Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ganlulu Beijing AutoShow 2012!!! With Revealing Clothes

I know it is Ganlulu once again. But i can’t do anything about it if she is keep creating buzz all over the net with her revealing dress that sometimes we just think it is better that she do not wear anything at all will make our life a lot easier right hahahha!!!

gan-lulu-beijing-6-458x692 gan-lulu-beijing-7-458x752

A lot of people non-stop critize about her but at the end of the day the number of people going there to look at her is more than hater out there. If not she will not get so famous in short of period of time. Guys please drollllllllllllllllllll


When she at the autoshow people gather around her and just like staring cock at her hahha. Even other model is keeping an eye on her and you just guess how about guys. In the event she is like VIP because security guards is trying to maintain the distance her and the crowd of creating chaos squeezing her hanging spotlight.



If you have not known nowadays all the event is not about the event but about chicks. Like Malaysia PC Fair it is all about the showgirl aka model walking up and down giving brochure or even in costume. It is goes the same as Ganlulu is not people going there to look at cars but at girl SPOTLIGHT!!!!


Even other model is attracted to her!!! It is not all about how revealing it is but it is call FASHION just look the expression of the girls is like WOW!!! Guys is like droll droll droll droll droll

1st Girl: Wow she look amazing!!
2nd Girl: Hmmmm(No Comment)

3rd Girl: WOOOOO she is SEXXXYYY

Me: Look at one side(at her) ROFLMAO


gan-lulu-beijing-2-458x542 gan-lulu-beijing-3

People taught Ganlulu was centre of attention she was wrong or you all are even wrongie.


Let do some introduction her name is Li Yingzhi 22 Years old. Even her boobs is bigger than Ganlulu just saying hahahaha. She wearing quite conservative clothes it is not so revealing like ……!!!! To add icing on the cake she is wearing diamond studded dress and she is a BMW model.

I also found new picture of Ganlulu in red not sure when it happen. But it is not harm to let people droll too right??? Here is the picture

Gan-Lulu-large-scale-bare-at-2012-Beijing-Auto-Show-05_thumb Gan-Lulu-large-scale-bare-at-2012-Beijing-Auto-Show-01_thumb

Gan-Lulu-large-scale-bare-at-2012-Beijing-Auto-Show-02_thumb Gan-Lulu-large-scale-bare-at-2012-Beijing-Auto-Show-03_thumb


If she is not so bitchy she would be consider HOTTTTTT!!! What the heck people still ……(to be continued on the next chapter of Ganlulu SEXY STORY)

One thing that i do not understand would be private picture of her taken in public toilet but i can see from the picture she is posing like nobody business. So i let you all bet the judge





Now you know why!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Gan Lulu is the hottest asian chick around as of now. Sorry but the other model you put the picture can't be even compared with her. Gan Lulu has that sexy aurora around her not just porcelain beauty. And yes, we also drool over her here in the west. She is a unique combination of east asian beauty mixed with western style sexiness.