Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Alvin & The Chipmunks at e@Curve

Are you all excited with the new ALVIN and the CHIPMUNKS 3? And what is happening on eCURVE because of Christmas?

You don’t need to be there to  know everything, you can just have a look at my blog to know everything. Because of technology you can be anywhere to know what is happening around the world.


Here is where Alvin & The Chipmunks start their ROCK ON!!!


Don’t you think the Christmas Tree look so tall and nice??? Back to business about Alvin and the Chipmunks at e@Curve



This is what people are waiting for to watch this movie and on the same time getting chance to win some nice CHIPMUNKS TUMBLER!!!! One the right side is the schedule what is happening and just in case you don’t know what this month is it is CHRISTMAS. So let start for the Christmas spirit and for the year of 2011 it is ending quite soon.

So enjoy as much as possible before a NEW YEAR 2011!!!


If you are not there last week 4 December 2011 don’t worry they will have a repeat until Christmas day! Obviously you would love to see Alvin and friends dancing up and down with their song. They just look so adorable ^^ Let start my story TELLING


There is a choir of girls singing Christmas song! And the little girl in the middle on the same time she is singing and dancing on the same time. Do you feel the Christmas spirit in the air.


Just look at the Christmas Decoration! I just wish that for Christmas i will get that big kind of present maybe it can be a car or something!Hahaa



Done with the choir <<< hope i spell it right or use it right!!!

Let the show begin this is what we are here for!!! Look at the kid look so adorable with the black spectacle upwards hahaha! Before the Chipmunks come out everybody on the crowd need to learn a simple move before they will appear so that we can listen to the song and dance on the same time.


Here is the guy that will show all the move and train people at the crowd how to dance like a ROCKSTAR!!!!


Here would be some of the move that he show to the crowd! Especially the kids is having so fun dancing along and waiting excitedly for the Chipmunks to pop out from nowhere even myself is waiting anxiously when they are coming out hahhahaha!!!!



Here is ALVIN ^^



Simon come SECOND ^^



Here come  Theodore ^^



For the best dance would get for the tumbler for free! Each of the chipmunks would give one so the total would be 3!!!



Look at Alvin & Chipmunks MOVE!!!!









Just look at the CROWD!!!!! They are having so much fun posing with Chipmunks




I know I know by just looking at the picture is just dull right? Don’t worry i have copy of the happening when they doing their dance and with the chipmunks song! The song is freaking NICCCEEEEE and even their move ROCK to the CEILING ^^

Here it is

Maybe the quality of the video is a bit out but i think you will enjoy the dance move and the freaking nice song ^^

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