Friday, September 9, 2011

This guy don’t have the RIGHT to do That to a GIRL! BULLYING

Even the girl did something wrong it can be settle by talking you do not beat up the girl to prove a point. Obviously guy would win because they are stronger.  Even though this video is been uploaded or happen in 2010 it is still cruel to do such thing to a girl.  If you don’t believe what i say you just watch it and judge yourself it is true what i say.

I just pity the girl what happen to her. From the video you can learn that they are using vulgar word to the girl in the parking lot. On the same time the girl been promoting the girl instead her friend even get slap too. According to source the girl is studying in one of the nursing and health science college as one of the student.


According to source even they say that get her into the car to check if she is still a virgin or not. The girl that get beaten up want to apology to the guy with a scared voice as you can see in the video. The man said to the girl to bend to the floor and say sorry. But instead she get slap and get kicked. Even the main said that he would use a car to run over her.

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