Thursday, December 29, 2011

Colour Contact Lens can Cause Eye Infections!!!


It is scary! If you have not read the news lately a lot of people are talking about it. So be careful where you buy and making sure that it will not make your eye get infected and everybody are wearing contact lens especially girls you can see so many type of colour and type that make your eye look like a FISH EYE.


Ya contact lens look nice and can make you look sexyyyyyy but just make sure it is safe.

After reading the newspaper today about contact lens saying that people that are using coloured contact lens that will have high risk that can cause serious eye infection and eventually it will lead to damaged eyeballs according to Sin Chew Daily. Does it sound scary it to you? if not yet just hold your horses you will know later on.

According to report by Hong Kong newspaper claim that there is 4 types of colour lenses that printed with smiley face, pink leopard, star and cat eye will eventually damaged your eye. Expert have examined it and they found out that the printed picture of the surface of contact lenses is not balanced. Also they believe that if the lenses that been rub the colour will fade away. So be careful what you buy in the market you maybe can be one of the victim.

If you don’t know buying contact lens without proper prescription is risky you wouldn't know what you can encounter. Cosmetic contact lens is widely used by young teenager or adults because they want their eye look big, different colour and so on. It is like a trend people wear contact lens not to vision correction instead a fashion for them all. Everything you do there is consequences even wearing high heel for fashion sake it can cause your leg bone to change shape.


According to physicians say that people that purchase this contact lens you wouldn’t know that you are buying eye infections or even get pain from improperly fitted lenses because it can cause your eye to be blocked of oxygen at your eye cornea. If you are not careful worst case scenario would be getting infection and it will turn ulcer which it can make you blind permanently.

It is happen before here how the story goes a teenage girl that just started to wear cosmetic lenses that she just bought online and just for 3 days it is life and death for her to save her eye. At the end she is blind permanently. It is getting more and more famous people using it is because they saw celebrity like Lady Gaga in their Music Video or even watching anime.

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