Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Movie Review Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night



The adventures of supernatural private eye, Dylan Dog, who seeks out the monsters of the Louisiana bayou in his signature red shirt, black jacket, and blue jeans. 



According to this movie is so so only not that boring at all and it is not that extraordinary at all. We watch this movie because SUPERMAN actor is inside we expect the movie would be good. In some part of the movies it don’t make sense is that no matter what monster whack the main character the SUPERMAN he cannot be killed no matter what is like he is a real SUPERMAN in the movies of DYLAN DOG. The first impression of the poster of the movies is like it is damn exciting show and the movie DYLAN DOG sound that DYLAN would have his pet a DOG to safe the world with him.

Than this movie is nice is that it have humour in it that is why it is not that boring kind of movies. I love the part that his friend died and reborn to become a ZOMBIE and it is freaking hilarious what he is doing in the movie that is the best part of the movies or i can say the best humorous CHARACTER!!!



3 out of 5! Don’t expect too much in this MOVIES it disappoint me because i put high EXPECTATION in the MOVIES!!!!



I would not recommend to people that expect the actor of SUPERMAN in the movie would make the MOVIE special. I would recommend for people that just want to watch some weird funny kind of movies than this is the kind of movies for you.



Love when his friend wake up and say you must be JOKING with me. And later on his friend get him a BLACK HAND he is like WTF whose hand is this!Open-mouthed smile



No idea! Forget about THIS SCENE!!!!


This is the SUPERMAN chick in the movies!!!!


This is the BAD DEMON ^^

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Movie Review the GREEN LANTERN 3D



A test pilot is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.



For the movies I would say it is something similar like SPIDERMAN like something extraordinary happen to him than he can do extraordinary stuff it is the same as GREEN LANTERN but it is because ALIEN give him the super ability RING. The fun part about this SUPERHERO would be he is using his imagination to create his POWER that what make him SPECIAL with other GREEN LANTERN and the story is a bit different compare to other SUPERHERO movies. The movies is quite interesting would be because BLAKE LIVELY look freaking hot in the movies and her laugh is so adorable.

What I have learn about this movies would be even though we know even though we are with them we will hurt us it is better to leave them so that they will not hurt even more. But I can say in 3D it is nice it is no as good as AVATAR at least the overall it look nice. Obviously you will know how the ENDING will be but it is nice to know about the interesting storyline even though you feel it is fake. One day it can happen not the SUPERHERO stuff but ALIEN coming to destroy our WORLD. Before I forget the movies have humor in it that is why the movies is a bit fun to watch.



The movies score 5 out of 5! PERFECT SCORE for a INTERESTING and not BORING kind of MOVIE!!!!



I would recommend to people that love to watch SUPERHERO kind of movies when they got the girl and save the world. Would not recommend to people feel annoy when watching superhero how fake are them.






She not only look hot! But she is GOOD what she is DOING and her cute LAUGH!!!


See so sweet of him saving her and save hundred of people LIFE! You should love his humor when he start using the suit!Haha


You should see this part how he did it! He almost get a heart attack!HHAHAHA importantly he get the GIRL

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIGI OMG with DIGI Easy Prepaid


Did you know that you can ENJOY FREE CALLS and SMS to your top 3 Buddyz in the list only between 12.00 am to 8.00pm Daily. What you all are waiting for?

Start your ENGINE and star this SUPERB PHONE and the DIGI PLAN!!! To keep safe of my friend privacy I will post celebrity pictures but I will describe about them closely so remember to read and see closely as possible. The girl and guy you see you will be BLOWN AWAY!


First one she look as hot as KATY PERRY!

First I can call her day and night to check what she is doing. She love to share what she have encounter and what have happen in her life not because she is bored of anything but to learn about each other better no matter how far we are living. We have something in common we are interested with each other. She look sweet and adorable on the same time and not only that she is DIGI User but sadly I am not but with his mouth watering plan that DIGI is giving out 12,00 to 8 I can call her whenever I am at.

Because it is FREE and I can keep in touch with her no matter where I am. With free call and SMS I can safe every penny without even worry how long or how much I have call or SMS. It is easy to say than do but it is true you try yourself you will know what I am trying to mean to you all about it.

It is easy as A B C!!!!'



Here is my another kind of FRIEND!

She is someone that I have known for when I am with her since high school she is one of the girl best friend that I have. She really care about me and she is like my big sister. When I am in trouble she will always come and help me out no matter how big is the problem even though I have crush on her when we first met.

She is different compare to other girls she is like a GUARDIAN ANGEL she shine whenever I see her. She is independent kind of girl and we normally SMS a lot daily to find out each other problem or what happening in each other life. Because we are really busy we don’t always stay at home so it is easier to use our phone to call or sms to reach other is more faster and easier.

Sometimes we talk for hours and our bill will go skyhigh. But when I saw DIGI have this Prepaid plan I am started to get interested of it. I can say that I am not a DIGI user but with this kind of PLAN I am thinking of  become one of the user.  Back to the my girl best friend she always give me advice not only about homework but even about GF and BF problem.

