Monday, June 4, 2012

Ganlulu Is at it again NOW at Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Expo

You will not believe what she is really wearing at Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Expo. People go there to look at kitchen stuff, bathroom related stuff instead we see almost naked girl walking around. What do you expect to do? On this kind of EXPO


Not sure what she really want to prove. Actually she should wear more dress because when she is naked she do not look hot. I will let you judge by looking at her half naked dress that she wore to the EXPO.

This is not the first time she wore like a whore(mind my language)


I would say if she wore a nice dress like a normal human being with showing cleavage and low cut dress than she will look good. But with this dress she look like a transsexual than a women lol

Gan-Lulu-bizarre-dress-3  Gan-Lulu-bizarre-dress-1

It is time for you to judge ^^ Don’t you sometimes wonder she wear like that?? It is like she been paid for to come to the event. She is more like selling her body than promoting the event.

Not like Kim Kardasihan <<< like the spelling is wrong who cares

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