Friday, June 17, 2011

Movie Review Insidious(2010)



A family looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further.



I would say that it is first of a kind of ghost story I have watch and the story can be said more or less interesting. For example the kid have the ability to wander around their dream and leave their body and travel somewhere that people can’t travel. It is dangerous and you leave your body for too long the demon or whatever they called it can take over your body. Because people from hell want to feel how it is like living in the real world. At first they taught their kid have coma but actually it is not. For the kid there is a special ghost is following him that will freak him out. It is a must watch if you have watch this kind of ghost story.



4 out of 5! An above average movies



I would recommend to people that love to watch GHOST STORY that is a bit scarier and have not watched ghost story it will make you pee in your pants. Would not recommend to people that have seen something similar like insidious.



If you have a WEAK HEART or SCARED of GHOST better don’t look at the pictures it is SCARY LOOKING!


This is the GHOST that keep following his father when he was YOUNG!


Can you see the scary looking finger? That is the ghost that is following the innocent KID!


Now trying to talk to his son to come back to his body because he wander too far and do not know how to go back to his BODY!


They saw how the ghost look like! IT is DAMN SCARY LOOKING!

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