Friday, November 22, 2013

Remember the VIDEO a Girl Fighting a Snatch Theft

If you have not watched the video than this would be it:

For the first time watching it, i taught it was real at first but after looking at all the small detail like the CCTV recording is super clear and etc, i suspected it is fake.

But the fact here is that even though it is fake but it show that we need to be observant at all times. Even when we are walking, we should not play our phone/in the car so that we are ready to react/prevention of unforeseen circumstances. I am trying to say is to pay attention on your surrounding and do not get distracted by anything(Phone n etc) .There is more to life than the tiny 5 inch screen.

Your life could be in danger from been “pokai” into the drain or snatch thief. In real life situation it is better to give them what they want then fighting them because you could be kill. If there is no other choice than you should fought them.

If you witness this incident, you should contact the police immediately.


Here is the video revealing the girl fighting snatch theft is just an awareness for all the people out there.


Here is the girl that fought the snatch thief in that first video. Her name is Germaine Yeap is a muay thai Fighter. Don’t you think girl that know how to fight is just damn attractive? Compare to the one that like to whine?

Quite a good concept! Now girl will protect the guyssssss haha

You should sign-up your girlfriend or girls out there on self defence class it could be useful in the future. Not only that but to stay a healthy lifestyle.

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