Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIGI OMG with DIGI Easy Prepaid


Did you know that you can ENJOY FREE CALLS and SMS to your top 3 Buddyz in the list only between 12.00 am to 8.00pm Daily. What you all are waiting for?

Start your ENGINE and star this SUPERB PHONE and the DIGI PLAN!!! To keep safe of my friend privacy I will post celebrity pictures but I will describe about them closely so remember to read and see closely as possible. The girl and guy you see you will be BLOWN AWAY!


First one she look as hot as KATY PERRY!

First I can call her day and night to check what she is doing. She love to share what she have encounter and what have happen in her life not because she is bored of anything but to learn about each other better no matter how far we are living. We have something in common we are interested with each other. She look sweet and adorable on the same time and not only that she is DIGI User but sadly I am not but with his mouth watering plan that DIGI is giving out 12,00 to 8 I can call her whenever I am at.

Because it is FREE and I can keep in touch with her no matter where I am. With free call and SMS I can safe every penny without even worry how long or how much I have call or SMS. It is easy to say than do but it is true you try yourself you will know what I am trying to mean to you all about it.

It is easy as A B C!!!!'



Here is my another kind of FRIEND!

She is someone that I have known for when I am with her since high school she is one of the girl best friend that I have. She really care about me and she is like my big sister. When I am in trouble she will always come and help me out no matter how big is the problem even though I have crush on her when we first met.

She is different compare to other girls she is like a GUARDIAN ANGEL she shine whenever I see her. She is independent kind of girl and we normally SMS a lot daily to find out each other problem or what happening in each other life. Because we are really busy we don’t always stay at home so it is easier to use our phone to call or sms to reach other is more faster and easier.

Sometimes we talk for hours and our bill will go skyhigh. But when I saw DIGI have this Prepaid plan I am started to get interested of it. I can say that I am not a DIGI user but with this kind of PLAN I am thinking of  become one of the user.  Back to the my girl best friend she always give me advice not only about homework but even about GF and BF problem.

That is why it is really important for me to SMS and CALL her always that is like the first thing I do whenever I WAKE UP!!!


Fashion William Rast Fall 2009

Last would be my GUY FRIEND!!!

We don’t SMS often because it feel awkward like we are dating typing SMS to each other normally we will call like want to hangout watch football and so on. We don’t talk long on the phone but we do call often because we are guy we have our own life with our girlfriend so normally we spend more time with our girlfriend than our guy friend.

We do hangout like twice a week so it is useful sometimes to keep in touch. It is like a BONUS that when you call someone it is free. The plan that DIGI is giving don’t cost a bomb like other plan out there but I can say that it is worth it to call someone we LOVE or CARE for free without been charger whatsoever.

I tell you which this PLAN it really can change your life for GOOD! For some people it don’t help that much but for other people they do and as you know I love to SMS a lot so it is really worth it to have this PLAN and obviously my friend would convince that I keep in touch with him always without any charges.


This is 3 of my TOP FRIEND but it sound gay but we do not get everything our way!!!!

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