Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ganlulu create a BUZZ Again instead she get MOLESTED

Before going to Ganlulu been molested post, she just release a number of picture of bed photo shoot. Damn she just love to show off her cleavage to the world that is why she been molested because it is too tempting do not look at her. Whenever she appear obviously she would create a big buzz.


Obviously showing off her cleavage and every time you see her or picture online it will be the same old same old cleavage.  Here is some of the picture:




Let get back to the part she been molested!!!


One of the guy at the audience came to Ganlulu with flower and knelt down with a ring. When she feel emotion about the incident, the guy know it is time to take action , and that is the time the guy try his best to pull Ganlulu skirt down and luckily it just reveal her strapless bra and do not reveal her top half << you know what i mean.

Luckily there is help around to help her if not everything will be capture by camera and video. She was so scared and she quickly cover her breasts. Than the girl sitting next to her Li Yingying was laughing it is like laughing at her you deserve it or maybe something else you wouldn’t know. It is like the first time she is so scared to reveal to the world.

I mean that she have show so much online and now she is so scared about it. I am not sure what to say it is she deserve it or we should pity her?


She wear like that don’t you think it is a easy target?


Luckily it did not reveal everything!! Just look at the girl in red was so happy about it!! Luckily it did not bounce everything out.


Here is the guy!!!

Here is the link of the VIDEO


It is in CHINESE if you can’t understand it is ok because you can see how it happen!!!

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A3R said...

find boyfriend? what people did for fama.

A3R said...

what about her mother. the mother dragon

Jimmy Teh said...

Her mother is even the same. Ya just for fame everybody can do anything