Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Simple STEP to AVOID ATM Theft Scam

As you know robbery is getting out of control by reading the news, it is scary. As theft would find another alternative to steal or rob or scam or whatever they can do. One of the way would be ATM Scam that you need to keep your eye on.

Here is some of the easy step to prevent you becoming a victim!!!!!



Here would be some useful tips:

1. They will install a mechanism that will cause your card or cash to stuck, so you will assume that your card is stuck and decided to report what happen. Than that is the time they strike not only that they have your card possibility your pin code.

2. Lookout for fake Pads/mechanism mounted card slot that possibility can detect what pin code you are pressing. By just to feel around, touch, scratch the number pad to see if it is removable or not. Because thief

3. Check around the ATM machine if there is any funny looking holder for brochure and etc. Possibility it could be hiding CAMERA install in it.

4. Check if the machine is real or fake. Only go to machine that you use often or familiar. Just notice some of the detail of the ATM so if there is something suppose not to be there you will know.

5. Do not rely on any stranger that would want to help to retrieve confiscated card. They could be the one that make your card stuck. If your card is stuck do not move away from the machine and report your card immediately.

6. As you know everything now is online. If you have not notice there is a lot of link linking for u to update your account. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK it is fake as Bank do not sent security verification on email or even on call. If you want to check if it is genuine or not just give a call to the BANK.


Prevention is BETTER than CURE!!!


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