That is why it is really important for me to SMS and CALL her always that is like the first thing I do whenever I WAKE UP!!!


Fashion William Rast Fall 2009

Last would be my GUY FRIEND!!!

We don’t SMS often because it feel awkward like we are dating typing SMS to each other normally we will call like want to hangout watch football and so on. We don’t talk long on the phone but we do call often because we are guy we have our own life with our girlfriend so normally we spend more time with our girlfriend than our guy friend.

We do hangout like twice a week so it is useful sometimes to keep in touch. It is like a BONUS that when you call someone it is free. The plan that DIGI is giving don’t cost a bomb like other plan out there but I can say that it is worth it to call someone we LOVE or CARE for free without been charger whatsoever.

I tell you which this PLAN it really can change your life for GOOD! For some people it don’t help that much but for other people they do and as you know I love to SMS a lot so it is really worth it to have this PLAN and obviously my friend would convince that I keep in touch with him always without any charges.


This is 3 of my TOP FRIEND but it sound gay but we do not get everything our way!!!!




For you all to see that this phone is one of the CSL Model you will think that it is a lousy phone but you are wrong it is have surpass my expectation. It have a lot of features that other phone do not have even they have you need to install or find online but this phone is built with it. The fun part of this phone I love is the mechanism that this phone have.

It look very stylish when you flip up and down!!!! Some people say I am showing off but this phone come with it so it is not showing off! The best part is the phone is small in size and is light so it is easy to carry around and you will not have to worry it is bulky. This phone have everything that daily life you needed.

Even though we know you all have the best phone in town but this phone is good it can be ur spare phone if you scared people say bad thing about you. Best part about this phone would be it is good for people that have 2 sim card and other big phone company do not have this kind of thing in the phone. This review is base solely on my experience you would think the flip mechanism is bad but you are wrong.

I have been flipping it non stop until today it have not spoil yet and the built quality is not bad after all. Just one small button the color fade away but overall it is above average.


Here is the basic specification of the PHONE!



- Memory: ROM 512MB RAM 256 MB

- Camera: 2 MEGAPIXEL

- DISPLAY: 2.4” QVGA LCD 240x320 pixels

- OTHERS: Qwerty Keyboard, optical trackpad, FM Radio, Multimedia Player,Java, Azan Alarm, CSL Fun Club, Yahoo Services and Apps.

It is convenient that for me to check my YAHOO MAIL, Messenger,Yahoo search and read news for my own taste the screen is a bit too small for me to view but the best part would be the QWERTY keyboard that will let you type fast and easier compare to touch screen. Overall for this Blueberry 7300 it is a nice PHONE because for that price you can say you have get a lot out of it.

Not only that if you use DIGI PLAN you can get free 300 MB monthly for 1 YEAR and another thing that make me blown away would be you will get free call and SMS to any 3 buddy between 12 morning until 8.00 at night. Don’t you think it is the best offer in TOWN?



Time to REVIEW this PHONE ^^


Hmm it is not too big but it is small. Small it is good so that it is easy to carry around. Even the weight of the phone it is not too heavy I can say that it is light enough for me to carry around easily.



It is 2.4 inch can be consider quite small because this phone have capability to serve FACEBOOK,Yahoo search and so on so it is easier to view with a bigger screen. But I can say the screen suit the phone nicely but the cons would be when you under the sun you will have a hard time to view the screen.



It support MP3! Nowadays everybody using MP3 so we can’t make excuse it is useless. I have not try other format but I can say the sound of the phone is quite loud and the bass and sound is quite good. Even the phone support loudspeaker and other features I found out is that it have the ability to record people conversation when you are calling someone.

Some of the phone you need to find or download only you can use it but this phone it have built in. Other features I really really love this phone would be the background sound and you can change anything when you calling someone and you can bluf people that you are somewhere else. It is a good way to runaway from ur wife or girlfriend if it does happen.


Card Slot:

For SImcard I love is that you can put dual simcard nowadays we normally have 2 phone so it is easier to carry one phone with 2 simcard. Convenient and easy to carry around. This phone even allowed to add memory card if more space is needed in my phone the size of the memory card is 1.8GB so I assume that is the maximum size. I think for this kind of phone it is more than enough even you have NOKIA 32GB you can’t finish the space if you put unnecessary stuff obviously it will be FULL!



The phone come with 2 MEGAPIXEL the quality is not as good but it is clear and at least there is something than nothing. If you know what I mean ^^


Others Features:

It support JAVA it is surprise for me. Other basic stuff like bluetooth, 3G and other stuff this phone have it don’t worry this phone have what you can used it for daily life nothing more or nothing less. Just the color is a bit unique if you know what I am trying to mean.



