Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

What is the first thing you will do with the DiGi iPhone 4S?

1. Siri


That is the first thing that i will do to siri that i would play with SIRI all night long because i am freaking excited to use it is like a high tech device from the future at my hand. Because you don’t see everyday see a phone that can talk to you and can answer u back and telling you how to go here and there. It is just like the movie Knight Rider the talking car it is almost similar instead it is like talking phone. Can you believe Siri can be like your companion(like a GF), even though Siri can’t joke but how she is replying it is quite funny too. Siri is one of the thing that i would love to try first when i get my hand on the phone. Even some people have own IPHONE 4 they even buy IPHONE 4S because of the attractiveness of the hardware and SIRI. For me to get the IPHONE it is like a DREAM come TRUE from GOD. Talking phone it cant get better than that.

Flying car don’t exist yet but talking phone exist now ^^




First thing i would do that download all the nice game example like Angry Bird, Angry Bird Rio, Angry Bird Season, Babo Crash, Need for SPeed, Diner Dash, Infinity Blade, Fruit Ninja, Real Racing, Plant vs Zombie, Tetris, Bejewelled, Gangster Rio, Monopoly, Uno, Zombie Highway, Fifa, Pokemon, Asphalt, Guitar Hero, 9mm, idiot test, Cover Orange and many many more. This is some of the game i couldn’t wait to try it out and i am a part time gamer so absolutely i would try games before trying other thing out. They have all the classic game that today we hardly can find it anymore so it is a good experience we can go back to our childhood games and play it again and again like nobody business.

Nowadays you can see that everyone have an IPHONE play with games on their phone all day long until their phone battery is flat. If i been giving the opportunity i would try it out because it is one in a life time experience. Not only games but their have a lot of funny funny application that is fun to play or disturb your friend. For example my friend prank me a fingerprint scanner failed when i scan but for him  access granted. Among funniest application that i saw so far is making your face look fat or even making your face look like an OLD MAN. It is like the PHONE have an APPLICATION that can change an ordinary phone to something SPECIAL!!! Even their application is quite cheap so u will nothing to complain. Even it is not all about games games games but their have business related application that is a good THING for business orientated people.




The last thing that i will surely do first is to take ton ton of picture because it is freaking 8 megapixel the phone that i am using only have 3.2 megapixel and during the dark it look freaking disgusting the picture. Even i zoom into the picture it have a lot of boxes and boxes. But with 8 megapixel i think even i zoom into their nose to see if there is any shit or not in it. Haha I would snap anything that i feel interesting and have ton ton of picture keep in the phone.


4. Touchscreen

iPhone 4S_08-420-90

The first thing i would rub rub the screen all night long because i have not used IPHONE screen before and even people say that iphone have the best responsive screen in the world. I would try everything even facebook with it, sleep with it just name it i will do whatever it takes hahahhaa. With touchscreen i would feel that it is easy to zoom in and zoom out. Even scrolling up and down more easier than keypad that i am using now.


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