Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Actually Eating Shit(POOP) is CONSIDER HEALTHY THING To Do

First thing come to your mind about POOP is that it is damn disgusting and it even smell freaking bad. Even oyster or whatever look like oyster when you eat it smell damn bad but people still eat it. So i think it is the same way how this person implement this idea. You will be surprise how much bacteria in POOP that can help us a lot. For example typhoid or whatever thing that we inject for antibody purposes is consider using dead bacteria so it does not make a big different.



Even YOGURT is make out of DEAD BACTERIA Open-mouthed smileSo eating shit is who will eat first and slowly people would eat their own POOP. It sound disgusting but one day it is possible that one day it gonna happen anytime soon. It is 21st century whatever can happen.


Just see even ANIMAL do it THEMSLEVES so you are not ALONE!!!!!!

One of the Japanese Researcher from Okayama Laboratory have work out to make aritifical meat out of human faeces that is rich with protein from the dead bacteria. According to Professor Ikeda said that it is a good food substitute the problem here is that it is 10 to 20 times more expensive than normal meat because of the process. Even it found out that it is low in fat obviously yes from our poop what do you expect.

Professor Ikeda found out that sewage mud is also rich with protein because of human faeces. It said that it is save to eat because during the heating process all the bacteria is been killed. According to this Japanese Researcher said that it is good for the environment and not only that it will reduce the sewage mud because human now is recycling it when last time they consider it as RUBBISH.

For it to taste nice they added some red food colouring and also soy protein so that it would more or less taste like meat but compare to meat it is higher in protein. Some of us before seeing it would feel want to vomit straight away. Hope it TASTE LIKE CHICKEN Devil


Here is some of the VIDEO you should have A LOOK!


So would you all try some? Some of you say is better i TURN to VEGETARIAN than eating POOP


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Anonymous said...

Pleasant Post. This transmit helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot

Anonymous said...

I too found this thing to be most pleasant. I have recently completed a dissertation in Poop Studies, which I hope to publish as an academic monograph, and your essay proved to be extremely helpful. In particular I found myself taken with your observations about typhoid or whatever thing; I too have come to believe that it does not make a big different. But then, what does in these dark days?

The picture of the nice girl eating some *YUMMY POOP* was very charming as well, helping me as it did to relax when the hand-in date for my dissertation began to loom. I noted with great pleasure the inclusion of some white poop in the picture, as it is something which one does not see much of anymore, and I wonder if it might have been a dog-based varietal. Alas, we will never know.

Well, it only remains for me to thank you, and to wish you good luck with your future ventures. I hope my words of encouragement have touched you in some way. As my grandfather used to say, before the shipwreck tore his head asunder and his life's work (and his collection of etched erotica) were engulfed by the brackish deep, "If you aren't able to pin them down, touch them until they squeal." He was such a repugnant man. I still miss him.

Warm repoops,