Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Funny ADVERTISEMENT: Never Chicken Out(Burger King)

Actually this video there is a meaning not in term of hurting people but in our life sometimes when we want something we shouldn’t be shy of doing it because the opportunity that you have will not come again. It is the same meaning like never chicken out because even though we fail at least we try, the worst would be we never try at all. Example like you feel that you are not confident enough for the job but sometimes it can surprise you because in this world everything is possible just like the word impossible <<< in that word it is saying POSSIBLE.

If you like someone tell them do not hide it to yourself because sometimes the other person you are saying at first do not really feel that way but by saying maybe you can make the person think over it or whatever way, that sometimes can influence your outcome it goes the same as our daily life. You never try you will never know life is full of challenges enjoy to the fullest with no regret ^^


It is quite USEFUL to MALAYSIAN TOO because SOON we will have our very own MRT TOO!!!

The First Video


Actually this video is a copy video of previous become so hot because the boyfriend cheated on his girlfriend and i think his girlfriend if filthy rich!!!! If a girl always what you are doing and spy on you will know that she really care for you.

Below is the video i am talking about ^^






Here is more VIDEO, what you will encounter when you are in the TRAIN!!!!


How to deal with 'sleepy' man in the MRT.

Here is 3 way how you can do it! The EASY WAY or HARD WAY!!!








I love the STRONG PART! Sit on his little brother until he shout out loud!!!






How to deal with fart attacks in the MRT.



This one is ok!! As you know when you fart in air conditioner room the whole place will smell!! That why people hate it so much especially in the lift pack with people.



Damn he FAINTED!!!



DAMN he fainted like HARDCORE MODE!! Haha



How to deal with creepy man in the MRT

Sometimes people are DAMN PERVERT want to take advantage by touching them here and there especially when it is pack of people!!! When you need help call the CHICKEN Rolling on the floor laughing. Normally it is happen to girl as you know why sometimes it is better to travel in a group than alone.



How to deal with pole-leaners in the MRT

I love this PHRASE “When Man lean on pole treat man like POLE!!!! Haha



How to deal with seat-hoarding aunties in the MRT

Not only Auntie but some people act like their bag or whatever thing need to be put on the chair and the purpose of the chair is for people to sit.”IT IS  MAN WHO IS TIRED NOT GROCERIES <<< LOVE THIS PHRASE HAHAHA


I hope you enjoy the video!!! I know i do Devil


Monday, January 16, 2012

What happen in the movie it is not the same as REALITY!

It is just like fairy-tale story you just wish it was real but in reality you know it is impossible but it is possible if you are lucky enough. Everything in the movie is for entertainment purpose only. So ENJOY ^^

Movie vs REALITY 15

Movie vs REALITY 1

Movie vs REALITY 2

Movie vs REALITY 3

Movie vs REALITY 4

Movie vs REALITY 5

Movie vs REALITY 6

Movie vs REALITY 7

Movie vs REALITY 9

Movie vs REALITY 10

Movie vs REALITY 11

Movie vs REALITY 12

Movie vs REALITY 13

Movie vs REALITY 14

Friday, January 13, 2012

Look At Dubai Wonderful Fireworks 2012


Damn it look so nice i wish that i was there it is better to look in person than from a video. The fireworks lasted a long period of time, normally firework is blast here and there for a while than it is gone for good. This video lasted 9 minutes plus it is how long the fireworks lasted. I am not really sure but i think the firework blasting around at Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world correct me if i am wrong.

It is just amazing ^^ HOPE U HAVE A WONDERFUL 2012


Here is the video:

Let the fireworks blow you away ^^

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Funny Chinese Video SAMSUNG Galaxy Nexus Vs APPLE Iphone 4S

I love when he say call me GALAXY NEXUS HAHAHHAHA! This video is in Cantonese if you don’t understand call someone to explain it to you. There is a bout 4 video and each of the video is quite funny how it squash the competitor. 5 out of the video out of 3 or more i not sure it is comparing between IPHONE so that is why i put that as the title. But sometimes what the video show actually IPHONE can do it too but you just need to download the application by yourself correct me if i am wrong.

