Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If I Were A Naughty Smurfette for a Day

IF I WERE A NAUGHTY SMURFETTE FOR A DAY I WOULD DO ALL THE CRAZIEST THING I CAN IMAGINE OFF. For example whack whoever that come my way. But will not get crazy until running naked that is just plain sick. Sometimes we would want to do something bad, but sadly we are good hearted.


But Naughty Smurfette would have a life time experience to be really bad. If i was Naughty Smurf i would do:


- Rob a Bank(I am tiny who will suspect me because i am freaking adorable)


- Beat up my BOSS(We can because we are BAADDD ASS)


- BLACKOUT(Give the people the scared of their life)


- Climb Tallest or High Enough Building(To enjoy the scenery of the WOOORRLLLLDD)


- Steal a Car(Steal a Buggati Veyron or MYVI Ford Raptor


- Do Prank on People(Maybe tripping them over or even pull their pants down)


- Would Kidnapped one celebrity to experience what not to experience!!!(Selena Gomez, Emma Watson)


If you have watch all the movie out there it will turn out the same. Let me do some story telling:

Obviously they will turn to the naughty side for a period of time. Will do all the craziest thing you will not imagine for this cute looking bluish that turn darkish. But as you know when people are good no matter how much they changes, they still have the good in their heart. So obviously at the end the Darkish Smurf will Turn back to Good Old Blue Smurf.

As we know the good one will always be GOOD!!!!

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