Friday, March 23, 2012

Naked or Semi Naked Cleaning Services!Interested?

Are you interested? Who don’t like naked cleaning and as you know Malaysia now having problem with Indonesian maid it is a good alternative if there is such service haha!!! Not only you can watch but on the same time your house is clean.

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Actually this kind of services is provided in South Africa that are getting more and more famous by the day. It is the only naked service company in the world. The founder is one and only Jean-Paul Reid that struggle to find a job as accountant in South Africa. So he open his very own cleaning services. Not only that the founder is actually broke as hell and he didn’t expect that he end up doing this kind of field. End of the day he is force to sell his clothes for food. When he is cleaning his closet an idea pop on his mind how about cleaning business that offer naked and topless service.

He said that it is not all about SEXXXX!!! For me i think it is more to satisfaction

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In this company it provide many kind of services such as housekeeping, accountant, legal and more. It is not the normal housekeeping staff coming but showing up topless or even nude depending on their client preference. It said that the most popular service would be cleaning and for ladies would be handyman services. He said that up to date he have about 500 applicants applying for nude or topless house cleaning position.

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After just one month in business he have about 25 staff both male and female and soon it will cater to different area such as plumber,computer experts,chef,yoga instructor. He said that if the business continue growing he will be ready to expand to other country because even neighboring country are asking for his services.

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He is thinking to expand his service to United States and Australia. For 2 hours section is cost about 98 dollar(RM302)

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Here is the  SITE

It stressed by the founder that it do not provide prostitution services it is purely for entertainment services and client can customize their very own nude service where they can provide their own entertainment request for an hour.

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Natural Company is an entertainment service providing various domestic & other services either naked or semi naked.
Whatever your req our Staff aim to help, our staff will come & offer any service in your house, office or event, but a little more entertaining, our staff come topless or fully nude.
Some of our Staff provide a variety of other services ,view our new site for details.

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This is some of the service that i think you all will be interested!!!

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All photo are taken from >>> SITE <<<< for more info visit this site. Just imagine it come to Malaysia or any place near you. Obviously you will be having the best time you will ever have. But do not let your wife or husband catch you if not you will be dead meaattttttt!!!!

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