Thursday, September 6, 2012

What really happen between Amanda Fong and CALVEN CHIK FOO KEONG.

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As you can see CCTV footage it show only one side of the stories what really happen. As from the video the guy was wrong as he do not have the right to treat her like that girl, even she did something really bad. She get hurt really badly from the hitting and pushing. But in some way the guy couldn’t control it because what she did is a bit too much.

- She lied to him all along and when they are married

- Secondly possibility the baby couldn’t be his

Obviously the video is a bit suspicious as she try to seek attention by sharing the video, comment such as he is driving a BMW, taking the shop bag and sell to other party and etc. It sounds fishy as she is blabbering this entire thing to the public. It is like she wants to seek revenge in some way.


Problem between his mother in law would be his on personal dislike and liking. This would be the cause of violence as you can see picture and video from Amanda. When Calven met Amanda she is not working, studying as her family couldn’t afford. When their relationship starts to grow, she start to feel more suspicious as she have more money to buy expensive clothes, handbag and etc. Thing start to feel more suspicious as she say that she interested to buy a Volkswagen beetle that will cost a bomb. Than eventually she bought a new Honda Insight that cost about RM99.800. She reveal that she have so much money is from her late grandfather orchid farms in Malaysia when she got it from the caretaker when she turn 18. Earlier he did not question her about the money because he do not her that he do not trust her.

He start to feel suspicious when she receives odd call and he ask who is that she will reply was a caretaker. She said that she normally visits the caretaker weekly and when he would like to accompany her to meet the caretaker she rejected. He said that normally the caretaker will bring there somewhere to have a nice meal and shopping.


One of the days when he was using her wife handphone (IPHONE), he saw suspicious message between her and an unknown person. When he read the message it was like she is having a relationship with someone else. When Calven and grandmother confronted her on the matter she try to kill herself (suicide). She even admitted she have affair with a ”DATUK” from Ipoh that where all the money coming from. She even go as far to chase him around the house with a knife.

At the end of the day both party is wrong but if you are on the guy shoe obviously you can’t control yourself in some way. As you can see from the video is that he do not allowed her to leave is because it happen many times is that when they have a fight she will disappear for hours and couldn’t be contacted.

He want her to remain in the shop because he is worried about her pregnancy and state of mind. Maybe during the incident it get out of hand that when the hitting, pulling happen. He said that he is prepared to face the music as he is not in hiding as he will be facing the consequences. He will be charge under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt and maximum one year jail sentence or a maximum fine of RM2,000 or both.

The state welfare department have interim restraining order to protect Amanda Fong from domestic violence that you can see from the video.


It is your decision who you want to BELIEVE.

Here is some of the CCTV she uploaded


She your thought ^^

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Janice Neoh Ward said...

whatever the reason is, a man must never hit a woman. therefore he is still in the wrong. he could at least divorce her but never hit.

Jimmy Teh said...

Yup agree with ya. At end of the day both party is wrong they must work something out if not their relationship will be tarnish, going to court will not settle everything because it will only make it worst

Anonymous said...

I think both parties must be jailed, the harsher ones should go to the girl, for not being truthful to her husband