Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chicks with GUN *HOT*

Don’t you think! In the movie when chick is badass/gun they just look hot and attract us in the movie. Here is some of the picture that you can judge!! Let the picture do all the talking




People can call this is pervert! But it just an art of a movie to attract movie goooers. Like in a movie with hot guy it is the same with hot chicks. Just that they show more skin than normal. At least the world is not upside down like people are getting crazy of Mcdonald Toy for Minion. hahhahahah *cough* *cough*




Totally AGREE! When girl hold gun is like we have appeal to them or charm. They can just hold the gun and don’t do anything it will be a hit compare to a guy with nice abs holding a pony stick.



Overall! I think Angeline Jolie is the bad ass and hot looking one. As she have that appeal and sexy lips, that you will die for.


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It sound like it is just gun, it will not do anything. You try to hold a gun and post it up! You will obviously look badass. But please don’t kill yourself with it. All the girl is not responsible of it and if you want to try, used a water gun instead at least it is lookalike.


If you notice the gun first than i have bad news for you guys! REEEEALLLL BAD NEWS, you could be not the male you are thinking off.

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