Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh In Hye become FAMOUS overnight because the REVEALING Dress she WORE!!!!


Do you know who is Oh in Hye it is my first time hearing her name too. But when you see the name you obviously would know that she is KOREAN and you even know that most Korean is freaking HOTTTTT!!!! Just look on the dress that she wore it is so revealing that is why she become the top search in the net overnight. If you watch a lot of Korean drama you should know who she is. She wore this dress to the 16th Busan International Film Festival it is something like a red carpet.

With that killer smile obviously it have attract a lot of attention to the WORLD by showing off her cleavage to the camera and people.



With that dress she even stole attention away from other top celebrity at the red carpet. As you know when someone wore a dress like that obviously it will create controversy and some of the people would give a good comment to her such as you need to be daring to wear like that.  To clear the misunderstanding and the unnecessary attention she sit down with reporter and discussed about the incident.

She even said that she was a bit surprised that the reaction people giving to her and there is some of them is good and there is even really bad comment. She want to clear the air saying that she didn’t seek the attention on purpose. She trying to say the dress that she wear on the red carpet without knowing what is really appropriate  to wear or not because it is her first time on the red carpet and it is a big event for her so maybe she is nervous.



She said that elder sister from the movies recommend to her one of the wedding shop in Seoul to rent dress from and she do not have much choice to choose from the shop. It is the same dress that was worn by Baek Ji Young six year ago. She said that she wore it because it was given by them. At the end of the interview she said that she get hurt easily and really self conscious. When she found out that she is the most searched figure online she start to feel worry about the next day what people think and her parents.


You cant denied that she look beautiful in that dress even though it reveal more than it suppose to be. But Korean showing off more skin than normal it is kind of normal to them. As you know the Korean entertainment industry is fighting with each other to be on top and this is one of the way for her to be famous.

Everybody would be opening their eye so wide until their eyeball will be popping out by seeing all of this sexy pictures of her.


Have you heard about the sex video of K-Pop Sex Scandal involving some 37 top Korean celebrities prostituting themselves in China according to source Oh In Hye is even one of them but you can’t simply point finger on people. Maybe 37 of the Korean celebrity or other that are not mention was force to do it. If i have the time i will post about the 37 Korean Celebrity prostituting themselves

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