Thursday, July 18, 2013

People are Getting Crazy of #Despicableme #Toy


Everybody is too excited on collectible toy. Not even 1 hour all the toy is sold out. Everywhere outlet of Mcdonald, that you go will see the freaking line like getting free meal.

Watch this Video!! You can see that they are fighting for BANNANANANAN. It is their favourite food/past time chasing banana!! Please watch this video, so that you will not what the next video is all about.

This video you can see that people are rushing into McDonald. Even though the door is not fully open. It is the Human type of Minion. Oh Please people be like a Human Being not animal.



It's only a plastic Toy. I still remember when i was young love to get all the Happy Meal Toy. But now it is other way around Adult are fighting for this toy, instead the little kid do not have a chance to get hold of the toy.


Nowadays the world is so different. Kids are playing IPAD and the Adult are playing with Despicable me Toy. The world have really change. The Old become little kid and the kid become an adult.

The world that is unpredictable. So people give the little one, a chance to get hold of this toy.  Than buying a Happy Meal throwing all the food away and just for the toy.


Fret Not if you could not get your hand of the Toy. You can make yourself one and even get crazy over it all day all night long. Watch this video to know more

Now you can make your own minion and don’t need to cry for an another day!!! ENJOY HUMAN


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