Friday, January 2, 2015

The Amazing Sam Ho Mai (何麥枒)

Found this picture from one of the Chinese site. So here goes:

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Her name is Sam Ho Mai, she just look gorgeous with Rihanna type hair style and showing big cleavage just make her even more attractive. I feel that i am in love and this lady caught my eye while browsing a site. Not only that she dress to kill.

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Based on my understanding from the site she is actually from Taiwan but look a bit like Korean? Don’t you think

She does look like the girl next door and look like a cutie pie to me.


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Loaded with cuteness,cleavage,sexy, selife chick and many many thing that you can think off and droll allll day long.  She is even been share at reddit as the bustyasian of 2014. But one think that turn-off is that she smoke.



But what the heck people can change don’t they?


Here is a video she is doing the Ice Bucket Challenge!!

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