If you interested to get this HANDSET BUNDLE OFFER from DIGI! YOU CAN

A Total Yahoo! Powered Handset bundle offer for only RM299 consist of


- FREE monthly data 300 MB for next 12 month(Just use RM40 monthly to receive rebate in the following month)

- 1x FREE DEP Pack with Preloaded of RM8 credit


I can say this PHONE is a CHICK MAGNET! Whenever I saw to people the girl would get interested with it more and as you know it is pink in color and the shape look so adorable ^^


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life is not ALL ABOUT MONEY! Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner

Obviously Hugh Hefner will ring some bell if not PLAYBOY MANSION obviously it will tell you what is that and Crystal HARRIS! Girls will make guys live longer and most of the time girls are not money minded and sometimes they want something that suit their lifestyle,attitude,happiness and so on.


Here she is Crystal Harris!

She is American-British model and she is a singer. She raise to fame from PLAYBOY PLAYMATE of the MONTH of December 2009. Than at December 24 2010 she is engage with Hugh Hefner the founder of Playboy. But the sad thing is that their engagement been call off at 14 June 2011 it is approximately 5 days from the plan wedding.


It believe that Crystal left is because they have a big argument a the weekend and she have enough of him she packed her stuff and moved out for good. Crystal reason is that she is bored of Hugh lifestyle watching olden days show,lifestyle and so on.I believed that it is the reason that both of their lifestyle don’t fit well. If she is really money minded she would not runaway like that if she do not love him and just keep quiet she can have a wonderful lifestyle.

In life for now they think money is important but times goes by it is not all about money but more to finding someone that suit our lifestyle, make us feel comfortable and secure, make them feel special, giving something that money can’t buy, and many more. What I have learn is that the girl look or guys is just a first impression and when times goes by what is inside is matter because on the outside looks times goes by it will slowly fade away.


Just like PLASTIC SURGERY now you will look hot and beautiful but when you get old it will not look as beautiful as you think. The last interview with Crystal she said that she do not feel comfortable married someone that she is not the only one in his life. Hugh is famous of having multiple girlfriend and he love the way of his lifestyle. Crystal do not feel comfortable because asking to married hugh in front of camera and it feel that it is not genuine whatsoever.


In life is that if we can find someone like that our life will be a lot EASIER but in this world finding a girl that love you what you are is hard and for us to find it if only we are that lucky. That is why girl want a guy that want someone that only love them no other people.

Here is some of the girls that Founder of Playboy Mansion Hugh Hefner have relationship with:











Recipe of guys living longer would be HOT CHICK! But not all girls are attracted to you because you are RICH! Some of them know what they want such as LOVE REAL LOVE not LOVE of MONEY!





Another HOTTIE: Sara Jean Underwood

Movie Review KUNG FU PANDA 2: Kaboom Of Doom



Po joins forces with a group of new kung-fu masters to take on an old enemy with a deadly new weapon. 



I would say that it is still one of the best movies that can’t stop make me laughing. This movies teach me that it is not how you look on the outside but what is inside because at the end of the day it is what inside that is worth and more meaningful to us. You bet this movies will not stop make you laugh and their fighting skill get better and better and better. Another thing I learn from the movies is that no matter who your parents are we should value them and take care of them and not only your family members but even your friends that have make you what you are today. Not only the movies is humorous but it is still meaningful movies than watching scary movies day and night. In the movies teamwork is really important sometimes we can’t do thing by ourself and we need a helping hand to do it or to finish a task.



5 out of 5! It entertain me the whole movies!!!! Even though the PANDA look so CUTE and ADORABLE! 



I would recommend to people have watch the first installment and also people love to watch some funny kind of movies and this would be your movies. Would not recommend to people that hate PANDA KUNGFU!HAHA




They make a PERFECT TEAM if they do not get distracted!!!


So cute BABY PO!!!!! Cubby and adorable


Love this scene when he trying to catch and fight!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Movie Review Insidious(2010)



A family looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further.



I would say that it is first of a kind of ghost story I have watch and the story can be said more or less interesting. For example the kid have the ability to wander around their dream and leave their body and travel somewhere that people can’t travel. It is dangerous and you leave your body for too long the demon or whatever they called it can take over your body. Because people from hell want to feel how it is like living in the real world. At first they taught their kid have coma but actually it is not. For the kid there is a special ghost is following him that will freak him out. It is a must watch if you have watch this kind of ghost story.



4 out of 5! An above average movies



I would recommend to people that love to watch GHOST STORY that is a bit scarier and have not watched ghost story it will make you pee in your pants. Would not recommend to people that have seen something similar like insidious.



If you have a WEAK HEART or SCARED of GHOST better don’t look at the pictures it is SCARY LOOKING!


This is the GHOST that keep following his father when he was YOUNG!


Can you see the scary looking finger? That is the ghost that is following the innocent KID!


Now trying to talk to his son to come back to his body because he wander too far and do not know how to go back to his BODY!


They saw how the ghost look like! IT is DAMN SCARY LOOKING!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

When Guys Sit Down when they PEE make them SISSY!





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