Here is how SAMSUNG pawn IPHONE with their ads and some other company


Here is the first video ^^

I think the video is everyone is lining up to buy IPHONE 4S! So he use SIRI to ask some question and it say SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS ^^ haha


The new GALAXY Nexus with 1.2GHz dual-core processors that can quickly handle multiple programs simultaneously that is what the video is all about!!



The new Samsung GALAXY Nexus is equipped with voice input functionality, the touch of the keyboard and began to speak on the microphone, the text will immediately appear in your e-mail, SMS or other text file. Immediately participate in Call me, GALAXY Nexus sweepstakes, win take GALAXY Nexus phone!! Experience the unique voice input!!

I love when the guy try to use IPHONE 4S to see where he can buy BIRTHDAY CAKE but SIRI say i don’t understand hahaha.

You should see when he uses Galaxy Nexus i prefer to talk to people than a phone! EPIC HAHAHA! The guy with IPHONE 4S he say your phone can understand english? It is nothing weird even can speak other language muhahahaha


The new Samsung GALAXY Nexus with 1.2GHz dual-core processor and Android Beam (TM) feature, not only to speed web browsing, a simple phone back, more fun to share maps, web pages, contacts and other information. Immediately participate in Call me, GALAXY Nexus sweepstakes, win take GALAXY Nexus phone!! Experience the unique Android Beam (TM)!

This video about Android Beam with a touch you can share information like phone number, email, whatsapp and etc!!!!!


It have Face Unlock Features!!! I think Samsung is the first even i try with Iphone 4 finding all the application here and there couldn’t find that can be used.


The purpose of the video it is With 4.65-inch HD SUPER AMOLED large screen, more visual than you enjoy. DOn’t call me baby call me GALAXY NEXUS HAHAH!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

The more Effective and Fun of Going Green by Volkswagen

Obviously you thought about Volkswagen car going green by using hybrid of electric if you think like that than you are wrong!!!!


It is actually how to make RECYCLE more fun than ever effort that is done by Volkswagen. After looking at this video you will see how creative are them creating idea and stuff. Maybe some of the idea is not going green it is more like making the world more fun can improve people's behaviour

1. Bottle Bank Arcade


Here how the game goes you need to put the bottle according to the light where it blink and collect as much points as possible and with the most point you win. You also need a lot of bottle to continue!!!!!


2. Piano Staircase


Whenever people step on the staircase it will sound like a piano and each different step have a different tone. So people will be curious and want to use the staircase than the escalator. Also using the staircase is a lot of fun with the song and all. Using the staircase than the escalator it is part of going green i think because less people use the escalator less power it will be use and some of the escalator have sensor when nobody is there it will stop.


3. The Deepest Rubbish Bin you will ever HEAR!!


They install like a sound system into the rubbish bin whenever someone through a rubbish it sound like the rubbish bin hole is very very deep down.


Maybe what i am talking about you will not understand! Just watch this video you will understand what i am trying to explain to you all


Movie Review We Bought a ZOO

we bought a zoo poster


Set in Southern California, a father moves his young family to the countryside to renovate and re-open a struggling zoo.



For this movie i would say that it is not the movie that i normally watch. But this movie is according a true story and watching this movie make me a bit touch. A father quit his shop and his son get kicked out from the school and he bought a new home actually it is a zoo at the countryside. Time and money is his enemy to reopen the zoo. The thing that you don’t normally see that Scarlett Johnson don’t look sexy in the movie, i know i know doesn’t mean people acting in the movie should look sexy. Something that you don’t see everyday that a girl throw herself to a guy because she is interested with the guy. If lily Miska(Elle Fanning)  approach me i would accept her with open eye it is like love at the first sight her blue eye is so pretty. Back to the story it is quite a lovely movie for you to watch even though i don’t normally watch it is not bad after all.

I love the Quotes in the movie would be “You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it”



i would give 4 out of 5! A different kind of story ^^



I would recommend to people that love a touching story, drama or even according to a true story. Also people that people face a new challenges and to save something that they believe that they can do it. I would not recommend for people that looking for humour or some action in the movie.




Here she is don’t you think she look so pretty ^^ She will be 14 year old this year and she so freaking mature in the movie.


Here is their lovely WILDLIFE PARK ^^


Didn’t notice Scarlett is so quite sexy in the movie after seeing this picture!!!


Even Matt Damon is acting in the movie not any superhero or anything. Just an ordinary guy with a ZOO!!!