Thursday, August 4, 2011

8TV Controversy Video of Ramadan Advertisement


This is the buzz have been circulating during the Ramadan month. They have about 3 different ads that showing a Chinese girl in Ramadan Bazaar acting inappropriately. Than after people seeing the video people start to complain and 8TV announced that to the public to act appropriately. Maybe people do not understand the purpose of the video or it is not our culture .

People feel offended of this video it is because saying to the Chinese or Non Muslim that do not know how act or behave during Ramadan or at the Bazaar. Because it is like reminding us to do so meaning they do not want to tell us directly but just giving advice.

Can say that it both offended to the Muslim and non Muslim. 8TV CEO Ahamd Izham Omar apologize  and said that the video would be remove. According to the news it is not the first time it is happening. They even have Hari Raya commercial with Christmas song that appear in TV3,NTV7 and TV9.


They even do a Fanpage for 8TV – The Racist TV Channel so far there is about 333 liked the page.


They have been blocked on Facebook on number of times but people keep uploading again and again. There is too much video online and they having hard time to block them all. So you all judge it is the video is offending or just a misunderstanding from the people.

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