Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday Party Got out of Control like PROJECT X


Have you watched the movie PROJECT X? IF not it is something like this 3 high school seniors throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads.

But for real Life PROJECT X, is that this girl supposedly to create a birthday party event on Facebook for private instead of Public. As you know in Facebook if you liked it, all your friend can see the event and it can keep going on and on and on.

Here is the video

It said that about 30,000 people have accepted the invitation on FACEBOOK. The girl was suppose to celebrate her 16th Birthday with her school friend. Sadly the party have to be cancelled as it have gone out of control.

As the day get closer hundred of riot police is to put on standby to control the crowd and keeping them away from where the party suppose to happen. As the crowd getting bigger and bigger, people start to be more violence by throwing stone,bottle, flower pot to the police.

Facebook party in Haren Haren-had-been-braced-for-trouble-all-week-after-what-should-have-been-an-invite-to-a-small-scale-celebration-was-passed-on-to-30000-people

It said that about 500 police officer to control Up to 4,000 to 5,000 of people that turned up. Police have to do something as the the group getting violence by wrecking cars, lamp, sign board and etc. As it turn out a big number of people is that people keep sharing everywhere and even publish the girl address and highlight that to bring some friends along.

Grip-3-Project-X-Haren-31 facebookParty_2347780b

As some of the people are wearing a T-shirt that written “Project X Haren” that related to the movie Project X. It could be people have watch and learn it from the movie and have the idea to do it in real life. Lucky is that it did not get as bad as the movie.

So far it is not as bad as you expected but it have create a buzz around the world because it have similarity in the movie. So far only 34 people is been arrested and a few injured including police.  This could be the start of Project X in real life it could happen again. People have said please don’t try this at home but people intend to try that is what our generation born with.

If you have not known it is on FRIDAY it is time for people to get drunk n get laid or even doing something crazy.


There is even MAP!!! Haha NOw you know why it is a BIG BIG EVENT. From a Birthday Party to something crazy

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