Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ganlulu have a new competitor

As you know Ganlulu love to get attention by going to big event wearing as revealing as possible, so people can snap picture of her and follow her everywhere. Now she is not the only one that can do it. Her big competitor is Wu Xi’er


Here they are!!! Don’t they look similar??? On the left is Ganlulu and on the right is Wu’Xi er. Wu Xi’er is actually a model she started modeling at the age of 17. She is known as Gan Lulu No.2

Both of them is actually at West China International Auto Show 2012. Without saying you can see that both of this girls is having a revealing contest.



Are you drooling all over or it is just damn disgusting for you all?


Gan-Lulu-Lanzhou-autoshow-6-560x887 ganlulu-21

It is not in the US it is Asia crying out loud. It is like they are waiting for the bxxbs to fall off from their clothes.

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