Sunday, December 28, 2014

Boobylicious Show Girl at International Motor Show 2014 at Urumqi

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Don’t you think she is just mouth watering and too handful too handle. Maybe some people will say WOW, some will say damn she is a slut, some will say show off but in life we should enjoy what we have. So just let it hang and to create or get attention as much possible. Because the girl will not forever be young.

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The girl showing her gigantic cleavage is because she is a show girl for International Motor Show 2014 at Urumqi, Xinjiang. If you have seen all the picture she is topless and only cover her nipple. Maybe people going there is not to see the cars but hot model that love to show off some skin.

At the stage 100 of people was attracted to the naked chicks and everybody was just snapping picture non-stop, obviously she is the model than standout compare to others.

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nowadays even in our own city like PC Fair, PC Lifestyle Expo, Motor Show or any other event mostly people going there not mainly to go there to see their product but the modellll. The person that benefit the most will be MALE and their should have hot hunks too to attract girls. At least she cover the most important part.

Guys will never have enough of cleavage, big butts, boobs and pretty or cute faces.

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What the heck just FAP FAP FAP!!!

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