Would not recommend to people that feel bored easily about a movie that do not happen at this century you will feel bored




In the movie Olivia Wilde is the mother of Justin Timberlake she look freaking young to be his mother! JUST SAYING


This is where the action BEGIN ^^






They are running away from the COP (Time) but their time got stolen from badass and they have a few minutes to live and they are trying to find more time if not they will DIED for GOOD!!!



Run Run RUn!!!! They are catching up



I just droll when i see her in the movies!!!!