Sunday, January 8, 2012

Funny Chinese Video SAMSUNG Galaxy Nexus Vs APPLE Iphone 4S

I love when he say call me GALAXY NEXUS HAHAHHAHA! This video is in Cantonese if you don’t understand call someone to explain it to you. There is a bout 4 video and each of the video is quite funny how it squash the competitor. 5 out of the video out of 3 or more i not sure it is comparing between IPHONE so that is why i put that as the title. But sometimes what the video show actually IPHONE can do it too but you just need to download the application by yourself correct me if i am wrong.

Here is how SAMSUNG pawn IPHONE with their ads and some other company


Here is the first video ^^

I think the video is everyone is lining up to buy IPHONE 4S! So he use SIRI to ask some question and it say SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS ^^ haha


The new GALAXY Nexus with 1.2GHz dual-core processors that can quickly handle multiple programs simultaneously that is what the video is all about!!



The new Samsung GALAXY Nexus is equipped with voice input functionality, the touch of the keyboard and began to speak on the microphone, the text will immediately appear in your e-mail, SMS or other text file. Immediately participate in Call me, GALAXY Nexus sweepstakes, win take GALAXY Nexus phone!! Experience the unique voice input!!

I love when the guy try to use IPHONE 4S to see where he can buy BIRTHDAY CAKE but SIRI say i don’t understand hahaha.

You should see when he uses Galaxy Nexus i prefer to talk to people than a phone! EPIC HAHAHA! The guy with IPHONE 4S he say your phone can understand english? It is nothing weird even can speak other language muhahahaha


The new Samsung GALAXY Nexus with 1.2GHz dual-core processor and Android Beam (TM) feature, not only to speed web browsing, a simple phone back, more fun to share maps, web pages, contacts and other information. Immediately participate in Call me, GALAXY Nexus sweepstakes, win take GALAXY Nexus phone!! Experience the unique Android Beam (TM)!

This video about Android Beam with a touch you can share information like phone number, email, whatsapp and etc!!!!!


It have Face Unlock Features!!! I think Samsung is the first even i try with Iphone 4 finding all the application here and there couldn’t find that can be used.


The purpose of the video it is With 4.65-inch HD SUPER AMOLED large screen, more visual than you enjoy. DOn’t call me baby call me GALAXY NEXUS HAHAH!!!

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