Sunday, April 15, 2012

Marvel’s The Avengers


What superhero would you be if you could create a new member for The Avenger’s team ?????


Character that i feel that need to be add into THE AVENGER’s Team would be the green lantern. Maybe his name is a bit weird but i think he is as good as Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and more.  Green Lantern is great because it is depend on his imagination to defeat the enemy. What build the Green Lantern confident would be no matter how good or big is the opponent there is weaknesses.

If you can beat Green Lantern you will be quite lucky. Because the power is the ring but is depend on his imagination how good it is, so he can defeat the enemy that he can’t imagine.



How would you save the world????????


Hmmmmm how would i save the world………………

First and foremost i would get to know all the Avenger’s Team well enemy before we fight as a team. Because it is not all about 1 man show or fight. It is all about teamwork as you remember i said before every opponent have a weaknesses, same goes to Avenger’s Team. So in the team they can help each other weaknesses and be strong to defeat their opponent without giving they opportunity to know what is the team weakness.

Example like Thor is strong but his weaknesses he is not that fast but with the help of Captain America it is possible to shed away his weaknesses. With great teamwork with each other they can achieve the impossible. Just like in the movie BATTLESHIPSS!!! With great tactic and skill that each individual have it can do everything.

Just like Transformer they can combined together and fight with a bigger opponent. With each individual power and ability they can achieve the impossible. It sound like i am repeating the same point over and over again but at least you all know what i mean already. Hhhahahaha


The sky is not the limit!!! There is still a place to uncover!!!!! With the help of GREEN LANTERN with the ability on his mind and other hero in Avenger’s Team is mostly physical and skill with GREEN LANTERN in the team they will create a PERFECT TEAM without any loop hole, even there is loop hole each of them can backup each other without any problem.


With this WEAPON in GREEN LANTERN hand it will be worthy addition on the TEAM!!!!!!


The WORLD IS IN DANGER!!!! The POLICE can’t do anything. We need the help of the incredible and unbelievable!!!!!

I ain't afraid o' no whatever we are fighting I ain't afraid o' no ghost. If you're seein' things runnin' through your head Who can you call?




What are you waiting for???? Get ready for the movie of our life. It will give you adrenaline rush that you do not expect. The best of the best ACTOR and ACTRESS in one movie, you all ladies and gentlemen can droll all night long with all the hottie and handsome actor and actress saving the world.


black_widow_im2 Pepper-Potts-iron-man-11234653-1485-2061

Hot Ladies to droll in the MOVIE ^^


Maria Hill <<< character name!!!! Remember her?? How I Met Your Mother


Hot Hunk!!!!





Enjoy the Trailer and don’t drop any saliva all over my POST!!! HAHAH

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