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For you all to see that this phone is one of the CSL Model you will think that it is a lousy phone but you are wrong it is have surpass my expectation. It have a lot of features that other phone do not have even they have you need to install or find online but this phone is built with it. The fun part of this phone I love is the mechanism that this phone have.

It look very stylish when you flip up and down!!!! Some people say I am showing off but this phone come with it so it is not showing off! The best part is the phone is small in size and is light so it is easy to carry around and you will not have to worry it is bulky. This phone have everything that daily life you needed.

Even though we know you all have the best phone in town but this phone is good it can be ur spare phone if you scared people say bad thing about you. Best part about this phone would be it is good for people that have 2 sim card and other big phone company do not have this kind of thing in the phone. This review is base solely on my experience you would think the flip mechanism is bad but you are wrong.

I have been flipping it non stop until today it have not spoil yet and the built quality is not bad after all. Just one small button the color fade away but overall it is above average.


Here is the basic specification of the PHONE!



- Memory: ROM 512MB RAM 256 MB

- Camera: 2 MEGAPIXEL

- DISPLAY: 2.4” QVGA LCD 240x320 pixels

- OTHERS: Qwerty Keyboard, optical trackpad, FM Radio, Multimedia Player,Java, Azan Alarm, CSL Fun Club, Yahoo Services and Apps.

It is convenient that for me to check my YAHOO MAIL, Messenger,Yahoo search and read news for my own taste the screen is a bit too small for me to view but the best part would be the QWERTY keyboard that will let you type fast and easier compare to touch screen. Overall for this Blueberry 7300 it is a nice PHONE because for that price you can say you have get a lot out of it.

Not only that if you use DIGI PLAN you can get free 300 MB monthly for 1 YEAR and another thing that make me blown away would be you will get free call and SMS to any 3 buddy between 12 morning until 8.00 at night. Don’t you think it is the best offer in TOWN?



Time to REVIEW this PHONE ^^


Hmm it is not too big but it is small. Small it is good so that it is easy to carry around. Even the weight of the phone it is not too heavy I can say that it is light enough for me to carry around easily.



It is 2.4 inch can be consider quite small because this phone have capability to serve FACEBOOK,Yahoo search and so on so it is easier to view with a bigger screen. But I can say the screen suit the phone nicely but the cons would be when you under the sun you will have a hard time to view the screen.



It support MP3! Nowadays everybody using MP3 so we can’t make excuse it is useless. I have not try other format but I can say the sound of the phone is quite loud and the bass and sound is quite good. Even the phone support loudspeaker and other features I found out is that it have the ability to record people conversation when you are calling someone.

Some of the phone you need to find or download only you can use it but this phone it have built in. Other features I really really love this phone would be the background sound and you can change anything when you calling someone and you can bluf people that you are somewhere else. It is a good way to runaway from ur wife or girlfriend if it does happen.


Card Slot:

For SImcard I love is that you can put dual simcard nowadays we normally have 2 phone so it is easier to carry one phone with 2 simcard. Convenient and easy to carry around. This phone even allowed to add memory card if more space is needed in my phone the size of the memory card is 1.8GB so I assume that is the maximum size. I think for this kind of phone it is more than enough even you have NOKIA 32GB you can’t finish the space if you put unnecessary stuff obviously it will be FULL!



The phone come with 2 MEGAPIXEL the quality is not as good but it is clear and at least there is something than nothing. If you know what I mean ^^


Others Features:

It support JAVA it is surprise for me. Other basic stuff like bluetooth, 3G and other stuff this phone have it don’t worry this phone have what you can used it for daily life nothing more or nothing less. Just the color is a bit unique if you know what I am trying to mean.



If you interested to get this HANDSET BUNDLE OFFER from DIGI! YOU CAN

A Total Yahoo! Powered Handset bundle offer for only RM299 consist of


- FREE monthly data 300 MB for next 12 month(Just use RM40 monthly to receive rebate in the following month)

- 1x FREE DEP Pack with Preloaded of RM8 credit


I can say this PHONE is a CHICK MAGNET! Whenever I saw to people the girl would get interested with it more and as you know it is pink in color and the shape look so adorable ^^


3 Lovely Comment:

megzymezzy said...

yeah! its so cute..
i have 1 also buy it from dg~ buy it for rm260 =)
me tooo~ so addicted for flipping it..hoho! i love the phone..so cuteee~~ fell in loves wit it from the moment my eyes catches on it..hoho!yipee~ again...so cute..

Cherish 유혜연 ♥ said...

Yea it's so cute I saw it at my campus as well :) btw I wonder does it has WiFi service?

Jimmy T said...

Sad thing it do not support wifi service but it support 3G and come with dual sim ^^