Thursday, July 7, 2011

After Seeing This VIDEO you will not EAT KFC(MALAYSIA) AGAIN

After seeing this video you would think twice to eat at KFC and what they are doing is really really unhygienic thing to do and just imagine how many germs is stuck under their shoe and possibility they have went into the toilet. If the customer have infection after eating it who will be the culprit that would pay the compensation by doing so. I think you should know if one of the restaurant carry a bad name the whole franchise would get affected.


It look nice but you should see the VIDEO and it will be a DIFFERENT STORY! For now no more KFC for me until i really really feel comfortable or giving me security that it will not happen again.

I am not defaming KFC or whatsoever just sharing my unhappiness when you are the victim of eating it. Just to say the truth that it is not first time hearing it and there is even i heard that people have been digging their nose when they are doing their work. Not pointing finger to anybody just what i heard from rumour.  At first i taught there is only one video but actually there is 2

Just look at this video! Just imagine how dirty is the cloth! For me it is something unbelievable thing that happen and this is the some of the video just imagine some of the thing that they do that is not caught on tape.

Among all this is one of the worst!!!!! You will not know where he have walk to!!! Possible he have went into the toilet? It is no more FINGER LICKING IS GOOD!

Here is the Director of KFC have uploaded a video saying regretted about this problem have happen and have make sure that the problem will not happen again. So it is the time for people to judge it is enough what he have done to solve the problem. For me it is not enough he should at least show the video where is the camera have been build and so on.

At least he have done something than nothing at all. At the end of the day it is depending on the people to choose what is right or wrong. Sometimes this small problem would happen even though how tight they control their staff and so on.

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Anonymous said...

stupid assholes, its going to affect KFC

Anonymous said...

" just imagine how many germs is stuck under their shoe and possibility they have went into the toilet"

Bro just to correct you there, the germs would not have survived under the cooking temperature. Hardly any bacteria survives at a 100 degree c. Dont get me wrong, I do agree with your statement on what he did was very wrong indeed. Cheers

Jimmy T said...

agree with you about that, this video just part of it you will not know what he/she have done before maybe after cooking it they did something similar and nobody will know about it

Anonymous said...

What do you mean?