Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Funny ADVERTISEMENT: Never Chicken Out(Burger King)

Actually this video there is a meaning not in term of hurting people but in our life sometimes when we want something we shouldn’t be shy of doing it because the opportunity that you have will not come again. It is the same meaning like never chicken out because even though we fail at least we try, the worst would be we never try at all. Example like you feel that you are not confident enough for the job but sometimes it can surprise you because in this world everything is possible just like the word impossible <<< in that word it is saying POSSIBLE.

If you like someone tell them do not hide it to yourself because sometimes the other person you are saying at first do not really feel that way but by saying maybe you can make the person think over it or whatever way, that sometimes can influence your outcome it goes the same as our daily life. You never try you will never know life is full of challenges enjoy to the fullest with no regret ^^


It is quite USEFUL to MALAYSIAN TOO because SOON we will have our very own MRT TOO!!!

The First Video


Actually this video is a copy video of previous become so hot because the boyfriend cheated on his girlfriend and i think his girlfriend if filthy rich!!!! If a girl always what you are doing and spy on you will know that she really care for you.

Below is the video i am talking about ^^






Here is more VIDEO, what you will encounter when you are in the TRAIN!!!!


How to deal with 'sleepy' man in the MRT.

Here is 3 way how you can do it! The EASY WAY or HARD WAY!!!








I love the STRONG PART! Sit on his little brother until he shout out loud!!!






How to deal with fart attacks in the MRT.



This one is ok!! As you know when you fart in air conditioner room the whole place will smell!! That why people hate it so much especially in the lift pack with people.



Damn he FAINTED!!!



DAMN he fainted like HARDCORE MODE!! Haha



How to deal with creepy man in the MRT

Sometimes people are DAMN PERVERT want to take advantage by touching them here and there especially when it is pack of people!!! When you need help call the CHICKEN Rolling on the floor laughing. Normally it is happen to girl as you know why sometimes it is better to travel in a group than alone.



How to deal with pole-leaners in the MRT

I love this PHRASE “When Man lean on pole treat man like POLE!!!! Haha



How to deal with seat-hoarding aunties in the MRT

Not only Auntie but some people act like their bag or whatever thing need to be put on the chair and the purpose of the chair is for people to sit.”IT IS  MAN WHO IS TIRED NOT GROCERIES <<< LOVE THIS PHRASE HAHAHA


I hope you enjoy the video!!! I know i do Devil


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