Monday, July 30, 2012


We are not alone now!!!! It will be time for WAR in December 2012 it is in our hand to decide  what to do next.

Let you judge by yourself if the video is true or not. It can be photochop chop or maybe the military is preparing for a show for Merdeka 2012 or it can be alien

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Best Thor Joke Ever!!!

Lol thor joke is the next big thing after Balotelli


Remember this??? Hahah


Now it is Thor turn you will ROFLMAO all the picture

425133_10150938743087879_1442238763_n 181329_10150938561327879_248111378_n 534873_10150938596672879_1639181064_n 314052_10150938600067879_737187486_n 531698_10150938600162879_1301859280_n 293183_10150938733087879_758239485_n 539639_344306212310971_1276100110_n 484092_344241462317446_1097259324_n 524225_10150967085922561_1406926968_n 295142_10150934512493831_1411697864_n 4428704_700b

4479603_700b 4414888_700b





313905_489558761059059_680998693_n 557162_10151080568799048_1340305688_n

180234_417730888269050_1233507211_n 4453356_700b









Hope you have a nice laugh with THOR hahahah!

Even Loki play a part in it too


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Old Man UnHappy with Senq Karamunsing

Have you not watch this video yet??? It is getting wild on youtube on facebook it have already more than 400,00o views.

From the video the uncle is unhappy because one of the sales person giving wrong information regarding the product. For example this CD Player have 10 year warranty and can play everything from Blu-ray to mp3. Not sure it is true or not i will let you all decide.

Watch this video for some excitement. First thing i see the video is that why the manager is not in the outlet? It should have at least someone in charge of the outlet like supervisor or something than letting him continue with his shouting and vandalism.

Than 2 days later from the video been release to youtube. Senq Digital Station Facebook page to say their side of the story.


“Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, 5 July 2012 – A local owner of competing electrical store went on rampage at senQ, captured on YouTube - official comment from senQ on the shocking incident.

Contrary to what is perceived, the man in the video is not a customer but is an operator of another competing electrical outlet nearby. senQ is investigating the reason for his alleged grouses but investigation so far reveals its business rivalry.

It is noted that senQ has no business relationship with this man and reiterate that all accusations by this man is totally unfounded.

"This is not the first time the same man came to damage and cause disturbance in our outlet. Similar incident had occurred three months ago in another senQ outlet nearby in March this year of which we have reported to the police already" said senQ's Managing Director, KH Lim.

"Legal action was not taken against him then, and this time the man has planned to intentionally record the whole rampage," added KH Lim.

Police report regarding this incident had been lodged and awaiting further investigation and action from the authority.”

Source: LINK


I am not taking any side. Just sharing some “INTERESTING STORY”


Monday, July 2, 2012

Euro 2012 Hottest Babes in Town

There is another purpose people watch the Euro 2012 it is not all about the team winning but the hot babes supporting their home team. Have you not remember Larissa Riquelme??? she is one of the babes that create a big buzz that if her home team win she will go naked.


Here she is hahahha!!! As you all know SPAIN win the Euro 2012 for the third time in the row in class. What i think would it is SPAIN tactic that make them a big winner. At first people tag SPAIN as a boring team. Actually it is there tactic for normal group stage they just relax but when it is the final they put their best performance.

For italy they have been playing their best from start to finish that what make them disadvantage firstly would be they are tired playing their hardest and the best. Secondly their enemy know all their ability and skill that is why they lose at the final.

I know I know many of you regret that some of your favourite team did not even go through to quarter final,semi final or even the final. Fret not it is not all about football that keep you entertain but the babes that show up and support their home team. Here is some of the picture that will keep you drooling until the next Euro =]


girls_euro_65 girls_euro_67 spanish-girl_16-530x696 polish-girl_10-530x351 greek-girl_05


Don’t you think she look a bit like Larissa requilme???? but not as hot as her

535576_353767887992643_248932924_n 598540_398728366829928_305763164_n portuguese-girls-euro-2012_02-530x400 russian-girl_15 6755769_f1024


She look like Taylor Swift

6758642_f520 dutch-girl_02 6760656_f520 6760721_f520  6763491_f1024 6763493_f1024 6772098_f520 6777302_f1024


She brought her teddy ^^ like Mr. Bean

6786971_f1024 6763487_f520 polish-girl_08 polish-girl-euro-2012_03-530x800 spanish-girl-euro-2012_03-530x421 croatian-girl_06 german-girl_02 girl-of-the-match-16-jun-czech-poland best-czech-girls-euro08_02-530x420 girl-of-the-match-19-jun-sweden-francerussian-girl-euro-2012_03 spanish-girl_06-530x414


Aaaahhh she is just so cuteeee

 portuguese-girls-530x350 543296_233450563441402_1533149755_n girls_euro_08 girls_euro_04 girls_euro_16 girls_euro_21 girls_euro_55