Thursday, June 27, 2013

Movie Review Despicable Me 2 in 3D




Gru is no longer a villain, since saving his three adopted daughters Margo, Edith, and Agnes from Vector in the first film (Despicable Me). But his calm and unexciting new life takes an unexpected turn when he is recruited by Lucy Wilde and Silas Ramsbottom and is taken to the headquarters of the Anti-Villain League, a society dedicated to fighting crime on a global scale. There he discovers that there is a new villain called Eduardo on the loose and because Gru was once a villain himself and knows how they think, Silas (who is the League’s head), wants Gru to help them fight Eduardo. With the help of Gru’s assistant, Dr. Nefario, his minions, Margo, Edith, and Agnes, Gru must save the world (again).




An another great sequel of the movie. The storyline is a bit different than the first, he is no longer a villain and now he is a family guy and trying to make his jem and jelly. hahah!!! I would say this is the cutest and adorable movie i have ever watch especially the yellow minion and the little girl, just like wanted to pinch her cheek. Gru for the first time found his true love in the movie that he is shy at first and eventually the love will set it place.

I would say this a girl movie than a guy movie but nonetheless it is still an enjoyable movie,funny,cute,interesting pack into the movie. But i would say it is worth it to watch in 3D especially at the end of the movie “During the credit part”



4 out of 5!!! Great Movie!!



I would recommend to girls that love to see adorable looking things & people that love the first Despicable Me!!




This minion just crack all us up!!!!


1. Normal One 2.THe Guyish One 3. The adorable and cute one


There is so many of them! You can’t get enough of them!!


They can even do cleaning, taking over the world, backup dancer/singer, you just name it they can do everything!!!



Come and Enjoy the Minion singing a BANANA SONG!!!


Enjoy the Trailer!!

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