Monday, November 14, 2011

Taiwanese Girl stripped by MONKEY at PUBLIC!!!!!

Here she is maybe it is a publicity stunt or something but who care at least she look hot! Just joking i am not saying she is doing a stunt or anything but people out there is trying whatever way to be famous even saying it is Justin Bieber baby and also like the scandal happen with Tiger Woods, Edison Chen and more.

Because if the incident she become the most search of the net because she posted the picture monkey stripping her dress to her blog that is why a lot of people start searching about her. But to say the truth she look cute too so that is why so many pervert out there is searching more picture of her. Just like the picture below people dig really really deep and found a number of her in BIKINI.

I am a pervert too doing this post!



Here is how the story GOES!!!!





She visit a ZOO at BALI and i think she is feeding the monkey with cornflakes. She posted all the picture into her blog and saying what it really happen.  When she was feeding the monkey with cornflakes she accidentally drop into her dress. You will not sure she purposely did it or something because who the F*CK taking her picture and do not go and help her out instead.

As you know monkey sometimes is a bit of PERVERT!!! Especially when it comes to food they will do whatever they can to get it.





So the monkey is so excited to dig out the food and her dress is on the monkey way so it start digging and digging into her dress to get the cornflakes. YUMMY YUMMY

Than the second monkey also wanted the cornflakes, the second monkey is on the ground is pulling her dress off from below.  Than she have no choice but quickly use her hand to cover her breast because the monkey is too strong to be pushed away.  But when i see all the picture she is not scared or anything but smiling happily when the monkey is stripping her dress off her. If she is been molested by the monkey she would have a molested expression or try to run away or even shout for help.

Instead she is smiling like she is so happy that she get molested by the monkey and stripped naked on the public for the world to see. But lucky enough she didn’t posted any photo that is revealing her breast or anything.


Just look at the monkey it is like i want the CORNFLAKES with MILK instead now!!! Just see her expression she is so happy. The monkey will not stopped until they found the cornflakes if not they will dig until to the END of UNIVERSE!!!!

Next time you should feed it with banana or something not something small!!!! People will say the MONKEY is so LUCKY even she been molested she is so happy!!! Whatever the animal good or bad people are ok with it but whne people do something wrong it is really really a serious matter. IT IS A SEXUAL HARSSEMENT even looking, licking or whatever it is SEXUAL HARSSMENT.


Because of all of the picture with monkey people start to search more and more about her! Here is the bikini picture that i am saying about. Maybe she purposely put it there for everybody to see. So that is why whatever you post online you will not get it back it goes the same as FACEBOOK.

WHat you left there it will stay there forever, maybe you cannot find it but some people can!!


She look quite sexyyyyy!!!!!

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cutebun said...

So sexy! I don't get why she so happy also

Ng Eng Hou said...

for once, I wish I can be a monkey !

Anonymous said...

hi to all jimmyteh90.blogspot.comers this is my first post and thought i would say hi -
thanks speak soon