Monday, January 2, 2012

The more Effective and Fun of Going Green by Volkswagen

Obviously you thought about Volkswagen car going green by using hybrid of electric if you think like that than you are wrong!!!!


It is actually how to make RECYCLE more fun than ever effort that is done by Volkswagen. After looking at this video you will see how creative are them creating idea and stuff. Maybe some of the idea is not going green it is more like making the world more fun can improve people's behaviour

1. Bottle Bank Arcade


Here how the game goes you need to put the bottle according to the light where it blink and collect as much points as possible and with the most point you win. You also need a lot of bottle to continue!!!!!


2. Piano Staircase


Whenever people step on the staircase it will sound like a piano and each different step have a different tone. So people will be curious and want to use the staircase than the escalator. Also using the staircase is a lot of fun with the song and all. Using the staircase than the escalator it is part of going green i think because less people use the escalator less power it will be use and some of the escalator have sensor when nobody is there it will stop.


3. The Deepest Rubbish Bin you will ever HEAR!!


They install like a sound system into the rubbish bin whenever someone through a rubbish it sound like the rubbish bin hole is very very deep down.


Maybe what i am talking about you will not understand! Just watch this video you will understand what i am trying to explain to you all


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