Monday, April 29, 2013

Miss South Korea 2013 Before and After Contestants!!

Don’t you notice that some South Korean hotties does look so similar.


Just look on all their contestants, do all of them look similar? It could be the plastic surgery trend such as how high their eye brow, nose, mouth and etc. Could they look a bit different so that we can differentiate who is who. So that we will not mistaken other girl as our girlfriend.

Don’t you think they look so pretty in person. You will get a heart attack of them without makeup. Here is all of the details of the contestants if you know how to read korean than you will understand.

They just look so clean and dead down pretty. Don’t you think so. You will discover something breathtaking.

korea_beauty_pageant_01 korea_beauty_pageant_02 korea_beauty_pageant_03 korea_beauty_pageant_04 korea_beauty_pageant_05 korea_beauty_pageant_06 korea_beauty_pageant_07 korea_beauty_pageant_08 korea_beauty_pageant_09

This one i like the most! But one thing as you all know South Korea is famous for plastic surgery. It could be a horror to found out the original her before plastic surgery.

korea_beauty_pageant_10 korea_beauty_pageant_11 korea_beauty_pageant_12 korea_beauty_pageant_13 korea_beauty_pageant_14 korea_beauty_pageant_15 korea_beauty_pageant_16 korea_beauty_pageant_17 korea_beauty_pageant_18 korea_beauty_pageant_19 korea_beauty_pageant_20

Let see all the contestants before and after makeup. I am not sure how genuine is the picture but their face does have resemblance of their after makeup picture. So you will be the judge!!!

Capture Capture2 Capture3 Capture4 Capture5 Capture6 Capture7 Capture9 Capture10 Capture8 Capture11 Capture12 Capture13 Capture14 Capture15 Capture16 Capture17 Capture18 Capture19 Capture20

This is call the magic of makeup. Even if the photo is real or not is an another story. Because nowadays with a little makeup on their face can really change their look. So it is really important to see your own girlfriend before and after makeup, so you will not have an heart attack waking up, who is the person next to me.

As we all know look is the first impression and the most important of all is what within their heart that worth the most. Look will not last forever. So better check their original look before commit to the relationship.

We all know South Korea is famous with their celebrity/superstar and most of them have went through under the knife. They can be the prettiest girl in the world but when age are catching up, thing will tend to be a lot of worst. So remember the power of MAKE UP!!!!

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